Gratitudes Dec 31

  1. This day to myself
  2. I’m safe in my home now. most of my life i didn’t feel that. And well, wasn’t.
  3. Weight watchers yesterday
  4. Weight watchers today
  5. my new tracking book
  6. my stickers
  7. I finished my manifestation board.
  8. Will hang it as soon as I get 2-sided tape. And in the meantime, will look at it on the table – Twice a day focused looking
  9. My Buddhism
  10. meditation
  11. my birds
  12. my new things – including the fossil necklace on its way
  13. and the amethyst geod that should be here
  14. and my slippers that I’m wearing right now
  15. food. enough food
  16. Golden Girls on
  17. that i can stay home – cause after being so sick for 6 weeks, when I was out and my lungs hurt (!) I was so happy could come home to heat on and hot tea etc.
  18. will sit a lot today
  19. maybe will do laundry
  20. maybe will cook 1 thing or 2
  21. if not is ok
  22. will see mother (and her aide M) tomorrow
  23. bodhisatvas
  24. the 5 Mindfulness Trainings
  25. Thich Nhat Hanh
  26. my spirituality
  27. my little house
  28. heat here
  29. my dear birds
  30. my tvs
  31. my dishwasher
  32. my washer
  33. and dryer
  34. squirrels
  35. my job
  36. my eyesight!
  37. my coloring
  38. my needlepoint
  39. my crewel work
  40. my stamped cross stitch
  41. my piano
  42. and my piano playing (which is normally what I mean when i say “piano” – but this time above i meant the instrument itself
  43. how I play now. i’ts just fine (been playing piano for joy this past week)
  44. chopin
  45. Beethoven
  46. Mozart
  47. Bach
  48. Scarlatti
  49. Mendellhosn
  50. Reinhold
  51. that Silent Night piece – I don’t remember who did it
  52. humor
  53. laughter
  54. my brain
  55. books
  56. my Nook
  57. my sleep
  58. my dreams
  59. water (to drink)
  60. showers
  61. baths
  62. that I cleaned my closet
  63. and my “linen closet”
  64. my fridge
  65. my freezer
  66. Jo will take the garbage
  67. and then the city will on Wednesday again
  68. my car
  69. gas in my car
  70. safe ride home yesterday on snowy even icy roads
  71. my homemade lentil soup
  72. that i have some in the fridge right now!
  73. the beautiful organic red bosc pears so sweet yum
  74. that i shared them with Jo
  75. and the organic mandarin clementines
  76. and the organic apples
  77. and the organic bananas
  78. Popwords
  79. wordtwist
  80. my students
  81. my patience
  82. my prayers
  83. my legs
  84. hot tea.
  85. all different kinds.
  86. A
  87. my mother
  88. M
  89. other M
  90. Jo
  91. L
  92. D
  93. P
  94. St
  95. O
  96. Tr
  97. MT
  98. my principal
  99. KC
  100. MG
  101. KB
  102. this blog

Affirmations Dec 31

Abundance flows freely through me.

I draw love and acceptance into my life, and i accept it now.

Life supports me in every possible way.

Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forard yo every moment.

Gratitudes Dec 29

  1. My mother is better again phew! After just a few bad hours on Wednesday. I SO want her to not suffer!
  2. I felt SO good in the car yesterday doing my prep-for-tonight errands!
  3. I got my teeth cleaned
  4. AND the whitener stuff!
  5. And – it’s harder to eat at night after that! Yay
  6. Tr calling today
  7. and that she would have come tonight
  8. People have cancelled on coming tonight – but I’m grateful because I’m kind of socially shy and this way there will be just 2 of us and it should be very nice
  9. All the  generous (!) – stuff i bought for the peeps
  10. and for myself
  11. that i didn’t cook the fancy thing! (Way too much to have for 2 of us and not even room in fridge plus I was nervous to do so)
  12. But did make nice things and have them
  13. Yesterday at Stples
  14. How amazingly good I feel when take good care of self
  15. and of home
  16. and of birds
  17. and of plants
  18. this time off
  19. hot tea
  20. hot chocolate
  21. sleep. really. i know more and more people who need pill to get to sleep or stay asleep
  22. dreams
  23. reading in bed
  24. my bed
  25. that i was ABLE to spend on these things for tonight
  26. vegetanbles

Today’s OA Reading from AA – Huge

I got the following from the AA website:

“Furthermore, how shall we come to terms with seeming failure or success? Can we now accept and adjust to either without despair or pride? Can we accept poverty, sickness, loneliness, and bereavement with courage and serenity? Can we steadfastly content ourselves with the humbler, yet sometimes more durable, satisfactions when the brighter, more glittering achievements are denied us?”

This reminded that if we have a slip, it does not mean that we failed. More to the point, we need more program, i.e., readings, writings, meetings, phone calls. It also reminds me that a day without slips does not mean we are successful. We are successful in our abstinence just for that day. Every day starts as a blank slate. How we fill in the blanks….just for today.

Must must must do gratitudes Dec 25

Feeling a little iffy – grats will help

  1. I am a free preson
  2. Any “problems” I have are in my own mind
  3. The fact that my laptop is broken is forcing me to slow down.
  4. I will realize that I’m okay.
  5. I will have a nice dinner with my mother and crochet a bit. All will be fine.
  6. I heard from J this morning
  7. I bought myself a ring
  8. It will come in 2 – 3 weeks (sizing)
  9. I have new slippers
  10. and earrings that were given to me in friend-love
  11. and my bracelet with the niec message on it
  12. I will figure out how to fix my iPad too
  13. already spoke to M this morning
  14. Had little presents for D and P and Ju last night phew and house gift for the people who’d invited me
  15. I can see
  16. I can hear
  17. I can swallow
  18. I can breathe
  19. I can walk
  20. I can drive
  21. I played Silent Night, that fancy version, on the piano already today
  22. i will make my veggie dish
  23. I made and brought the polenta casserole last night
  24. People liked it
  25. There was a lot of food for me
  26. Everyone was so nice
  27. Had a great time. SO glad I went
  28. I am here, and alive
  29. I didn’t kill myself. Years ago, when I wanted to
  30. EJ. She was here for me all that time xo
  31. fb
  32. PMed with L this morning
  33. I had a massage yesterday
  34. It was good for me
  35. Later now –  I just cooked the polenta thing again – but for me this time – and changed it up a bit
  36. also almost finished putting away my laundry – will finish in minutes
  37. “had to” do for self before going…
  38. my Higher Power
  39. that I am able to afford what I am doing for others this Christmas
  40. will have my teeth cleaned this week
  41. that I did track what I ate all yesterday and last night even though it was over. There was something about doing
  42. And later – I am SO grateful that I went to my mother’s!
  43. And we had good Chinese food
  44. And she loved hers
  45. And B and I got along SO well
  46. And B really appreciated the gift!
  47. Peace. At last, peace.
  48. And that my mother got phone calls from family and from M
  49. I got a great space (parking space)
  50. It was not raining
  51. or snowing
  52. Despite the fact taht I have been “off” today, ruining laptop and making other mistakes one potentially dangerous, all is well. nothing happened. Phew
  53. I loved the peaceful comfort of sitting next to my mother, watching tv together and me crocheting, after supper.
  54. Her bright green “Christmas” pants
  55. Sharing the food with B oo
  56. and her offering even to share her soda with me!