Must Do Gratitudes 3/28/18

  1. K’s mother expressing sympathy about my mother
  2. S’s mother too
  3. Conferences have gone well so far.
  4. tissues
  5. napkins
  6. paper towels. Yes, these three really
  7. Jesus
  8. French language
  9. my piano
  10. I’m playing better
  11. Mozart
  12. O
  13. T turning pages the other night phew
  14. my job
  15. my ability to walk
  16. I have exercised 3 days in a row yay
  17. Really going for 21 with no misses.
  18. I can see
  19. My strong legs
  20. I am starting to feel my muscles already and have more strength already. in 3 days!
  21. I can talk
  22. I can breathe
  23. I can hear
  24. I can type
  25. My skin. Healthy AND pretty
  26. My table I’m sitting at right now
  27. Coffee
  28. Green leafy vegetables
  29. My car
  30. My house
  31. My passport
  32. and that I found it
  33. My mother
  34.  My father
  35. My sister
  36. My niece
  37. My nephew
  38. My great-nieces
  39. Enough money
  40. the arrow I broke with the hollow of my throat
  41. China coming omg
  42. London and other parts of England when I went
  43. Outside is cleaned up
  44. flowers – fresh – inside
  45. fb
  46. this blog
  47. this laptop
  48. That it works after the accident it had in December! Phew!
  49. my breakfront
  50. giraffes
  51. my picture of them. Made from bark. In Africa. On cloth. I love it
  52. tea
  53. water!
  54. my new pocket book is working out so well
  55. All the art on my walls
  56. including the front piece from my first piano
  57. my bookcases
  58. J in my life now
  59. the deep breath I just took
  60. A
  61. L
  62. Tr
  63. MT
  64. N
  65. M
  66. St
  67. KB
  68. KC
  69. ES
  70. and that she called one night when I was on my way home from hospice
  71. that I can swallow
  72. and digest
  73. and eliminate. I know someone with terrible problems this way
  74. M and how good she was to my mother
  75. the beautiful letter of recommendation I wrote for her
  76. today will be special for the kiddies
  77. spring is coming – can feel it in the air and some daily -ish – lol – temperature changes
  78. heat in my house
  79. my pretty little chair in the corner here
  80. tired but more energy…
  81. great kisses in my life
  82. this little t that i decided to put in the dr.
  83. my hope chest
  84. Easter I will have with family omg yay
  85. that I can read
  86. all the books of my life
  87. my body
  88. that I am taking better care of it now!
  89. typing. that I took the typing class in high school, from my parents’ “something to fall back on” advice. And that i have loved it every since. AND – it has helped me sometimes early on to make money
  90. children
  91. teaching
  92. my students this year
  93. their parents
  94. Dr Phil. Sometimes lol
  95. my feet
  96. my hands
  97. my teeth
  98. my dentist
  99. my eye doctor ❤
  100. birds

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