Journal August 31

I liked the therapist a lot last night. We “finally” session 3, began the work.

I cried in the car am with Jo, going to city about inspector business. You know, was worried about going in to work and seeing everyone. De’s family went to Italy; Je adopted a baby; Ma is happily married in love; K has her large close family and summer house; Me has her loving hubby and boys; B has her great hubby and daughters and great sex life; N has her hubby and boys and beautiful house and was in Hawaii; etc etc etc.
But Jo talked with me and it helped. About how one is happy today then not tomorrow and so on. And family troubles when kid on drugs etc… Must accept and live today’s life and look for the happiness… It helped.
And then last night, started the work with Dr. K and liked her. Have hope. Felt good when left there.

Today is meetings and a get-together at work. I think one of the things that has troubled me is that I was sort of thinking of “throwing myself into my work,” but that’s no way to live. I mean, I’m devoted to the students, of course. But must have more in life. And will.

Appreciate the peace in my house, and Jo and my girlfriends, and my job, and my healgh. Things WILL change in my “personal life.”

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