Journal/ Changes/ Law of Attraction 4/27/18

I love my life.
I love my life right now.
Omg. Thank You.

On Tuesday, I *decided* in the morning to raise my vibration. I did research on this… I was *determined!*
I focused on that.
And miraculous things happened throughout the day.
The beautiful card from MT came the day before, saying I’d been the one who showed her she could smile again.
We got paraffin wax treat and lunchtime. And the energy in the room was different. Calm. Beautiful.
My new aide did great. (Mon too?) I’d decided to change things Mon.
I got a beautiful present from AM. A lovely card and book (Box of Butterflies)
and found out next day, Wed, at happy PD day, that it also had a “worry stone” from Ireland, made from Connemara marble. xo
then I visited with J and Ph. It was wonderful.

All of that stayed with me.

and Wed I was able to enjoy PD
and be ok at home

and Thurs – yesterday – I was able to fill self
visited with J and Ph after school. Made some mistakes ’cause a little nervous underneath I guess, but more ok than before
lovely visit
and then came here and took walk. Beautiful weather. Filled self

And was able, yesterday, to GIVE my moldvite away. To Tr for daughter A! With notes on its powers.
Feels so good

Did eat too much, and was a little tired when Jo showed up about work and I’d just showered and didn’t want to step outside but he wouldn’t take off shoes…
Is all ok though. Is all good.
Slept well. Interesting dreams. And awoke nicely.

Literally leaned on kitchen counter today loving it (and it is not granite or anything fancy) and thought, “Oh. I love my life now. Just enjoy it.”

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