Gratitudes Apr 29

Must. Do. Gratitudes. Must.

  1. I am grateful for my dentist
  2. and that I saw him today
  3. and he made the molds for the bite thing at night
  4. safe and PLEASANT drive there
  5. and back
  6. WW today
  7. leader kissed me
  8. She talked a LOT about the process
  9. I got some good hints.
  10. Although Jo is being so COLD, they are working on the wall and THAT’s good  –  REMEMBERING HOW MUCH THIS DAILY WORK HIAS HELPED ME, I MUST GO ON. Okay
  11. I am so gateful that i am free
  12. and not terminally ill
  13. and alive
  14. and didn’t kill myself
  15. and didn’t mutilate myself. I remember when I was scared I would. That was terrifying.
  16. I am so grateful that I can see.
  17. I am grateful that as I sit here in the den, my birds are next to me, singing away.
  18. I am grateful for my friendship with T
  19. I am grateful that the dentist had a tiv i could set for the long time. Well he thought it was long. It was fine
  20. Grateful that it was fine
  21. I am grateful for my health. Oh bigtime. Especially now, as my heart pounds (stress), so gateful for my health
  22. Stress relief techniques
  23. I think I WILL be able to track for the whole week this time
  24. When Jo WAS here for me. Car, drive, beans, flowers, post…
  25. Maybe he will be again
  26. And maybe I will have a romantic good relationship with someone (else)
  27. I am grateful that I take good care of my birds
  28. Roseanne repeats
  29. good books
  30. can go to OA if need in little while
  31. will get through this dinner with M
  32. and is better than sitting home alone
  33. laughter
  34. humor
  35. that I CAN walk
  36. that i CAN drive
  37. I’m grateful that I have a car
  38. and it’s good. Because 2 years ago it was a bad car. Always big troubles.
  39. I’m so grateful for my jo that ienables me to afford these things.
  40. I’m grateful for WW
  41. And to have the half day monday, which I need, for my doctor’s appointment
  42. I’m grateful for hope
  43. I’m grateful that KC has swans in her yard in the little lake, right now:)
  44. and the one who used to come right up to be with her!
  45. I’m grateful that I CAN be grateful on someone else’s behalf like that!
  46. I’m grateful for Saturdays
  47. And that I will shop tomorrow
  48. and have good food for the week
  49. and that I’l do the laundry tomorrow
  50. I’m grateful for my brain
  51. I’m grageful for my safety
  52. I’m grateful that most nights I sleep well
  53. I’m grateful for my feet
  54. and my legs
  55. I am so lucky to have water
  56. and food
  57. and veg sushi out
  58. even the sticky rice
  59. I’m grateful that I have healthy popcorn
  60. and a rice cooker
  61. and a hot air popcorn blower
  62. and lights
  63. and my piano
  64. and the tuner, who is good and will come soon
  65. I’m grateful that despite being taken advantage of financially Sat, I will go on and be ok
  66. I’m grateful to have had my mother all these years
  67. I will shop for her and visit and crochet and watch tv with her a little tomrrow
  68. I’m grateful for the father I had
  69. and how he made me feel about myself
  70. and all the lessons I have learned
  71. Adn that I’m calming down as I write this
  72. I’m grateful for my spirituality
  73. and for these gratitudes
  74. D
  75. K
  76. St
  77. B
  78. mindfulness
  79. that my district is supporting it and moving forward with it
  80. and I was at the beginning:)
  81. my principal
  82. that I do have meaning in my life
  83. my OA meetings in P
  84. and in Y
  85. J
  86. fb
  87. my cousin Jn
  88. and my cousin K
  89. and J asking if I needed shoveling help last month ❤
  90. I am grateful for a few dollars for new clothes.
  91. And I will buy some as soon as I have this bites situation straightened out
  92. All my piano lessons
  93. All that I’ve learned
  94. that I play
  95. That I am literate
  96. and help others to be
  97. EJ having been there for me so much
  98. Eucarin non-fragrance lotion
  99. that I floss now every night
  100. Dorothy on Golden Girls

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