Luscious Vegan Loaf

Vegan Loaf

I know – I know this will sound so weird. But I swear to you it is really tasty!

Broccoli (used frozen, maybe 1/3 bag, nuked it to defrost and cut it up)
Artichoke hearts (as above, maybe 6 hearts)
Collards (as above, just a little – ½ cup?)
Can lentils with most of the liquid
Couple Tablespoons slivered almonds
Breadcrumbs (I happened to use Panko)
Black pepper
Cashew butter (2 T?) (really)
½ onion, cut small
Nori maybe half a sheet (yup really)
Vegan parmesan (Made by Go Veggie)
Daiya cheddar

Put into loaf pan
Add ketchup and more Daiya on top
Bake in sprayed loaf pan (375 for 20 minutes covered)
The way I made it on Feb 20 was 32 points for 6 servings so 6.5  Smartpoints per serving (and remember is veggies and protein in here)

3 thoughts on “Luscious Vegan Loaf”

    1. Hi I’m so glad to “meet” you. I checked out your blog; you’re so clever! You’ve got my follow! Please tell people about mine. As well as to have a place to be totally me, and to put my spiritual practice, my goal is to help people get from miserable to happy, through sharing the daily work that got me there. ❤

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