Gratitudes August 31

  1. I am so grateful that I do read the 5 Mindfulness Trainings aloud with another person at least once every three months
  2. That Thay is in Vietnam now. Home. And stood with monk holding him up, so own feet on homeland.
  3. broccoli soup for breakfast this am 🙂
  4. I am grateful that in car yesterday morning, Jo helped me
  5. and inspector said WILL get wall looked at!
  6. and went to bank so Jo could start as soon as inspector sees it
  7. and I saw this am, call from jo last night at 8:14
  8. M called early this am
  9. we had good talk
  10. just had good talk with sponsor too
  11. am now chatting with A
  12. so i am NOT alone. not really
  13. plus Higher Power
  14. will go out in couple of nights good
  15. I have been up since 4:23 wowie – but fine and with energy
  16. loved therapist last night
  17. will crochet at am meeting
  18. will bring something i can eat for lunch
  19. maybe they’ll have like sandwich / salad i can eat anyway…. either way
  20. humor
  21. anyone/everyone who appreciates me
  22. met another cute student yesterday
  23. will be fine today
  24. AM fine
  25. now will shower and dress and leave

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