Recipes – Creamy Potato Soup

Creamy Potato Soup (Sam Turnbull “It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken”
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes

“Quick and easy to make, this soup is so simple but so tasty you won’t be able to stop eating it!” Me – I agree. It is comforting. And reminds me like of “Stone Soup,” you know, good peasant food…

1 T olive oil
3 stalks celery, chopped
2 carrots, peeled and chopped
1 yellow onion, chopped
4 cloves garlic, minced
3 russet potatoes, peeled and chopped
4 cups vegetable broth
1 cup full-fat coconut milk (the kind in a can)
1 1/2 t salt (or to taste)
coconut bacon
green onions, chopped
vegan cheddar cheese
**I don’t use the salt or any additional toppings**

1. Heat the oil in a large pot over medium-high heat. When hot, add the celery, carrots, onion, and garlic. Saute the veggies, until they soften and begin to brown. Add the potatoes and veggie broth. Cover and simmer for about 15 – 20 minutes, until a fork can easily pierce all the way through the veggies.

2. Use an immersion blender straight in the pot. Blend until it is perfectly smooth. If you don’t have an immersion blender, you can carefully scoop some soup into a standing blender, and blend in very small batches. Remember to not fill your blender up too high or you will have a hot soup explosion! I like my soup creamy and silky, but if you prefer some veggie chunks in your remove some of the soup, blend, and then mix the two back together again.

3. Once blended, stir in the coconut milk. Salt to taste. Serve hot with optional toppings of choice.

Nutrition Facts
1/8 pot
calories 150
total fat 7.9 g
saturated fat 5.6 g
cholesterol 0 g
sodium 332.8 mg
total carbohydrate 18.8 g
dietary fiber 1.9 g
sugars 2 g
protein 2.7 g
vitamin A 0
vitamin C 13%
calcium 3% iron 10%

PS I’m pretty certain if you don’t want the saturated fat of coconut milk, you can use almond milk, which I’ve used in other creamed soups.

Also, the sodium is counting 1 1/2 teaspoons salt in the pot (which I didn’t use at all and am loving the soup)

Gratitudes 1/31/18

  1. I am grateful for the homemade creamy tomato soup I’m having right now. For breakfast!
  2. I’m grateful that I made it
  3. I’m grateful for the hot coffee (and hot soup = lots of hot liquids today mmmm. needed)
  4. I’m grateful for my talk with M last night
  5. and that *I* was there for *her* (she has the flu)
  6. I am grateful that this laptop is working
  7. my breathing
  8. my swallowing
  9. my sleep
  10. my dreams last night phew
  11. piano!
  12. Mozart!
  13. that my parents made me not quit piano oh so thankful
  14. that I WILL shop for or order to be delivered, the foods for my mother today. Groceries.
  15. my house in order
  16. and clean
  17. have salad and Shakeo with nuts and a piece of fruit for lunch today, like yesterday
  18. and my potato soup for dinner
  19. I will put that recipe here mmm
  20. The book Stone Soup. Haha child’s book – it inspires me.

More later must go – slept late

Journal 1/31/18

I feel better.
Affirmations, gratitudes, and working as cheerfully as possible, and piano, and sitting with other people for part of lunchtime, all helped me. Well, were all good for me anyway.
The biggest difference came form when I talked with M (mother’s aide) and she said J sounds down/depressed lately and “something’s going on with him” and he’s driving tractor trailers in another county or something and tired etc. That gave me hope that he might consider coming back with me. After these YEARS, it took THAT to make me feel better from finding out the night before from mother’s aide B, that his (J’s) aunt had died and he’d been been to her funeral that day – he hadn’t even told me. She was my aunt for like 20 years and he didn’t even tell me. And I was devastated.
I need therapy.
I think.
Then again, it is SO hard to find one – a smart therapist. Omg SO hard. And – I’m torn – I have the practical stuff in my head AND I have the spiritual heart stuff like D would say about twin flame and magic…

Will see. Don’t know.
Just know that had the first night of not ick dreams since a wee ago Mond (when found out Tues that De was ding in hospice), and am going with the good feeling for today. Am under the weather and that’s all I want – the good feelings and to teach nicely and well.

Very Shaky Need Gratitudes 1/30/18

  1. I am graeful for the lessons from that funeral Sunday
  2. Especially my lesson of live eac moment to the fullest. I didn’t say I’m doing it; but I’m trying
  3. i can see
  4. i can hear
  5. i can walk
  6. i can breathe!
  7. i have a piano
  8. and in classroom
  9. i can play it
  10. i have tv
  11. i have a home
  12. i have heat
  13. i have a car
  14. i have my hands
  15. i have my spirit
  16. i have my Higher Power
  17. i have an amethyst geode:)
  18. i have books
  19. i have my Nook
  20. i have magazines
  21. and will buy more today
  22. i have a little money in the bank
  23. i have a little pension for when i retire
  24. i have hope for a  therapist
  25. i have health
  26. i have my heart
  27. i have my lungs
  28. i have my life
  29. i have oa. may i use it more. and maybe better
  30. i have food in the fridge
  31. much of it organic
  32. and in the cabinet too
  33. and freezer
  34. i have a basement
  35. with a washer and dryer
  36. and a cleaned out clear attic
  37. i have a driveway
  38. with the walls done and i can park in it now
  39. i have a front yard
  40. and a backyard
  41. and can walk around side of my house
  42. this spring the two little trees will come
  43. i have clothes
  44. i have a coat
  45. i have boots
  46. i can stretch
  47. i have yoga dvds
  48. and workout dvds
  49. i have sat 4 times on retreats with thich nhat hanh
  50. i sat right in front of him few feet away at a park on the ground in London and we looked at each other
  51. i have the Law of Attraction
  52. i have the potential for positivity
  53. i have my manifestation board
  54. i have deep spirituality
  55. i have friendship fo D
  56. i have meditation
  57. i have Reiki
  58. i have powers
  59. i have ww
  60. i am a limitless being of the Source
  61. i have seen Wayne Dyer in person
  62. and i have internet for his messages too (I don’t like his books although I’ll try again)
  63. i ave Louise Hay books and Internet and affirmations
  64. I am feeling better now, second cup coffee, and gratitudes.
  65. i can laugh
  66. i have a sense of humor. And I make others laugh
  67. I get to work with *children!*
  68. I WILL have a relationship and family!
  69. I think I’ll change my haircut soon 🙂
  70. I have friends
  71. I have compassion
  72. I have my morganite ring
  73. and my amethyst ring
  74. and my rose quartz crystal
  75. I have a good eye doctor
  76. i have a massage every moenth
  77. and he is good and knows my body and it helps me food good
  78. i get pedicures about once a month. I don’t even get polish lately; it’s about the massage and nail cutting and softness for me. The experience
  79. the other day I got one, and it involved a 20 minute massage!. AND I went straight TO my massage from there!
  80. I have nver had cancer.
  81. I have never had a heart attack
  82. I don’t have asthma anymore
  83. I have the amazing example of that sub from St B school, who had the most positive attitude, and had had cancer
  84. and of DL who remained ositive and active through her whole cancer journey. Although she lost that battle and died , her spirit was such an inspiration
  85. and of MA. Priceless. About making the best. AND about accepting where am in the moment. Oh, Thank You. Thank You, MA, and Thank You, Higher Power
  86. I can go to oa today if I want
  87. or to a store
  88. or stay at school and work
  89. or to my mother’s
  90. or give St a ring
  91. or anyall of these and other things
  92. I can take a detox bath… … … whatever i want.
  93. i am free
  94. I think I shall come home and play piano!
  95. Jo
  96. M
  97. D and her son P too
  98. St
  99. Tr
  100. M
  101. N
  102. my job
  103. my school
  104. my class
  105. my classroom
  106. my principal

Journal 1/30/18

All I want to do is lie down.
Sleep with tv on.
Is this depression? Is it fear? Is it giving-up?
Is it healthy waiting in cocoon for my spring? I wish. But it doesn’t feel like that.
I need a therapist. It is so hard to find a good one.

Just writing that and getting up to walk through the house (to get tissue and coffee) makes me think – I WILL find a way to turn this around.
Please may it be so.

Affirmations 1/30/18

I want – it’s an excellent way to attract happiness into my life.

I am one with the very power that created me.

I am grateful for my healthy body. I love life.

I draw love and acceptance into my life and I accept it now.

I handle my own life with joy and ease.

I now choose to release all hurt and resentment.

I am safe!

Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.