Gratitudes 4/27/18

Not time, but want to do so won’t use many words…

  1. breath
  2. eyesight
  3. tues’s miracles
  4. including the gifts from Am
  5. the beautiful gift bag
  6. the book
  7. the card
  8. the Irish stone
  9. giving my moldavite to Tr for daughter A
  10. and the notes
  11. my walk in the beautiful weather yesterday. A start toward what Dr K and I discussed, about doing love-things for/with self.
  12. PD Wed
  13. getting along fine with L on that day
  14. good sleep last night
  15. and dreams
  16. and waking up well
  17. breakfast just now
  18. shower yesterday evening
  19. phone talk with sis last night
  20. the spring weather
  21. the front is getting done… not too much money but pretty enough…
  22. cleaning lady did good job yesterday
  23. cara cara oranges
  24. my niece H
  25. my niece K
  26. my niece A
  27. my sister!
  28. my nephew
  29. my cousin J
  30. my cousin M
  31. my cousin J
  32. my cousin K
  33. my cousin L
  34. her sister my cousin L
  35. M
  36. Tr
  37. MT
  38. AM
  39. N
  40. my students. at this time of year lol. cause i’ve brought them far AND they’ve grown
  41. i am so grateful for life
  42. and breath
  43. and my house
  44. and this day
  45. and this weather
  46. and water

out of time

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