Gratitudes Dec 29

  1. My mother is better again phew! After just a few bad hours on Wednesday. I SO want her to not suffer!
  2. I felt SO good in the car yesterday doing my prep-for-tonight errands!
  3. I got my teeth cleaned
  4. AND the whitener stuff!
  5. And – it’s harder to eat at night after that! Yay
  6. Tr calling today
  7. and that she would have come tonight
  8. People have cancelled on coming tonight – but I’m grateful because I’m kind of socially shy and this way there will be just 2 of us and it should be very nice
  9. All the  generous (!) – stuff i bought for the peeps
  10. and for myself
  11. that i didn’t cook the fancy thing! (Way too much to have for 2 of us and not even room in fridge plus I was nervous to do so)
  12. But did make nice things and have them
  13. Yesterday at Stples
  14. How amazingly good I feel when take good care of self
  15. and of home
  16. and of birds
  17. and of plants
  18. this time off
  19. hot tea
  20. hot chocolate
  21. sleep. really. i know more and more people who need pill to get to sleep or stay asleep
  22. dreams
  23. reading in bed
  24. my bed
  25. that i was ABLE to spend on these things for tonight
  26. vegetanbles

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