Gratitudes Feb 29

My Gratitudes


I am grateful for these thing:


  1. I had an entire weekend – my first weekend EVER – that was healthy, and clear, and without J even if “forever” and fine, with peace even.


  1. Fri night at meeting. It was good for me.


  1. Saturday I saw mother and got along fine with aide. Did what I had to with her (aide) to help my mother. And wound up not having to deal with her boss after all.


  1. M – the angel aide – comes back today, please God. Which brings me to 5:


  1. My concept of a Higher Power. I, personally, do not see “God” as a personified being. I see a Higher Power as the nature and spirit of life of which I am born and part. This is a spirit of life and light and joy and goodness. And I am of it and part of it (we all are) and can tap into it any time. Therefore:


  1. I am not alone. I DO tap into it now. It is a nice way to live. The religions are not for me. But the spirituality is nice.


  1. I am so grateful that I eat real foods now and don’t pig out on junks. My body responds so well, especially to dark green vegetables like dark leafy greens and broccoli.


  1. I am grateful that I cooked something last night, which has 4 healthy servings for me.


  1. I am grateful for Sat and the “Unity Day” and the evening meeting.


  1. I am so grateful for my long visit with mother yesterday, and bringing lunch for her and her aide, and the nice time we wound up having (after a shaky beginning).


  1. I am grateful that D came over and she and I had such a great visit.


  1. And then Js (not J.) came over and we had a nice visit too.


  1. And that I watched the Oscars red carpet, ‘cause I really like it and look forward to it every year. And didn’t let this visit take over; in fact it helped lol.


  1. That I don’t have sex with Js anymore ‘cause although I want to, it would not be right for ME right now.

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