Gratitudes July 2

  1. Nice visit with mother
  2. Feel good foodwise today
  3. ww meeting this am
  4. have decided what to do about the recipes
  5. it is not too obsessive. simple. simple. yay
  6. house in order before i go out each day and before bed. so in it, wake up to it, and come home to it nice
  7. reading the 5 Mindfulness Trainings aloud with Da yesterday:)
  8. the cooking shows with mother today
  9. tomorrow I will go there again:) Will bring the prune juice and eggs. And we will watch something together again ❤
  10. I’m grateful that I took care of the birds (I felt very tired and lazy, but must always do that, of course!)
  11. and took my shower lol
  12. fb
  13. I’m so grateful for the total health to have this day.
  14. and getting stronger
  15. more acceptance
  16. and hope
  17. I’m grateful that Ad just sent me all those meme messages
  18. I’m grateful for enjoying crocheting
  19. I’m grateful that my birds are fine and well
  20. I’m grateful that I’m having Shakeology every day again now.
  21. I’m grateful for my cold water in the fridge
  22. I’m grateful for my plants in the sunroom
  23. I’m grateful that I did my shopping on Friday this time. It’s working out well for me that way.
  24. Tr!
  25. I have one plan with Tr and MT and AM
  26. and one with Tr and A
  27. and tomorrow movie with M
  28. and did the dinner
  29. and the fireworks
  30. hearing from Tr just now yay!
  31. that I sleep at night
  32. That I can play piano
  33. Jo’s help with so many things.
  34. J in my life
  35. my mother’s miracle
  36. B and her daughter at ww yesterday
  37. A
  38. the 5 Mindfulness Trainings
  39. my paryers
  40. my beliefs
  41. my job
  42. this summer – as practice being so happy on my ow in prep for being with someone
  43. my breath
  44. MA all those years
  45. MA, ML, S and me all those times
  46. MA, ML, C and S and me all those times
  47. MA, ML and me all those times ❤
  48. my years at the other school xo
  49. my adjustment to this school
  50. and how it’s changed, this school
  51. that I am good at my job
  52. to meet my own goal, ALL i have to do the rest of this day and not, is not overeat, and not sink. That’s all
  53. i am grateful for my teeth
  54. eye doc appointment tomorrow
  55. oral surgery in two weeks
  56. bathroom might get started this week
  57. wall soon too?
  58. access to books
  59. and for Nook
  60. and for iPad
  61. and magazines
  62. healthily full belly
  63. more surity that I WILL lose the rest of this extra weight
  64. workout dvd’s
  65. Sh gets up at 5 and does. I can too!
  66. July.
  67. salad pizza
  68. brick oven vegan pizza the other night
  69. Ji and Je
  70. driving safely
  71. decided to NOT go to far beach on the 4th and stay over at someone’s aunt’s and I’ve never met the aunt! Feel good about that decision
  72. relax time
  73. the sound of my birds
  74. Z who cleans here
  75. affirmations
  76. how good Calvary was to my father in law
  77. family
  78. friends
  79. piano
  80. my hands
  81. my feet
  82. my house
  83. flowers outside
  84. health food stores – 2 i like near me
  85. supermarket so near
  86. drugstore delivers
  87. female friends
  88. my emotional health compared to the lack i used to have omg
  89. my sense of humor
  90. tv. yes.
  91. helping children. i am so happy that i get to help children
  92. the gifts i got
  93. and cards
  94. and notes
  95. that i wrote and sent the thank yous immediately
  96. that really i have nothing to worry about
  97. ability to speak. i didn’t always have it. partly intense shyness inability for years, and the 8 months with the serious throat problems
  98. earrings
  99. pillow. really. luxury
  100. bananas
  101. cherries

Journal July 2

I a so lucky to hve this day of life, this day off, my health, a visit with my mom, ww, so many things.  I must NOT let myself dwell on my naval, look for what’s not right, worry about he future, regret the past. I’m so glad that now, almost 4:00, I’m SO MUCH better than earlier. Not that earlier was hell, but it was shaky.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference. Amen.