Gratitudes – June 26

  1. I’m so grateful to be alive.
  2. And that it’s a Monday off
  3. I’m so grateful for my eyesight!
  4. I’m glad I bought yarn to crochet a baby blanket for G’s baby coming.
  5. and that I’ll be invited to the shower
  6. I’m glad I went to the party yesterday.
  7. In the beginning, as it was an A.A. big huge anniversary for counties all around, but all in Spanish, I was struck with how we are all one. I mean, I was the only person in the room who didn’t speak Spanish. Like 180 people. But I recognized the 12 Traditions… I observed. A lot. We’re all of God and the Universe. We all care about family. We all have issues and disappointments. We all want happiness. And:
  8. That I am part of something bigger.
  9. Jo brought food and water over to me
  10. and put out a table for me and his family:)
  11. And G brought me food later.
  12. And kissed me like 3 times
  13. I’m grateful I left when I did, I think. Because if I stayed until the last second, Jo might have thought I wanted something….
  14. And I did offer to help. Twice
  15. I’m grateful that I did my mother’s shopping early – morning.
  16. and visited with her a little bit, happily for both of us:)
  17. I’m grateful that I went to ww first thing! 🙂 For me:)
  18. That I left the party the minute I did, as I got into craft store 2 minutes before they closed:)
  19. I’m grateful for 2 days of good eating.
  20. And that I will make today Day 3
  21. I’m so grateful that i didn’t eat more at the party to make someone ELSE feel appreciated
  22. I’m grateful that it was nearby enough
  23. and the very nice guy in the store who helped me find it!
  24. and all the people who tried to help
  25. I’m grateful for my friendship with MT
  26. and Tr
  27. and B
  28. and A
  29. and O
  30. And D
  31. And St
  32. And KC
  33. And L
  34. and Jo
  35. and N
  36. and JL
  37. I’m grateful that E called
  38. and tries to help me with program stuff/eating stuff
  39. and KB
  40. I’m grateful for my principal being who she is.
  41. I’m grateful that i will go to the hfs for a few things today
  42. I’m so grateful for waht I did this morning!
  43. Including Lower Fix workout
  44. and thorough bird cage cleaning dishes under etc
  45. and watering front and back
  46. and shower and makeup and clothes
  47. straightening
  48. I’m grateful that the weather is beatiful
  49. I have doors and windows open, lovely little breeze…
  50. I’m so grateful that I can breathe
  51. and walk
  52. and drive
  53. and have a car
  54. I have freedom!
  55. I. Have. Enough.
  56. Chances are I always will.
  57. I have health!
  58. My pretty hair.
  59. Temporary tatoos 😉
  60. I looked cute yesterday
  61. someone was hitting on me:)
  62. a bunch of men were looking at me:)
  63. I am cute enough today too
  64. Enjoying Dr. Phi show right now
  65. chatting with KC right now
  66. That I am not bulimic
  67. That alcohol doesn’t call to me
  68. That drugs don’t call to me
  69. My job
  70. I WILL find way to ENJOY this summer!
  71. i act more on faith than fear at this point
  72. Two years ago today, I was living in squalor. Now I’m in a lovely little home
  73. Two years ago today, outside was icky too. Now it’s adorable.
  74. Two years ago today, I was overwhelmed and grossed out and had to clean mice turds. Today I have a cleaning lady every other week,
  75. and I keep things in order in between,
  76. and there are no mice, and I can do whatever I want. The “problem” is what to do and not be lonely, not how to do the horrendous things I have to do!
  77. I sleep easily at night.
  78. I find awe every day! A lot!
  79. Watering flowers last night was awe.
  80. Looking at my sweet birds who are free, and hearing their little voices, is awe
  81. Trees are awe.
  82. I have made the decision to be ME. So what that I get excited over little things? Like:
  83. the salsa yesterday being so fresh and delicious.
  84. The thing is, if anyone doesn’t like that Im dramatic and see things this way and feel them this way, or doesn’t believe it, oh well. It is who I am. And at least it is not who I am NEGATIVELY anymore!
  85. No. Bites. Phew.
  86. I am grateful for fresh fruit
  87. and all foods
  88. and water
  89. and showers
  90. I am grateful for Chopin
  91. and my piano
  92. and that I can play
  93. I’m grateful that I can read
  94. And there are many good books for me to choose from this summer
  95. I AM GOING TO do something wonderful this summer!
  96. My Summer 17 thread. It’s like a journal.
  97. G’s comment yesterday about how difficult it is (for others) to stand up and tell about their problems.
  98. And my awareness that we ALL have a story… pain is part of life. Everyone’s. Birds, trees, dolphins, everyone.
  99. And my saying it.
  100. This day of health and freedom.

Thank You.

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