Some Extra Gratitudes before Bed Nov 26

  1. I am grateful that Jo came over
  2. and brought the coffee.
  3. It is the wrong coffee – he got whole bean, not ground. But he remembered I wanted it, and that was sweet of him to do.
  4. And – he made me the BEST tea that really helped with how I feel
  5. And went and got my tire done. Omg wow. Huge.
  6. And then borrowed my car for daughter visit. I’m glad I could help in that way.
  7. Then – he made me the lemon tincture to wear overnight, ’cause I’d done it wrong.
  8. I’m grateful for weekly points cause i used them tonight (weight watchers)
  9. I’m grateful for my generous off. And I have 2 – 3 people so far coming. We should have fun.
  10. I’m nervous about it, but stretching my comfort zone is good for me!
  11. I’m so grateful that my mother got the pills in both times with me coaxing her on the phone today.
  12. I am truly grateful that I didn’t choke to death. No really. I was turning purple and couldn’t catch my breath. My ARMS even hurt after – a lot – it was the worst cough/choke attack I’ve ever had. So grateful it’s over
  13. I’m grateful I didn’t go to shiva. I can’t help but wonder if my body helped me by getting sick. Because from what I heard about it, I couldn’t have taken this one. I’m not exaggerating.
  14. I’m grateful for my book on Catherine the Great

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