Gratitudes Dec 18 ’16

  1. I am grateful that I came here to the Apple Store.
  2. And for this nice man who is so patient, helping me.
  3. And I know now how to save my Word documents on my computer instead of in that obnoxious onedrive thing.
  4. My iPad is backed up and will on its own now as long as it’s charging (which I do regularly) and is connected to wifi, and the screen has gone black.
  5. Same with phone
  6. Yesterday, that I gave that great Hannukah present to my dear little “nieces.”
  7. And that *I* wound up enjoying it so much too!
  8. And that the vase I painted will be here within about a week after the firing in the kiln. Fun!
  9. That M had a great time with it too.
  10. And of course it is important that both girls did.
  11. That the place is down yet I had no problem.
  12. And no problem parking at the Apple store place today either.
  13. And at the nutrition pace elevator. Phew.
  14. I am so grateful that Jo (the contractor) deals with the city inspector people so well. Oy – This wall is taking forever
  15. I am so grateful for my car, which I bbought just over a year and a half ago. It gets me around so safely.
  16. Although I must go to J’s mother’s wake tonight, I am okay. There are lots of levels of things that are sad about it of course. But in the big picture, let’s fact it: I am a person without problems. (Any I have or think I have are in my head).
  17. That I did 2 loads of laundry yesterday
  18. aNd the food shopping
  19. That the cleaning ladies were here today.
  20. And I had the courage to tell the one in charge about the things I need differently.
  21. and she was very receptive.
  22. And everything is nice.
  23. My little “sunroom” with the plants where it is such a good mindfulness place (I know anyplace can be but as TNH says in one of today’s readings, it’s good to have a “breathing” spot.)
  24. Movies
  25. And that I’m not so obsessed that I’m like boycotting movies because of animal tissue in the film (if they even still use film)
  26. y laptop
  27. My iPhone
  28. my mini iPad
  29. Microsoft Word
  30. my washer and dryer, which I bought about a year and a half ago
  31. my two flat screen tvs the “big” and the little one, that I bought in April of 2015.
  32. The chimney repointed (summer 2015 – and all of this work listed was from same time period into fall))
  33. The roof repaired
  34. The stucco fixed
  35. The front entranceway rebuilt
  36. The color changed
  37. To the color *I* really wanted! – The shutters and front wood No matter what *anyone* said (and it turned out it gets a million compliments anyway)
  38. The little stonework outside
  39. The two tiny trees, even though they didn’t make it. I will have to replace them. Grateful for it all.. including that might be able to replace this coming summer (depending on money) and grateful that not horribly upset
  40. The rhododendron in the back (which may or may not have taken)
  41. The azaelea in the back
  42. Moving the forsythias
  43. The little garden outside my kitchen window Jo made for me, with annuals
  44. The annuals I put out front by house and below.
  45. The new wire black fence
  46. The gate fixed in it
  47. The new wood fence too
  48. The attic cleared out
  49. The basement too
  50. And the garage
  51. The wall has been started – having lots of trouble but it is a necessary retaining wall and it must get done
  52. Because the wall is costing like TWICE what it should have (thanks to the city), I am grateful that I didn’t do the bathroom, or I couldn’t even find the money.
  53. The new kitchen lower cabs and counters
  54. And stainless sink and faucet new too
  55. The kitchen painted
  56. The l.r. ceiling repaired and painted
  57. The sunroom has heat now!
  58. And they fixed the wall hole they made and painted it to match too.
  59. I had all that work done myself! Wow. And I USED TO BE phobic to even go to the drugstore!
  60. The bed got fixed that same suemr but isn’t working and I’m not sure if the cleaning ladies are pulling it out – but I will find out and get it fixed.
  61. I have health insurance
  62. I have a salary
  63. I have my little house
  64. That I bought the washer/dryer and tvs at that time too.
  65. Right now I have THREE bouquets of flowers in my house! One from me, one from N at work, and one from Jo for Christmas.
  66. That I got my hair cut and colored yesterday.
  67. This weekend I will get pedicure
  68. Because my little den table fell apart, literally (it had been a nightstand and was cheap and was over 20 years old and used a LOT), I ordered something online
  69. And it came
  70. And did not need to be put together.
  71. And it is cute
  72. And has two little footstools
  73. They are cute too
  74. And it has storage and is serving the purpose.
  75. And it is red; I like that about it.
  76. I am lighter-hearted than ever before. I do not, for example, look for the “meaning to life” in every little movie omg!
  77. Or get upset about what stores sell etc
  78. Or like only dark natural colors. I even like COLORS better!
  79. Especially now – sinc ethat BLESSED day at Best Buy when the veil was lifted. The 2 1/2 – 3 hours a day every single day for like 5 years was well worth it!
  80. My changes in attitude.
  81. That I will go tonight. I sort of a little bit dread it – J’s mother’s wake. Of course I loved her and don’t want her life ended, but it is best that she passed, as her condition would have only gotten worse and worse and she died peacefully in her sleep apparently, so that’s good. But the family – omg seeing them all after all this time. But – you know what? I’m doing it. Alone. And I’ll be ok! THAT’S a miracle!
  82. I am SO MUCH more accepting!
  83. And – accepting what IS leaves room for whatever other miracles might be – no – ARE – coming!
  84. That I eat dark leafy greens and/or broccoli virtually every day now
  85. That I haven’t had soda (diet or regular, not even one single sip) in almost 6 years! It was fooling with my emotions and I do NOT have it anymore at ALL!
  86. That I don’t waste calories on drinking alcohol (hard or wine). I might still have a glass or two a year as I used to, or not. (I am a compulsive eater not an alcoholic – we just use A.A . literature).
  87. That I feel so different about Weight Watchers now. Not like – resentful – as if this is something being DONE to me. No, more – positive – upbeat – that this is a tool for ME to make it all easier.
  88. For example, I can TRUST that it is the right amount of food.
  89. And it does help me nudge myself toward healty choices
  90. And it truly IS “beyond the scale!”
  91. They are so positive!
  92. I particularly love one leader I met this week. Yay!
  93. My doing all that hard work this morning here to make sure all would be in order.
  94. I am so grateful for all my material needs being met. I am not rich, I’m a teacher! But I don’t lack for food or medicine or heat or a home or phone etc etc etc And frankly, I spend too much on food. But I have *enough.* THAT’S the big point. The word “enough.”
  95. I have all medicines as needed.
  96. And even supplements : )
  97. I always now pay all my bills on time.
  98. I have no credit card debt (for the first time since 2012)
  99. Water. I am so very grateful for access to clean, fresh water. For drinking, for cooking, for washing dishes, for showers and baths, for washing clothes, even for car-wash!
  100. My birds have enough water too!
  101. And they have organic pellets daily
  102. And fresh leafy greens almost every day
  103. And treats sometimes too!
  104. And toys.
  105. My toothbrush (es)
  106. My toothpaste
  107. My whitener stuff
  108. Socks
  109. Bubble bath
  110. Mascara
  111. Jewelry
  112. One pair lacy black stockings
  113. Walking. And that I did a nice amount of it yesterday. And even more today. And my body responds so quickly and well to it! I WILL get more walking! It was always so good for me!
  114. All – and I do mean ALL – positivity!

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