Must Find Time for Some Gratitudes Morning June 30

  1. I’m grateful for M
  2. and that we are back friends like sisters
  3. I’m grateful for Jo!
  4. I’m grateful for Tr!
  5. I’m grateful for A!
  6. I’m grateful that A’s health is better! Thank You, God and Universe!
  7. And thank you, his scientific mind for figuring out what needed to be done.
  8. I’m grateful for D
  9. I’m grateful for St
  10. I’m grateful for K
  11. I’m grateful for O
  12. I’m grateful for my mother!
  13. and that she has help!
  14. Her help Ma
  15. Her help Fa
  16. Her temporary help Ly
  17. I’m grateful for L
  18. I’m grateful for KC
  19. I’m grateful for KB
  20. I’m grateful for KG
  21. I’m grateful for JL
  22. Wow, that’s a lot of people to be grateful for! And for B
  23. and the students I had this year.
  24. I’m grateful for my eyesight
  25. my hearing
  26. my ability to speak
  27. my ability to walk
  28. my ability to drive
  29. I’m grateful for my house
  30. that I’m finally getting the bathroom done
  31. and the retaining wall
  32. I’m grateful for my car
  33. for my abilities
  34. for my lack of phobias now
  35. for my ability to type
  36. and play piano
  37. and crochet
  38. I’m grateful that I went to oa yesterday
  39. and will go to ww tomorrow
  40. I’m grateful that my legs work
  41. and for my clothes
  42. and that I finally did the laundry yesterday
  43. I’m grateful that Z was here cleaning the day before yesterday
  44. I’m grateful that I have plans every day so far. No sinking…
  45. I’m grateful that I WILL work out the mattress situation.
  46. I’m grateful for my new vegan cookbooks
  47. and my wonderful health food store
  48. I’m grateful for greens
  49. and broccoli
  50. and how they help my emotions.

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