Gratitudes March 31

  1. Jo got my car fixed yesterday and it saved me, I think, hundreds!
  2. He drove me to school
  3. and we had a nice time in the car
  4. he picked me up
  5. On time
  6. got the car and it is done phew
  7. We stopped at bank so I could pay him for the 3 things I owed. I’m so glad.
  8. And he was there when my mother called crying. I’m glad he was there to share and about his mother and patience and acceptance. (Him about patience and me about acceptance).
  9. This afternoon I will read the 5 mindfulness trainings with D. Grateful.
  10. Yesterday’s special thing went great!
  11. Jo should be checking my bed today. SOMETHING is biting me! Orkin man said no bedbugs or anything. But something…
  12. Having bathroom electricity again is so nice. So glad that got fixed.
  13. I’m glad I work and can afford things I need phew.
  14. “need.” I said need and of course we feel we need bathroom electricity, for example, but really these things are all more than we *need.* I have much more than I literally, actually NEED
  15. That I no longer walk around in a state of overwhelming fears. Omg Thank You.
  16. I am SO grateful that I am a FULL PERSON now!
  17. I like having “The Middle” on in the background. It’s just cheerful.
  18. Meditating with the kids!
  19. I am SO grateful that I can see
  20. and that I have enough food
  21. I am so grateful for my routines
  22. so that laundry is always fine
  23. foods always fine
  24. straightening is good
  25. bed,
  26. den,
  27. bathroom,
  28. kitchen,
  29. dishes etc all good
  30. I am so grateful that I don’t obsess and go crazy over the day/time though either. For example laundry is USUALLY Sundays, but can be Sat, or if off can even be Fri or Mond – and it’s all good
  31. I am so grateful that I can walk
  32. and type
  33. and play piano
  34. and speak
  35. and drive
  36. so grateful for my house!
  37. and my car!
  38. and my beautiful, BEAUTIFUL birds!
  39. and that I take good care of them
  40. and myself!
  41. so grateful that I’m not spreading gossip
  42. and so so grateful for the Five Mindfulness Trainings – here they are:
  43. So grateful for laughter
  44. and the other pepole who appreciate it too
  45. grateful for everything I’ve read that’s contributed to who/where I am
  46. including the Tree bok from my father when I was about 10
  47. and the Birds one too
  48. and Gone with the Wind, which he brought me when I was a teen
  49. And books i just tremendous enjoy
  50. like The Marriage of Opposites by Alice Hoffman
  51. grateful for the book club so we kind of see each other and talk a bit once a month
  52. grateful for everyone with compassion
  53. grateful, so grateful for water
  54. and luxury like makeup
  55. soap
  56. detergent
  57. my cleaning ady. every other week ahhh
  58. grateful for people who keep confidences
  59. including me
  60. and for people who are honest
  61. including me
  62. people who help each other
  63. including me
  64. grateful for my feet
  65. they work for me
  66. they are pretty
  67. and – they do. not. hurt. anymore. oh thankful!
  68. haha I just remembered, I even dreamt about the:)
  69. positive memes
  70. tweeting. i didn’t know i’d like it, but i do (I do it like 3 – 4 times a week)
  71. art
  72. crafts
  73. my enjoying crocheting so much right now
  74. my enjoying my stitch n zip so much too
  75. books
  76. that i can read
  77. that I help others read!
  78. that i get paid to do it!
  79. greeting cards
  80. the meeting yesterday
  81. that i did get to it
  82. i like those people
  83. i led
  84. it went well
  85. i’m not suffering over food right now, these days. that is a miracle, and i am very grateful!
  86. furniture. i always remember ji telling me about a … long story… but when they wound up with beach chairs in their living room…
  87. books for my students. many. good.
  88. that aides help with the correcting so much!
  89. stickers
  90. blingy stickers
  91. scripts
  92. my WW journal
  93. tomorrow is a WW meeting yay
  94. and i’ll see my mother
  95. and maybe – MAYBE go to an OA meeting too
  96. and probably tomorrow or sunday a pedi (it has been 3 weeks:)
  97. i am so fortunate to have all these luxuries
  98. i love the paining i made at paint nite, that is on my mantel:)
  99. my breakfront with the beautiful things on display (not dishes lol)
  100. my bathroom. So grateful to HAVE  a bathroom

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