Gratitudes August 30

  1. I am grateful that I love reading
  2. I am grateful for today’s “For Today” reading.
  3. I am so grateful for my eyesight!
  4. i am grateful for my sponsor, S.
  5. and the talk we had this am. And every day for about 5 x times
  6. and that she understood when I overslept yesterday.
  7. I’m grateful for the upcoming event D and I will go to together
  8. I’m grateful for the woodwork painting raking place here
  9. I’m grateful for this blog, my safe space to say everything
  10. and fb too, where I’m myself just a teensy bit more guarded (work people etc)
  11. I am grateful that I’m DOING gratitudes
  12. I’m grateful for meditations
  13. I’m grateful that soon I’ll be meditating with the children again
  14. I’m grateful for the leaves moving outside on the big tree right now ❤
  15. I’m grateufl for my Higher Power
  16. I’m grateful for Thich Nhat Hanh
  17. I’m grateful for my job. There were years and years when i didn’t feel that. Now I sure do. Emotionally even!
  18. and mentally
  19. and financially
  20. I’m grateful for the Law of Attraction, may i use it daily now!
  21. I’m grateful that I slept last night
  22. and woke up today
  23. that I am not suicidal anymore
  24. I am grateful for that woman who saved me in the wave that time when I was 12 years old
  25. I am grateful that I have “been there” for MT
  26. And I am grateful that Tr has been there for me
  27. Our foursome friendship, MT, Tr, AM, and me
  28. I am grateful for my safety
  29. I am grateful that I am so healthy
  30. that i eat so much better now
  31. my mother’s aides
  32. humor
  33. my house
  34. my kitchen
  35. new faucet
  36. my new bathroom
  37. my yards
  38. my new things I bought for the classroom
  39. the building i work in
  40. taht people are mostly nice to each other
  41. that I am ok. I’m nervous and anxious and lonely and a little scared, but i am okay
  42. showers
  43. my hair
  44. mascara
  45. lipstick
  46. my femininity – refound
  47. books
  48. my piano
  49. my dishwasher – running right now
  50. i WILL get everything done that i need to, today
  51. and be ready for tomorrow’s meetings
  52. i am grateful for my breathing so strong and regular; no more struggles with it
  53. i am so grateful for D
  54. and A
  55. and Tr
  56. and MT
  57. and St
  58. and S
  59. and KC
  60. and JL
  61. and enough money
  62. my legs
  63. that i can walk
  64. the opportunities in this day
  65. my hands
  66. typing
  67. fruit
  68. veggies
  69. bread
  70. my new health food store
  71. and supermarket
  72. on maslow’s hierarchy, I have physiological
  73. and safety
  74. i am working on love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization
  75. and i have parts of those toomaslow-needs.png
  76. color
  77. pictures
  78. memes
  79. those picture walks I used to do for L; i enjoyed them.
  80. AND they helped me for today(s) on fb and beyond
  81. turquoise pens ink. I enjoy them
  82. colored pencils – done in my calendar for work
  83. my piano in the classroom
  84. I DO feel good enough to be a great teacher this year. Yay!
  85. text messages
  86. that they are here on my laptop!
  87. deodorant soap
  88. comfortable shoes and flip-flops
  89. that I don’t drink. Just don’t need to
  90. art
  91. music
  92. elephants
  93. zebras
  94. giraffes
  95. monkeys
  96. lamps
  97. rugs
  98. hardwood floors
  99. my skin health
  100. and my skin beauty
  101. deodorant
  102. some perfume now and then
  103. my sheets
  104. my bed
  105. my pillows
  106. fall weather in the air. I lvoe it. Am so grateful for it. Am so grateful to be here for it.

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