Gratitudes Feb 25, 2018

I will do all I can do right now. Need grats.

  1. life
  2. my life
  3. my mother my father
  4. my room i shared wih sister til i was 10 and she was 14, when we got the house
  5. the first house, with my bedroom and the built-ins
  6. now don’t stay in childhood – i am grateful for my house
  7. my birds
  8. my car
  9. J is with my mother right now. God bless him.
  10. my tvs
  11. my laptops
  12. the Apple store
  13. that i can see
  14. walk
  15. drive
  16. type
  17. play piano
  18. Mozart
  19. my safety
  20. love in my life
  21. i have my family back. omg i really do!
  22. which also means – if THAT happened and was never going to, so can the next…
  23. D
  24. texting
  25. Jo is well

Gratitudes 2/14/18

  1. acceptance
  2. serenity prayer
  3. my professionalism
  4. sleep, blessed sleep
  5. i have healed from the flu
  6. my breath
  7. my eyesight
  8. my piano
  9. my class
  10. all the organizing we did yesterday
  11. that i am okay. somehow, with all that is going on, i am okay.
  12. and now it is after work – i got home to Jo having been here and having left me 6 differe t colored gorgeous roses!
  13. and – he took the garbage
  14. he said he didn’t answer when i called this morning 9about work0 because he knew yesterday and today that he was going to do that for me, and he wanted ot surprise me
  15. he didn’t come over because daughter sick and he’s home caring for  her
  16. and – well – before i knew any of this – a father – loking close to my age – was outside my school and we shared a sentence or too and i liked him VERY much – i haven’t had that feeling in so long! it was loveLY
  17. so – i followed him int o the building and he went to nurse’s office. she is good friend of mine so i went in and asked – and guess what/ he’s divorced and LOVELYa s I’d thought! so – you never know
  18. and had a decent chat with J.
  19. I am tired and a touch coughy and chest hurts a little so i will only rest tonight. last night i fell aslepp at 6 pm and awakened at 4:30 am! i need the sleep

Good Night, All

Gratitudes 2/11/18

  1. my eyesight
  2. that J offered more than once to pick up and drop off anything i would need
  3. that Jo brought tea like 3 times and visited a little
  4. that my mother is at least in good hands at the hospital
  5. J should be going there today
  6. and M tomorrow
  7. that M is NOT coming by today. yay. I need the break
  8. she will come tomorrow which is out of her way – for me to sign checks this is VERY nice of her
  9. that I had soup for breakfast.
  10. with salad and whole wheat pita
  11. and made that pot of food for the week. At least no matter how I feel after work each day, I’ll have healthy dinner. Will post recipe. — Okay. Done
  12. i am grateful for my hands
  13. i am very so very very grateful for my breath
  14. i am grateful for the Oscillococcinum
  15. and elderberry syrup
  16. and in haler
  17. Ok. I have just finished putting away the groceries
  18. I have tons of good healthy food here
  19. and am donating some too
  20. I have organic kale
  21. and broccoli
  22. and spinach
  23. and corn
  24. and potation
  25. and garlic
  26. and onions
  27. and peppers
  28. and cucumber
  29. and carrots
  30. and celery
  31. and apples
  32. and pears
  33. and bananas
  34. and raisins
  35. and dried cherries
  36. nd frozen fruits of different kinds
  37. I have whole wheat sourdough bread
  38. and whole wheat pitas
  39. and English muffins
  40. I have lots of brown rice and quinoa and couscous and arborio rice
  41. I have lentils – brown and French and green and red and black baluga
  42. I have lots of whole grain and whole wheat and even white pastas
  43. I have lots of prepared soups to heat – in cans and pouches
  44. I have grits and oatmeal and cream of wheat and cold cereal too
  45. I have many herbs and spices
  46. I have many gardein products
  47. and Boca
  48. and vegan cold cuts
  49. and vegan “turkey” salad
  50. and 2 Smart Dogs
  51. and chickpeas and canned lentils
  52. and a jar of sauce
  53. i have popcorn and an air-popper
  54. i have crackers – healthy – and pineapple salsa
  55. i have many teas
  56. and coffee
  57. ginger
  58. and elderberry syrup
  59. and Oscillococcinum
  60. and so much water
  61. and limes
  62. broth
  63. peanut butter
  64. fruit spread
  65. Daiya vegan cheese
  66. Everything in the house is vegan – well I’m not sure if the veg. turkey salad has egg – I hope not – if yes, I will never buy it again
  67. that just a little while ago, i fel fine about myself. may i have that more and more
  68. my birds
  69. hearing from N so much this week
  70. and Tr
  71. and MT
  72. and M
  73. and a little D
  74. chatting with A
  75. L
  76. Jo
  77. I will take a warm bath later and wash and dry hair and be ready for tomorrow so do not have to do in morning before first day back which will be a long one
  78. my. bills. are. paid.
  79. my laundry is done
  80. my kitchen is clean
  81. my house is in order
  82. cleaning lady will come Thursday
  83. my legs
  84. my feet
  85. my abilities
  86. my job
  87. i WILL get through tomorrow
  88. Just did 2 report cards (8 are due Tues morning, printed and proof-read)
  89. That I like routines now
  90. and do them
  91. order and structure and cleanliness. Oh – I don’t think it’s what life is about (!) but it helps to keep it running smoothly
  92. my digestive system
  93. my heart
  94. my lungs
  95. my piano
  96. Mozart
  97. my brain
  98. that I am not suffering emotionally these minutes thank you.
  99. MA all those years
  100. Hope
  101. My mother


Pasta, Lentils and Greens Recipe

All ingredients organic:
2 – 3 cloves garlic
1 yellow onion
1 can crushed fire-roasted tomatoes (like 28 ounce or something)
1 can lentils, with the liquid
fresh spinach and kale maybe 2/3 of the box it comes in as salad greens
oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, basil, garlic powder, onion flakes, bay lea

Cook the garlic and onions some
Add the tomatoes
Bring to boil
add the spices
cook with lid askew, stirring every 15 minutes or so
after about 45 minutes, add the lentils and continue cooking and stirring
after about 15 more minutes, add the greens
whole thing cooks maybe an hour and a half

in separate pot cook pasta (i use whole grain) according to directions
Reserve a little (half cup?) of the pasta water
drain, and put back in pot with the pasta water you reserved. add the sauce. cook for like 2 minutes
This is like 6 servings of delicious and healthy food!

Affirmations 2/11/18

I draw love and acceptance into my life, and I accept it now.

I draw love and acceptance into my life, and I accept it now.

I draw love and acceptance into my life, and I accept it now.

Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.