Readings June 30

As Bill Sees It:

Anger – Personal and Group Enemy

“As the book ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ puts it, ‘Resentment is the Number One offender.’ It is a primary cause of relapses into drinking. How well we of A.A. know that for us ‘To drink is eventually to go mad or die.’

“Much the same penalty overhangs evey A.A. group. Given enough anger, both unity and purpose are lost. Given still more ‘righteous’ indignation, the group can disintegrate; it can actually die. This is why we avoid controversy. This is why we prescribe no punishments for any misbehavior, no matter how grievous. Indeed, no alcoholic can be deprived of his membership for any reason whatever.

“Punishment never heals. Only love can heal.”

My takeaway: I have had troubles with someone who’s been snotty to me 3 times now, and I don’t know why. And with someone who is aggressive with me but others see that she is to them too. But “principles above personalities.” And for the group to live…. Thank you for this reading today:)


Must Find Time for Some Gratitudes Morning June 30

  1. I’m grateful for M
  2. and that we are back friends like sisters
  3. I’m grateful for Jo!
  4. I’m grateful for Tr!
  5. I’m grateful for A!
  6. I’m grateful that A’s health is better! Thank You, God and Universe!
  7. And thank you, his scientific mind for figuring out what needed to be done.
  8. I’m grateful for D
  9. I’m grateful for St
  10. I’m grateful for K
  11. I’m grateful for O
  12. I’m grateful for my mother!
  13. and that she has help!
  14. Her help Ma
  15. Her help Fa
  16. Her temporary help Ly
  17. I’m grateful for L
  18. I’m grateful for KC
  19. I’m grateful for KB
  20. I’m grateful for KG
  21. I’m grateful for JL
  22. Wow, that’s a lot of people to be grateful for! And for B
  23. and the students I had this year.
  24. I’m grateful for my eyesight
  25. my hearing
  26. my ability to speak
  27. my ability to walk
  28. my ability to drive
  29. I’m grateful for my house
  30. that I’m finally getting the bathroom done
  31. and the retaining wall
  32. I’m grateful for my car
  33. for my abilities
  34. for my lack of phobias now
  35. for my ability to type
  36. and play piano
  37. and crochet
  38. I’m grateful that I went to oa yesterday
  39. and will go to ww tomorrow
  40. I’m grateful that my legs work
  41. and for my clothes
  42. and that I finally did the laundry yesterday
  43. I’m grateful that Z was here cleaning the day before yesterday
  44. I’m grateful that I have plans every day so far. No sinking…
  45. I’m grateful that I WILL work out the mattress situation.
  46. I’m grateful for my new vegan cookbooks
  47. and my wonderful health food store
  48. I’m grateful for greens
  49. and broccoli
  50. and how they help my emotions.

Affirmations June 30

I have a sister from another mother
I have family
I have my mother
I have cousins
I have Jo
I have St
I have Tr
I have others
I am pure and good
If someone doesn’t like me, it’s okay.
Most people do like me.

I am nice.
I am funny.
I am intelligent.
I am kind.
I am competent.
I am confident.
I am emotionally healthy.
I am physically healthy.

I have the perfect life!

I am so fulfilled!

Life is eternal and filled with joy. I am grateful for every moment. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I am grateful for every moment. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I am grateful for every moment. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I am grateful for every moment. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I am grateful for every moment. I look forward to every moment.


Journal June 30

I forgot to bring my mother eggs yesterday:(  Will do today. First is oral surgeon. Jo and city inspector will be here looking at wall while I’m gone. Also forgot yesterday that need toilet, when selecting tiles for bathroom I’ve been waiting decades to do (have only 1 and it is small). Must do that.
Feeling a bit overdone—
So let’s see – today I’ll:
*shower now and go to oral surgeon
*pick up eggs and visit mother
*that will be like noon now
*come here and crochet or do oa work – I’ve taken on these TWO projects
* leave at 4:30 to go to M’s. Yay.
Okay. Good. Good day. Okay.
Prayers in car. Read aloud 5 Mindfulness Trainings when anyone can!

Gratitudes June 29

  1. This whole day is entirely mine. I “have to” visit my mother, yes, but that’s good. And I can do WHATEVER I want with the rest of it! : I can sit here and do nothing.
  2. I can walk at mall.
  3. I can go to park.
  4. I can go to beach.
  5. I can go to movie.
  6. I can go through my THREE new vegan cookbooks.
  7. I can crochet and watch tv I can put on a movie here.
  8. I can work out.
  9. I can take a luxury bath.
  10. Or a regular even quick shower. My choice.
  11. I can put on a movie here.
  12. I can practice piano.
  13. I can play with the birds.
  14. I can practice French.
  15. I can go buy cosmetics I’m out of.
  16. I can go buy clothes.
  17. I can clean a drawer or closet or cabinet (some need a touch of reorg).
  18. I can do planning for work.
  19. I can read.
  20. I can embroider.
  21. I can nap.
  22. I can go to ww.
  23. I can go to oa.
  24. I can sit out back (they did clean-up yesterday too).
  25. I can buy more groceries.
  26. I can cook.
  27. Hell, I could pig out (won’t) or go away (won’t). Really anything! Lucky me!
  28. I just ate veggies and rice for brunch. Zucchini, cauliflower, carrots, onions, red peppers… Great meal.
  29. I am so so so grateful for my health. I mean, I know friends who are getting infusions or chemo, and I am just free physically right now. I mean, I have had my health challenges; we all have or will or both. But today, none.
  30. I am grateful, so grateful for friends: M irl
  31. K irl
  32. Tr irl
  33. B irl
  34. MT irl
  35. Ak irl
  36. KC online
  37. D irl
  38. St irl
  39. O irl
  40. A online
  41. Jo irl
  42. D irl
  43. KB irl. Wow. Lucky me.
  44. I am so grateful for hearing my birds right now
  45. and that they just flew through the living room.
  46. I am so grateful for the good days my mother has
  47. I am so grateful that the teeth breaking dream was just a dream!
  48. I am grateful for the look of these drying yellow and red mini-roses I’m looking at right now.
  49. I’m grateful that the inspector finally contacted and will come tomorrow so we can move on that wall.
  50. I’m grateful that I can see!!!!!!
  51. I’m grateful fro my piano
  52. I’m so grateful for water
  53. I’m so grateful that Z came yesterday and cleaned and windows too ❤
  54. I’m so grateful that Jo is back phew
  55. And that he just called
  56. and I called bathroom tile people
  57. we should be able to go in 4 weeks (cause vanity takes that long)
  58. I am so grateful that i can walk. I walk through the house. I walk at work. I walk outside. I can walk on sand. I can walk barefoot on earth. I can walk! There was a time after injury when I couldn’t. I appreciate it so!
  59. I’m so grateful that i can breathe. I remember when I struggled with breath
  60. I’m so grateful for my years of closeness with MA. RIP, Friend.
  61. I am so grateful that i just did laundry! Was days late so it was a lot – but I did it! yay!
  62. Feelings of acomplishment. Grateful for those.
  63. Window open
  64. Lovely little breeze
  65. Nice temperature
  66. Interesting dreams
  67. Enjoying this day so far (11:30 am) Very very grateful for that. I remember when days off were torture.
  68. That i am compassionate
  69. That I try to be helpful
  70. Tv. I know – it’s the opposite of mindfulness, but it helps me. I can get anything done if tv is on
  71. That I don’t suffer over paying bis now. Earlier this very school year I really did! It has become routine now.
  72. I. Am. Okay. I really am.
  73. The play gym for the birdies
  74. pellets for them
  75. Pellet berries as treat for them
  76. Nutriberries as treat for them
  77. Avi cakes as treats for them – will get more
  78. fresh leafy organic greens for them
  79. millet for them – will get more
  80. ok so i spoke with tile guy. it is a 4 week wait. that’s ok
  81. plus i have to go up there because I don’t understand wth the papers mean – i (and he) have tile confusion. But the gratitude is that it’s about redoing a bathroom! it’s not an emergency. it’s all good…
  82. I am so grateful for every time i don’t overeat.
  83. I am grateful for tea.
  84. I am grateful for beachbody workouts
  85. I am grateful for my little house
  86. and my piano
  87. and my kitchen
  88. and that it is clean and in order, the house
  89. and my basement, where laundry is
  90. and my attic – where absolutely nothing is. Not one item. Broomswept. (It is a climb up stairs uplled down over basement stairs attic and I don’t use it so it is wonderful that I have had it totally cleaned out! – Also – l.r. ceiling was starting to break! Now all fixed.)
  91. I am so grateful to be sitting here just fine. And about to make a cup of tea. With Dr. Phil on tv.
  92. I am so grateful that I have good “body image” oa meeting today
  93. and the newcomer yesterday at the meeting
  94. I am grateful fro T..A. who helps people (bb)
  95. and J. H. who helps peple (bb)
  96. And S. E. who helps people (bb)
  97. and M C (oa) who helps people.
  98. I am so grateful to be alive this day. I remember when I wasn’t. I am SO grateful for a day of life!
  99. And very very very grateful to BE grateful for it. Because I used to wake up, “Oh fuck, I woke up.” And now I wake up, “Thank you!”
  100. I am so grateful that I got the job I got
  101. and my first principal there at the other school in my district.
  102. and the second one too.
  103. and the first one at this school in some ways
  104. and this one now

Thank You Thank You Thank You

And 105. Deep deep breath. Contentment. Thank You.

Affirmations June 29

I am wonderfully happy and fulfilled!
I love all my hobbies.
I love my family.
I love my friends.
There are so many loving people in my life!
All is perfect in my world

Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.


Visited mother yesterday. Good.
Went to oa. Good. I was able to help someone else, and she was able to help me. Nice.
Also meditated for 5 minutes with them. LOVE that!
Contacted M this morning. Making peace… Is good for ME too, it turns out ❤

Prayers ongoing. 3rd step, serenity, and ACTS prayers