Journal June 2

Too. Much. Going. On.
Omg I haven’t clutched my chest like this is many years.
I have too much going on.
I have taken on too much.
And one of the two people I work with is a piece of shit nasty selfish and particularly ugly lately.
That is it for the negativity. I must not convince myself I’m “overwhelmed.” BAck to the positive morning things now.
Pray for me.
Thank you.

Gratitudes June 1

  1. I am so grateful that I am not like Li
  2. and that I can still wish her well and do the resentment prayer
  3. but do NOT “let her in”
  4. I’m grateful to get along well with N
  5. and to have Tr in my classroom
  6. and B too
  7. Lu and his ideas about the cabinetry
  8. I know I’ll go with my original one OR his second one. Either is fine
  9. Lucky to be GETTING cabinets in classroom. Need the storage:)
  10. for gratitudes I’m grateful for gratitudes.
  11. I’m so grateful that I sleep at night
  12. and for my alarm clock. really.
  13. and whoever invented them. really.
  14. deep breaths. SO grateful that for so long now I breathe well and deeply and easily
  15. I’m grateful that E sends me quotes every morning
  16. and today is the meeting I usually love
  17. my crocheting
  18. great breakfast i just had
  19. I am so lucky to have MY problems.
  20. not problems of war
  21. or desperation physically…
  22. D in my life
  23. my compassion
  24. my ww leader
  25. the 1 point flax and oat… pitas
  26. these students
  27. i expect fun days today tomorrow and Tues
  28. special things next week
  29. piano getting tuned Sat
  30. that I HAVE the piano
  31. the law of Attraciton
  32. me using it more now
  33. reading
  34. that i have the luxury of sitting here in the ams doing this spiritual stuff
  35. my growth
  36. my hair
  37. my lips
  38. my eyes
  39. my smile
  40. meditating with the children
  41. my principal. could be so bad – all is fine. have had two tough ones!
  42. oceans
  43. streams
  44. my yard – back
  45. and front
  46. flowers outside
  47. i am grateful for my washer and dryer
  48. and clean clothes
  49. that i emptied the dishwasher this morning
  50. that I HAVE a dishwasher
  51. I am grateful that I have a bed
  52. and a roof
  53. and a shower
  54. and towels
  55. I remember when I didn’t have towels or shoes. Grateful to have shoes now too
  56. electricity
  57. indoor flowers
  58. my birdies get to fly:)
  59. I’m grateful for laughter
  60. and smiles
  61. and humor
  62. I’m grateful that i teach
  63. and get a salary
  64. and health insurance
  65. and food
  66. and water
  67. and my fabulous new health food store
  68. with great prices
  69. and ww
  70. and oa
  71. and the people in my life
  72. and the lessons
  73. I’m grateful for lists
  74. i’m grateful that I’m devoted to concentrating on my gratitudes today and not complaining
  75. the time i wore the no complaining for a month bracelet – for like 3 months and finally sort of got it
  76. i’m grateful for my legs
  77. i’m grateful to change things. in me. for more happiness. and in my environment too (not other people, but like, my home)
  78. i’m grateful that I play piano
  79. and for all those piano lessons
  80. they also gave me something to focus on during all those times
  81. fruit
  82. vegetables
  83. lentils
  84. brown rice
  85. organic foods
  86. my veggie-filled sauce
  87. my sinks
  88. my toilet
  89. toilet tissue
  90. that i shop once a week
  91. and have all i need
  92. and more
  93. flowers on my table right in front of me 🙂
  94. MA all those years
  95. J every day
  96. finding y Higher Power
  97. my hands
  98. my book group
  99. professional development
  100. personal development

Affirmations June 1

My life is perfect.
All is wonderful in my world.
I love my life.
I love my job.
I am a fantastic teacher.
I have plenty of energy.

I live in the moment.
All is well.
The Universe is taking perfect care of me.

Life is eternal and filled with joy.
I look forward to every moment.

Life is eternal and filled with joy.
I look forward to every moment.

Life is eternal and filled with joy.
I look forward to every moment.

Life is eternal and filled with joy.
I look forward to every moment.

Life is eternal and filled with joy.
I look forward to every moment.


Readings June 1

May 31
Keep it simple
“We live a day at a time but also from moment to moment. When we stop living in the here and now, our problems become magnified unreasonably.”
Basic Text, p. 99
Life often seems too complicated to understand, especially for those of us who’ve dodged it for so long. When we stopped using food, many of us came face to face with a world that was confusing, even terrifying. Looking at life and all its details, all at once, may be overwhelming. We think that maybe we can’t handle life after all and that it’s useless to try. These thoughts feed themselves, and pretty soon we’re paralyzed by the imagined complexity of life.
Happily, we don’t have to fix everything at once. Solving a single problem seems possible, so we take them one at a time. We take care of each moment as it comes, and then take care of the next moment as it comes. We learn to stay clean just for today, and we approach our problems the same way. When we live life in each moment, it’s not such a terrifying prospect. One breath at a time, we can stay clean and learn to live.
Just for today: I will keep it simple by living in this moment only. Today, I will tackle only today’s problems; I will leave tomorrow’s problems to tomorrow.

My takeaway: Okay. Just for today I will live in the moment today. NOT escape later to avoid past or future worries.


My takeaway: I’ll go to a meeting today.