Must Do Gratitudes Nov 28

  1. I am grateful for my job
  2. I am so grateful that I am able to do it well
  3. I am grateful that i got to the dr yesterday. ‘Cause had a bad attack night before and again yesterday – meds and can breathe again. Phew!
  4. I am grateful for my breath!
  5. I am looking at a “deadliest animals in the world” thing and am so grateful I live where I live!
  6. I am grateful for facebook
  7. I am grateful for weight watchers
  8. and healthy foods
  9. will have lots of veggies and fruits and proteins today
  10. M (friend
  11. M (mother’s aide)
  12. — rushing out for now but fine more later. Okay. Did lots in my mind in the car. And there are more since. Meds seem to be working. after a few hours of work I felt worse again, but overall sill better day.
  13. Nurse told me I must come straight home. That felt very bad because really wanted to see my mother, especially since she’s lonely. But nurse is right and I’m grateful that she told me the truth
  14. and that I did what she said. It really Was needed.
  15. I walked in and saw pointsettia!
  16. Jo had left it to surprise me! That felt SO good!
  17. And sort of – energized me a little –
  18. I then took a nice – hot – bubble bath
  19. hair looks good
  20. put on nice nightgown and robe. no company but i feel better this way today after several nights of comfy jammies (which are fine too but this is different)
  21. did dishes
  22. made up bed
  23. overate but not hating on myself about it
  24. gentle with self
  25. self-care
  26. enjoying work
  27. more energy
  28. this time of year it changes for me – the 2nd graders change – every year – the growth is evident now and it becomes easier to work with them and enjoy
  29. my life
  30. waking up
  31. breathing!
  32. my eyesight
  33. my car
  34. the tire fixed
  35. God
  36. gas in the car
  37. good rid(s) to work
  38. golden leaves on the trees
  39. my retaining wall, after waiting 1 month short of 2 years, is done
  40. as is the penninsula
  41. and the front with the stones looks pretty
  42. i have. enough
  43. i am safe
  44. i have my Higher Power
  45. movies
  46. saw Murder on the Orient Express
  47. liked it a lot
  48. and long before that, loved the book
  49. sleep
  50. medication
  51. my brain
  52. humor
  53. sitcoms
  54. relaxation
  55. mindfulness meditation
  56. mindfulness
  57. water!
  58. food
  59. veggies!
  60. fruit
  61. ww
  62. oa
  63. A
  64. L
  65. M
  66. my dear mother

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