Gratitudes Feb 27

  1. I woke up today!
  2. With heat on!
  3. I enjoyed the red carpet last night.
  4. My toilet works.
  5. I had set up the coffee before bed.
  6. It is ready for me just in perfect time this morning.
  7. I am positive now! Yay! Almost ALL the time!
  8. I am so grateful for my abundant health! I don’t have any real restrictions on what I can eat, like no salt or no cholesterol or whatever.
  9. So much more healthily than I used to!
  10. Slept
  11. Interesting dreams
  12. Cooked roasted vegetables yesterday.
  13. And “pasta bake” (healthy way though)
  14. Did 2 loads of laundry. All done.
  15. Ran dishwasher.
  16. Will see the kiddies today; school’s reopened.
  17. I’m so grateful that i don’t resent the job anymore, but appreciate and even cherish it. And enjoy it. And it is so good for me too.
  18. I folded and put away the clothes. (Others are hanging and wouldn’t have been dry ’til this morning, and towels things are in dryer).
  19. My breath. My precious beautiful breath. That comes easily to me and deep and refreshing. I remember when I struggled so for it.
  20. That I’m prepared for today at work, even with schedule on board:)
  21. Less stress! (And I believe stress or less of it is all internal)
  22. That I pee fine. I know some people have struggles with this.
  23. That i can speak. I couldn’t at one time, for the better part of 8 months!
  24. I will go to bed early tonight – I didn’t fall asleep early enough last night, and am tired. But I have that option to sleep early!
  25. Maybe I’ll even stay at work ’til almost 5, and go to an extra WW meeting:) –
  26. And – while there, I’ll pick up that treat for M!
  27. I love that I am generous. I’m so grateful for that!
  28. Oh my gosh, the amount of smiling I do now!
  29. That I will see Tr today. I’ve missed her.
  30. I’m so glad we’re friends now!
  31. What I just read in “How to Love” (TNH)
  32. Hearing from D. yesterday. It came at a good time.
  33. My house is clean.
  34. No visual clutter!!
  35. Even drawers!
  36. So grateful that I finally DID (almost all of) what I’d said on other vacas I was going to do, about the clutter.
  37. Every positive influence in my life. Including M
  38. and Jl
  39. and WW
  40. And OA
  41. The WW leaders I frequent, C
  42. and N
  43. I’m grateful that the weather is like it is
  44. And the colors of the sunrise this morning from my window. Well, this window faces west lol but it’s still pretty at sunrise even though not watching the actual rise
  45. Music
  46. Books
  47. Reading at night
  48. My bed
  49. My covers
  50. Comfort
  51. My soft jammies
  52. my soft robes
  53. new socks. Ahh
  54. That I showered last NIGHT
  55. I so grateful for my hands
  56. I am grateful for humour. Mine and others’
  57. I am grateful that I’m a teacher
  58. I am graeful that i can drive
  59. and have a license
  60. And a car
  61. I’m grateful that i went out at 8 am or so yesterday to do my own shopping at the health food store.
  62. And later did my mother’s
  63. And took Jl so she could do heres
  64. And may have settled the breakfast issue over there
  65. That I have my little routines now
  66. And that they’re not deadening
  67. my pretty living room
  68. My piano
  69. Laughter with the kids
  70. Smiles with the kids
  71. My eating journal
  72. White waste basket liners. They look/feel better to me than tan
  73. A in my life
  74. And Jo in my life
  75. I will have time to eat breakfast, make lunch, care for birds, and make bed
  76. That I take care of my face now
  77. Some products
  78. and some makeup
  79. Temporary tattoos 🙂
  80. That I don’t read or watch stuff that will put negatives into my brain now.
  81. That I DO my “morning work” every morning now!
  82. That I actually ~enjoy~ it! – It is NOT like, “I have to do this to feel less bad,” or even, “I have to do this to feel better later.” It is, “Oooh – I will enjoy this now! AND – feel better for it TOO!” 🙂 🙂 🙂
  83. free range organic eggs (for now)
  84. whole wheat and whole grain English muffins
  85. water. Water water water
  86. cinammon
  87. Turmeric, may I find more ways to have it. Or even pill…
  88. mustard
  89. My ability to walk. I love it. I love walking.
  90. My feet are getting better.
  91. My vision is clear.
  92. My l.r. sofa
  93. an loveseat, which I love lying on; it is just the right size for me
  94. My bathtub
  95. and shower
  96. and hairbrush. Yes, really
  97. My hair
  98. My eyes
  99. My lips
  100. My lipsense lipstick.

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