Gratitudes Sept 4

  1. I am grateful to be feeling a bit better. Did NOT want to start school year sick:)
  2. I am grateful for vegetarian “chicken” salad
  3. I am grateful for the good that Dr. Phil does do
  4. I am grateful that I have never mutilated myself
  5. and that I am no longer suicidal.
  6. I am grateful, on a much lighter note, for frozen bananas:)
  7. I am grateful for this laptop.
  8. and that I got it fixed.
  9. I am so grateful for my eyesight!
  10. I am grateful for my hearing
  11. I am grateful for my precious ability to walk
  12. I am grateful for my ability to drive. (I remember when I couldn’t)
  13. I am grateful for my good clean lifestle with morals and integrity.
  14. I am grateful for wordtwist online – little breaks with boggle-like game
  15. I am grateful that i am not called by alcohol
  16. I a grateful that I am not called by drugs
  17. I am grateful that I am so healthy!
  18. I am grateful for hope
  19. I am grateful that I finally like broccoli now!
  20. I am so grateful that I am a free person!
  21. I have a good car
  22. I have a cozy, romantic, neat, clean, adorable little house.
  23. I have a bed.
  24. It is a Sleep Number bed.
  25. I have taken away some of the factory pillows from the new furniture and put some of my own – it looks betetr now
  26. and the little throw thing I bought at Charming Charlie’s (supposed to wear it but I put it on loveseat). Colorful. Cheerful
  27. D and son might come by
  28. I might to to buy corner guards for new piece of furniture in room
  29. I am grateful for this:
  30. I am grateful fro pics online.
  31. I am so grateful for nature.
  32. For trees.
  33. For grass
  34. For dirt
  35. for roots
  36. for flowers
  37. for bushes
  38. hedges
  39. shrubs
  40. meadows
  41. fog
  42. forest
  43. woods
  44. beaches
  45. sand
  46. water
  47. clouds
  48. blue clear sky
  49. sunrise
  50. sunset
  51. cleaning lady. SO  grateful for cleaning lady.
  52. texting
  53. texgting with A while he is in fb jail
  54. meditation
  55. my classroom
  56. that it’s done
  57. that I did it
  58. my desk at school
  59. that J bought for me and brought there
  60. I am grateful for everyone that helps children
  61. Including me
  62. for loving myself now. Thank You!
  63. detox baths. I will have one later.
  64. beachbody dvd workouts. I will start again soon.
  65. my hair. pretty and silky soft and thick and nice color. I like my hair!
  66. my nice skin. Good skin. Healthy and pretty.
  67. My voice. That i can speak (physically)
  68. and emotionally too.
  69. my block. I like my little street and neighborhood
  70. fb
  71. Chopin
  72. I am grateful for my iPad mini
  73. and that my colon is clear!
  74. good lungs
  75. my compassion
  76. the cozy top I’m wearing today. I love it.
  77. My new jacket:) Yay!
  78. my new shawl
  79. my two new tops
  80. my washer. So grateful that can do laundry in basement and nice clean easy convenient and new (2 years) washer
  81. my new dryer too
  82. that my dishwasher works
  83. my hope chest. That my grandmother gave to my mother., and my mother gave to me.
  84. The beautiful house I grew up in
  85. air conditioning
  86. heat
  87. my birds are flying today yay
  88. and were on play gym yesterday yay
  89. millet for a treat for them 🙂
  90. the broth I had this morning
  91. my fingers
  92. I am grateful for finding my Higher Power!
  93. and for prayer
  94. and especially the Third Step prayer
  95. I will see new therapist on Wed
  96. sleep
  97. one nice sentence in last dream (to counteract the not-nice one)
  98. tv. I kind of wish never had – like didn’t exist – but since grew up with it, it does help me
  99. mindfulness
  100. Thich Nhat Hanh’s calligraphy – I have two out, one not out yet, and gave away 4!

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