Gratitudes Dec 27 ’16

  1. I am grateful that I went to Weight Watchers yesterday.
  2. And helped “convince” that young woman to stay.
  3. That there were only 4 of us that one time. Because it kept it intimate and we had a lovely little sharing.
  4. Honest but upbeat. I love that it’s so positive.
  5. The two others who shared.
  6. And my sharing.
  7. That having gotten lost on the way to OA, I finally decided to just come home. It was enough of driving around for 30 minutes lost in the rain. Good decision.
  8. And that I did get home safely.
  9. That I came back to my “daily work” yesterday.
  10. And that it helped
  11. And that I’m doing it again today
  12. That I had gas in the car
  13. That my car is new enough and is safe.
  14. That I sent th eflowers to the funeral home for J’s mother
  15. That I’m doing the right thing by going as he asked, when he asked.
  16. Vegetables
  17. Water
  18. That I can see.
  19. That I can drive.
  20. That I will see M and her girls today
  21. and we *should* have fun.
  22. That I do learn some stuff from Dr. Phil. I don’t know that I believe in him as a person, but he does know his stuff
  23. The book The Secret
  24. And that it is helping me
  25. My Nook
  26. Z and that I do have her to clean once every other week.
  27. 3 bouquets in this house right now! (I had bought one for myself at he supermarket, N at work had given me one, and Jo brought me one)
  28. My sculpture. That I bought for myself a year and a half ago for my birthday.
  29. My legs. I can walk and work out and drive and sit using my legs
  30. My feet that carry me everywhere
  31. Meditation
  32. The one I found on youtube (Connecting with your Higher Power by Nina Larken)
  33. The 10 line poem of Thich Nhat Hanh meditation too: In. Out. Deep. Slow. Calm. Ease. Smile. Release. Present moment. Wonderful moment.
  34. That I was with him in person on 4 retreats!
  35. And heard/saw him teach this in person! To me! (and a thousand others lol)
  36. My England trip.
  37. That I planned it myself
  38. Payed for it myself
  39. Went – actually went to England – by myself!
  40. And loved it!
  41. That that was empowering to me
  42. That I *have* accomplished some things this past year with some exercise
  43. and eating better
  44. and personal growth
  45. and going back to OA
  46. and WW
  47. My new friendship with D
  48. My physical comfort
  49. My “first-world problems”
  50. My health
  51. My hope
  52. My lfie
  53. That I don’t want to die or kill self. I remember when I did
  54. My iPhone
  55. My mini iPad’My laptop
  56. My tvs (I have 2)
  57. My Thich Nhat Hanh caligraphy
  58. Plans for NYE with friend
  59. My mother has both good aides for now anyway. Finally. (And I hope it lasts)
  60. That I have les social anxiety than I used to
  61. That day at Best Buy. A year ago April. I’ll never forget it. When I was afraid and nervous going in, not know HOW to buy a tv… how does one hang those new kinds… etc. And standing there waiting, – the veil was lifted. Omg. The veil. Was lifted. I never even know I had a veil I was seeing the world through. But I did! I knew when it was gone.
  62. And it has not returned since!
  63. And then, last Feb, finding my Higher Power. Oh so grateful for that!
  64. Positive people.
  65. That I am so much more positive
  66. That I am so much more willing to be myself
  67. That I am able to help others
  68. That I am able to teach
  69. And support myself
  70. And help children
  71. And even enjoy it some.
  72. And my two aides oh so glad we’re all happy
  73. and they’re so good to kids
  74. That T invited me to Thanksgiving
  75. and that despite my fears, I went
  76. and I had a great time!
  77. That I have done and do all I can to do the right thing by my mother
  78. Bubble baths
  79. That I regularly get hair color/cuts. I remember when I didn’t
  80. That I get a pedicure every month.
  81. That I am saving a little money.
  82. That I support myself
  83. That I play piano
  84. God
  85. That I have ways I can stand broccoli now
  86. Vegan cookbooks
  87. Everyone who helps animals
  88. Laughter
  89. My birdies
  90. Friendships
  91. Smiles
  92. My nice skin
  93. My good feet
  94. My hands. That do so much for me
  95. Hope
  96. Smiles
  97. People who help others
  98. People who help me
  99. My good brain
  100. My good organs

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