Law of Attraction – 2nd today July 31 2018


Easiest Way To Get Into Receptive Mode [Learn To Receive]

What’s manifesting is based on where you’re hanging out on this emotional… whre your tuner is set.
Whatever your reception is about is all you’re letting in. overwhelming or victim or… whatever thoughts you are practicing.

Easy button — sleep
Always here for a moment when awaken until being pondering and considering dilemmas…

whatever been reveling in is usually what makes up your dreams

– easy button approach.

Don’t make too much of it. Take whichever path is most upstream. If neither feel good, just let go and float upstream.
It’s about wanting to feel good and know what thoughts take you off.
Acknowledge that thought led to that and next time come across that thought, might have more control over it.
Decisions are about  how you FEEL not about the nitty gritty of what you are deciding.
Diffuse negative focus and in time it won’t be part of the mix.
At same time, focus more positiviely.
Is about how you feel and guiding yourself appropriately.

Receptive and replenishing mode are same
Everything you want comes from that.
Things YOU’VE specifically asked for so get into that receptive mode = most wonderful way to live life.

And just knowing when your’re there makes you more likely to want to do that
And do NOT beat up on self when in receptive mode of what not really want. Livein gin Step 5

Correlation between what think and feeling and how plays out
Even when don’t want – YOU are in charge of what comes = wonderful – deliberate creator of own experience.

In your NOW you have more latitude than you’ve been giving yourself credit

You have already filled your Vortex full of the decision that are important to you.
Now just watch how lovely life plays out.
You will witness the evidence of your alignment (or misalignment). The evidence of it is a lovely thing.

Facing reality keeps active the vibrations that keeps bringing the same results. It does not have to be that way. You are not facer you are creator of your reality!

Watch words of friends too. If not feel good – why worried about hurting their feelings by changing conversation?

Everything you’ve ever wanted, you’ve wanted so you’d feel better when get. Well –
****Feel better BEFORE you get it or else you can’t get it***
About the essence/ idea of it/ in receiving mode to even ask/ all of it. It’s time for you to start being proud of where you stand in this world. You’re doing really well. You are a MASTER OF CREATION!

Your worthiness is such that everything that you conclude is backed up and understood by Source completely. And the energy that creates worlds is focused on your behalf.
Time for you to line up with the focus that’s focused on your behalf. And if you do anything less than that, you’ll feel frustration, or worse.

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