Positive Aspects July 31 2018 #20

Write the name or a brief description of someone or something that you always feel good about.
Then: What do I like about you?
Why do I love you so much?
What are your positive aspects?


What do I like about you?
You really try!
You try to do the RIGHT thing.
You have integrity.
You keep confidences.
You do not eat animals!
You are cute.
You are a good friend to your friends.
You look for the positives.
You care about others.
You have compassion.
You are good to children.
You are smart.
You are funny. People always tell you that.
You have spirituality.
You never ever give up.
You were so good to your mother.
You do not hold grudges. Ever!

Why do I love you so much?
You are me. I am here. (switching to I now, I think):
God made me.
I am of Higher Power
And Higher Power is in me.
I go for the Nobles causes.
I give at work because mainly of conscience.
And because also – I get paid so I owe a good job
When the kids are driving me crazy, I remember: This little one is someone’s sunshine and moon and stars! Treat him/her as such. (few times a year?)
On the rare occasion when that’s not enough (once a year? less?) I pretend there is a whole wall of 1-way mirror and everyone can see me. – See? I do WHATEVER it takes.
I have taken from my father, to try to see the best in everyone.
I love nature.
People like me.
I have inspired several.
I am honest.
I am kind.
I keep the big promises.
I am there when someone is suffering, to support.
I do what I have to every day.
I have made the TREMENDOUS change(s) it is huge, really. I am so proud of me.
I am loyal.
I truly WANT what’s best for others.
I love you because I really WANT to take care of you.
You have been through so much (switched to “you” because makes sense here, and coming back from positive aspects part below)
I WANT to comfort you.
I WANT you to have joy also.
I care for you, Dear One.
You ARE lovable. You ARE enough. You do not have to prove it anymore. You never did HAVE TO.

What are your positive aspects?
I sleep well.
I am a good cook.
I can plyay piano
I am creative.
I do beautiful need work. People have asked HOW I get it so beautiful. I have said: Two reasons. 1 is I do it for the enjoyment of the stitch. And 2 is Willingness to rip out.
I am a VERY fast typist.
I got my wherewithall from my mother.
I look for the best.
I have slowed down. A LOT> On purpose. It has taken work to do so.
i pray.
I have enough energy.
I am more mellow than I used to be. (although stil a way to go:)
I go to therapy.
I am generous
I have pretty hair.
I have beautiful eyes.
I have a pretty smile.
I am losing weight
I have beautiful breasts.
I have pretty feet.
I dress nicely every day now.
I even look cute in the things I wear to bed.
I keep a nice home.
I am welcoming
I am hospitable
I am fun and bright at ww meetings.
I am sincere

God bless me.


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