Gratitudes Apr 30

  1. I am so grateful that I feel well today (DESPITE the bites!)
  2. I am so grateful that I had half a package of punjab eggplant and half a packing of Seeds of Change brown and red rice with kale and chia for breakfast.
  3. I am so grateful that my coffee maker works. I just have to put less.
  4. and that I decided to try it that way today rather than just jump in and buy a new part:)
  5. I am grateful that I did right by my mother yesterday.
  6. And the day before.
  7. And Sun
  8. and Sat
  9. and Fri
  10. And all I could. Always.
  11. And wiingl today.
  12. I am so grateful that I went to ww yesterday. I loved that meeting.
  13. And that she talked about sitting WITH the feelings.
  14. Which is, of course, the same as in my Buddhism
  15. I am grateful for 2 javas this morning
  16. and the cup of coffee, which I haven’t made in a long time and now got to 🙂
  17. I am grateful for April. It has brought me further in the journey of mylife.
    I am thankful for the journey of my life.
  18. I am So grateful that I didn’t cancel on M last night, even though I wanted to. ‘Cause that would have hurt her and I did NOT want to hurt her!
  19. I am so so so grateful that I went to the OA meeting.
  20. and was asked to lead (til D came)
  21. and it changed something in me. Good!
  22. I was now filled with compassion.
  23. Filled with compassion but NOT thought that i could be stepped on or used or deserved to be!
  24. And my dinner with M went beautifully!
  25. I am able now to not have expectations
  26. and sister stuff, immature
  27. but to be close. Thankful thankful thankful
  28. PS she apologized deeply
  29. and I for my part too
  30. I am grateful for the ww literature
  31. and magazine
  32. I am grateful that I have access to food
  33. and money for food
  34. I never have struggled with not enough food
  35. or water
  36. I am so so grateful for my eyesight.
  37. I will have appointment with eye doc in July
  38. I will have piano tuned asap
  39. I will have tooth whitening dentist appointment soon
  40. and the rest of my dental work done
  41. I am grateful that I just did the laundry
  42. and will go grocery shopping
  43. first will make good list
  44. and list what doing this week, meetings etc
  45. That I’m taking care of my precious self
  46. and liking it
  47. and of my lovely cozy little house
  48. and liking it too
  49. my job will be pleasant tomorrow (I pretty much make sure it always is)
  50. then dr and we will make next appointment
  51. and Jo will drive me home
  52. all might go well
  53. books
  54. I slept most of last night (except for bite-wakening)
  55. I have enough. Enough money
  56. enough warmth
  57. enough cool
  58. enough trees
  59. enough work
  60. enough “free” time
  61. enough people
  62. enough food
  63. enough water
  64. enough electricity
  65. enough freedom
  66. enough sleep
  67. enough thoughts
  68. enough stuff
  69. enough help
  70. i have nice hair
  71. i have nice skin
  72. i have a nice smile
  73. i have pretty eyes. color and warmth of my father’s and shape of my mother’s 🙂
  74. i have cousins
  75. 6 of them are in touch with me.
  76. 2 in real life
  77. more will be i think:)
  78. O
  79. that O and I will get together soon
  80. It was hard for me, crying to Jo Fri night. But I think it was best. This is how it is and now we are both behaving a certain way. It is right (hard, but RIGHT)
  81. for now. – ‘Cause everything is for now. Although I *think* THAT is for good, *everything* is truly for *now* And I’m good with that.
  82. I am grateful that I can walk!
  83. And drive!
  84. and do ALL the thins I need to do to have a good life
  85. I am grateful for the hfs Jo showed me
  86. I will go there today
  87. and then shop for mother and self at supermarket
  88. and visit with her
  89. and crochet and watch a little tv while there
  90. breath. I had such problems with breath. Pneumonia, double pneumonia, asthma, allergies, bronchitis…. No problems with breath now! SO grateful!
  91. salads
  92. and that I like them
  93. and eat them 🙂
  94. I cleaned out the bird cage nice nice this morning
  95. and the food dishes
  96. and put all new foods
  97. and on activity center, put treats and bath… hope they’ll use
  98. I hear them a lot in here right now and most of morning so far
  99. and heard them flying:)
  100. my mother still alive
  101. had to come back to add this – watching my birdies eat their greens is bringing me such a smile:)

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