Reading Oct 31

For Today:

Nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind as a steady purpose. Mary Wollstonecraft

I came to OA because I wanted to get well more than I wanted to eat. That is the steeady purpose that directs my life today. i place freedom from compulsive o ereating before everything else because I do not want to return to the life I had without it. Before OA, the only tranquility I knew was to anesthetize myself with food, an indulgence for which I paid dearly the rest of the time. Nothing could save me from the mental and emotional anguish and confusion of being fat, feeling guilty and hating myself for lack of control.
Today I am not confused about who I am and what I am doing. i am a compulsive overeater, relieved by the grace of God from the obsession, and recovering in this place I call home.

For today: Staying aware of my purpose in living by the OA program is my true source of peace of mind. Therefore it is my nuber one priority, and nothing -no food, no circumstance, no person – can tempt me to give it up.

My takeaway: My new life years before and since oa is better and i want more of it. plus, i WANT to eat real foods now!


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