Journal July 30

Relieved. But it is a LOT. A LOT.
All those talks with J.
Thank God he did what he did to help.
But my heart – J…
Mother – better but – you know – like – so mixed for me… – there, not there, newish person, almost always some trauma, almost never any joy…
But ~I now~ that life is in the moment. – I have a bathroom now, and a bed, and am very thankful for that. My mother is home, with her aide. J did come through, big-time. I have food and water and ~health~ How different would it all be if that medical test had come out differently…
So, I’m kind of moving into gratitudes here and will go do some, then rest of “work” later on
Anyone who looks at my blog – thank you so much. May you be blessed!

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