Gratitudes 3/26/18

  1. Hope
  2. Time. Time with loved ones. Time with J. Time with sister. Time with niece and nephew and great-nieces. Time with friends. Time with students.
  3. Water
  4. Coffee
  5. Weight watchers
  6. My little food journal
  7. With the stickers all over it 🙂
  8. my hair
  9. 21 Day Fix
  10. Yesterday’s workout
  11. Today I’ll do after work and then shower and sit
  12. my physical strength
  13. my emotional strength
  14. my mental strength
  15. my life
  16. tv
  17. books
  18. my bed
  19. my Nook
  20. my book light
  21. 4th grade, when I read in bed every night, with my built-ins and light built in too
  22. Mozart
  23. piano
  24. MY piano
  25. my playing
  26. my practicing
  27. that I did NOT have to turn pages Sat night omg
  28. China coming!
  29. inspirational people
  30. Thich Nhat Hanh
  31. Jesus
  32. peace. every moment of peace and every place of peace
  33. healthy food for day.
  34. I have had plenty of healthy food available to me every day of my life
  35. I am ready to care for my precious sweet body
  36. This29570653_10213386963682047_7591644227360187683_n.jpg
  37. That I am not an alcoholic
  38. That I don’t do drugs. That they do not call to me.
  39. That I can write
  40. That I can read
  41. That I can walk
  42. That I can drive. All these, really yes.
  43. That I can breathe. I remember when I struggled for breath
  44. That I can see!
  45. That I can speak. I remember when I struggled physically for this
  46. Good doctors
  47. That I floss every night
  48. My teeth
  49. My digestive system
  50. My house
  51. My car
  52. my clothes
  53. I will shop for some soon
  54. My shoes. Yes, really.
  55. My pretty things around me here
  56. This blog
  57. Everyone who looks at it
  58. Honest people
  59. People who help animals
  60. People who at least don’t hurt them
  61. People who keep confidences
  62. Humor
  63. My co-workers
  64. my health food store
  65. steel cut oatmeal
  66. Monday is not usually the hardest schedule at work
  67. my district is fair
  68. Tr
  69. MT
  70. N
  71. enough money. I do have enough
  72. children
  73. innocence
  74. apples
  75. bananas
  76. oranges
  77. my lunch break
  78. our animal studies
  79. class trips – sometimes lol
  80. colors
  81. flowers
  82. my hardwood floors
  83. my freezer
  84. my fridge
  85. my eyedrops
  86. that I did laundry this weekend
  87. (as always) – I lvoe my “routines”
  88. and that I’m not too obsessed with them 🙂
  89. my eye drops!
  90. the people I’ve met through work
  91. my mother
  92. my father
  93. my sister
  94. my niece
  95. my nephew
  96. my great-nieces
  97. email
  98. texting
  99. my access to absolutely everything i need
  100. my jewelry

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