Readings – June 26

Daily Reflections:


For most normal folks, drinking means conviviality, companionship and
colorful imagination. It means release from care, boredom and worry.
It is joyous intimacy with friends and a feeling that life is good.

The longer I chased these elusive feelings with alcohol, the more out
of reach they were. However, by applying this passage to my sobriety,
I found that it described the magnificent new life made available to me
by the A.A. program. It “truly does get better” one day at a time.
The warmth, the love and the joy so simply expressed in these words
grow in breadth and depth each time I read it. Sobriety is a gift that
grows with time.

My takeaway: Yesterday at that A.A. Open Anniversary Party, I was reminded that my disease of overeating can kill me just as much as someone else’s disease of drinking can kill them. May I continue to do what I need to do, including asking for help.
Thought for the Day:

We must know the nature of our weakness before we can determine how to deal with it. When we are honest about its presence, we may discover that it is imaginary and can be overcome by a change of thinking. We admit that we are alcoholics and we would be foolish if we refused to accept our handicap and do something about it. So by honestly facing our weakness and keeping ever present the knowledge that, for us, alcoholism is a disease with which we are afflicted, we can take the necessary steps to arrest it. Have I fully accepted my handicap?

My takeaway: I think I haven’t fully accepted it all. Because I SO dearly want to control it and eat like – well – not a normal eater but a normal weight watchers eater.
Meditation for the Day:

There is a proper time for everything. I must learn not to do things at the wrong time, that is, before I am ready or before conditions are right. It is always a temptation to do something at once, instead of waiting until the proper time. Timing is important. I must learn, in the little daily situations of life, to delay action until I am sure that I am doing the right thing at the right time. So many lives lack balance and timing. In the momentous decisions and crises of life, they may ask God’s guidance, but into the small situations of life, they rush alone.

My takeaway: I don’t know. I don’t even understand this. I keep getting this sickening feeling in my stomach and legs, about J and timing, and I know that the law of attraction dictates that I should be feeling the opposite….

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