Changes April 26, 2018

Something this week seems to have really changed.
I asked at ww on Sun, how people have leftover (“roll-over”) points, and how they save up weeklies. I can and do EASILY eat my 23 plus 1/7 of my weeklies (which is 5) every single day (and still want to eat more).

A few things happened:
1 was the look on my leader’s face. She looked so surprised at that.
2 was 2 – 3 people offered suggestions and help – from tofu scramble to take care of my egg issue, to ww Canada site for recipes…
*I* FINALLY came to a realization. I CANNOT eat the way I did, or the way I “want,” and lose weight consistently. I guess I knew that intellectually, but now I have registered it.
I started eating more zero-point and low-point but nutrition-filled foods earlier in the day, leaving me more points for evening.
It’s a REALIZATION. Deep. Inside. I have to change this.
And it has started feeling good. Like, the veggies and proteins and more real whole food (ex. Senegalese stew and my lentil soup with greens) leave me feeling good.
I have more energy too. Spring weather may be adding to it – more light almost certainly is – but in any even, I have more energy.

I’m grateful

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