Gratitudes April 26, 2018

  1. 31297787_2016567861936269_8141186957531927464_n.jpg
  2. That they are; they really are.
  3. What I heard Dr Nowzaraden say last night on My 600-Lb-Life show, about how problems are life. And then that therapist, maybe named Rachel, saying that most people are like that more often than not. Helped me in acceptance.
  4. I am so grateful for knowing of the Law of Attraction
  5. and working on raising my vibration the last 2 days
  6. this is day 4 of eating perfectly. and it feels great!
  7. A number of good people love me. Including:
  8. J
  9. A-M
  10. Tr
  11. MT
  12. This “circle” feels a good deal like the MA, ML, S circle from years ago.
  13. Only I’m healthier now.
  14. The veil lifted. Life is different since then. 3 years already
  15. All the years with MA
  16. My appreciation now
  17. That my mother escaped suffering
  18. I can see!
  19. I can walk!
  20. I can drive!
  21. I can work or retire…  (as long as I’m willing to face the financial realities of all)
  22. work at virtually anything I want
  23. I have gotten my students to a nice point.
  24. Time. Every minute of my life.
  25. Honest people
  26. Open people
  27. People who keep confidences.
  28. Including me
  29. MT from fb (different from MT close irl friend)
  30. my nephew D
  31. I did it last night. I didn’t overeat. I wanted to. I found myself falling into the, “Just this once,” and even, “I think I need more protein,” and, “I can get away with it; my weight was a little down,” … But I am officially still in it for this week. Phew! So grateful!
  32. Something is changing. I will write about it in “Changes”

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