Law of Attraction July 30

more from this:

I’m a powerful focuser. I have been for a long time.
I love being able to focus myself into the vortex.
I love who I am.
I love this experience of creation.
I love the Source Energy part of me and lining up with it.
Live tgat i was willing to depart from S a bit and stir things up

I think it’s my time, Abraham. I think it’s time.n I’ve paid the price of contrast and put plenty there.
I am ready to let go of the resistant aspectsof my life experience.
And start trusting the laws of the universe
And really putting this vortex thing to the test

Stop struggling and striving and go toward whatever it takes for me to get in

Undivided attention go toward whatever it takes for me to get in the vortex
Appreciative of all of the people who have sort of prodded me into expansion.
Eager to come into full and constant alignment with that expansion.
Acknowledge that I’ve spent time outside of the vortex. You remind me everybody does.
I know the difference between alignment and thought.

The love Abraham, you have for me.
the love that Source has for me.
Taste in my mouth of victory of the things that I’ve been asking for.

Announcing to everything and everyone who exists(repeat here and above):
I here now proclaim my determination to release my resistance once and for all.
I give up:
my control of the uncontrollable
determination to make things better for others
***attention to things that bother me
my trying so hard
my struggle
my confounding confusion
my excuse for negative emotion
I’m giving up my excuses
my statement of what is not working
giving up tot he truths and the laws you’ve been speaking to me

In my struggle from outside the vortex I have not managed what I want
So now I see the light.
The vivid reality of the vortex as a line that I can cross.
I have to let go of all of those pieces.
Not hold myself out as trying to explain why out – because of this and this and this reality

It is not that those realities do not exist. Is is that those realities do not serve me when I focus upon them
It is time for me to tell the story of my empowerment.
It is time for me to tell the story of my worthiness.
It is time for me to tap the benefit of my kn of L of A

You’ve convinced me:
It is time for me to underst the V whatever  it is and get into it
To begin finding my way feel my way into the vortex / stop thinkg. my way in
Gonna feel my way in

Feels good here. Feels like:
answers to questions
something that I’ve been looking for for a very long time

My eternal quest: give up whatever I have to give up in order to spend my time in the vortex
it is my time to reap the benefit of the work I’ve done
Turn my undivided attention toward getting into the V as best I can

I am a good creator
I have a high standard
I support myself well
There are a lot of things that I like
So many things that I look forward to having. And being and doing.

I like knowing that whatever I want will flow to me
and this understanding of these laws
and getting better at them every day

I’m determined to tell storiss that move in the direction of the V
stories p tell in opposite direction are more and more annoying to me.

I’ve put a lot into my vibrational reality
V of creation is full of all kinds of stuff
And is a precursor to everything that I am and everything that I want
I adore knowing that the Universe has my back
The Source within me is holding counsel on all of that.

Cooperative components have already been assembled and I eagerly watch for evidence of them in my life.
Every day I become a more cooperative component just by my leaning in more optimism and my efforts at being in the vortex more.
There are so many wonderful things in my life. You should see where I live. I have created a really nice nest for myself. I’ve taken pride in the way that it’s come together, and it really is beautiful. And I like that others who don’t live as well are often uplifted by what they see of me.
Steady financial progress.
I am a powerful creator.

My Vibrational asset/ escrow is my GREATEST work.
I have amassed so much
love cashing it in a little bit here and a lttle bit there
I love being alive!

The contrast has served me.

What I want, is DONE on a vibrational level
What I want, is DONE on a vibrational level.
I asked for it. And it is done. It is done it is DONE.
I feel good I feel good I feel good.
It’s done it’s done it’s done.
My love is there.
My money is there.
My good-feeling body is there.
My recovery has taken place.
My abundance is there.
My clarity is there.
My stability is there.
My vitality is there.
My flexibilty is there.
It’s there it’s there it’s there it’s there it’s there. It’s done its’ done it’s done
Iike to think about it talk about it bask in ti – but NOT to MAKE something happen – it’s done..
Don’t do them to make them happen or get it or get there it’s done
You are – in your physicalness yiu are so insignificant in realtnsp to what’s done
it’s done and is magnificent

Do you realize the world you are creating? do you see your vibraional escrow? we do

Talk abt it bec it feels good to
It doesn’t need more work clarity conversation processes to make it happen. It is done

Let’s not not getthe job done.Let’s LET IT BE DONE by the Natural Laws of the Universe
By the larger part of you
by  Law of Attraction
let’s let it be done because it’s right that it be done.
let’s let it be done because it IS done!

It’s only your awareness that you can’t see the evidence of the doneness of it that is holding you back
Everything is unfolding in its perfect order.
it’s a matter of LETTING it be.
LETTING the goodness that you’ve SO set in motion – that you’ve so – even recently – contributed to magnificently. Just let it be.
Let the good times roll.
Let the fun be.
let my attitude improvement
Let the evidence be shown.
Let the world understand.
Let me know right now.
Let it be
Let who I really am be present in this moment
Let my eagerness be.
Let my passion be.
Let my clarity be.
Let my balance be.
Let my metabolism be.
Let my well-being be.
Let my cells do what they do.
Let the …. health care system,… ecology, economy, government……. be
Let the good times roll. Let it BE!
Let the well-being be.
Let the earth spin in its orbit in perfect proximity.
let it be.
How involved in that are you? You’re not involved in that. You let that be. You let that be and you can let everything be in that same expectant-of-good -things to be.

Nothing in all of the U is more delicious to be than being in V alignment with the whole of who I am.
And when I’m in vibrational alignment with the whole of who I am, every cell in my body is fully connected to that Source energy.

Nothing more delicious than to be physically focused, in alignment with Source energy and in physical contact with another who is also in alignment phys and vibr with Source with in (making love they refer to here)

Don’t you want to think the thoughts that make you feel better
Don’t you want to be nicer to yourself when you’re not in the vortex
Aren’t you willing to let everybody else offf the hook who hasn’t been trying that hard to make you feel good.
Ready to take resp for how you feel
Feel arempowered to do it
Consciously delib focusg self into V

love coming into own power
Like knowing that U has your back

Everything you want is all queued up for you and it’s just a matter of focusing yourself into it.

Don’t you like knowing that you will constantly expand.
***Don’t you like knowing that it’s gonna be a constant tuning up?**
Not get in V get it done and live happily every after It’s GETTING INTO IT THAT IS THE RUSH OF LIFE!
Out and work way in = that zest = feeling – motion forward
Make a career out of Step 3 – moving into the V -into the V

– – There is still a bit of:  oh Abraham,  just get me in the Vortex, let me just get in the Vortex,  where good things can start happening to me. “And we say: ‘Get in and good things WILL start happening. It is Law it is Law it is Law.'”

Journal/ Therapist July 30 2018

Could I have created this because:

lonely and now have big job that takes all my time and energy and focus
excuse to “relax” and let go of all the crap that I don’t really want to do/ think about – now have excuse
J will give me his time (oh, that’s SO pathetic)


— later:
Omg like – is there a fear – that – that – what will life BE – only empty – if all is ok – and does THAT keep me from the ok omg

Later –
So I’m sitting outside now. About to start another book. Just finished read-through of Love Yourself Heal Your Life or whatever it’s called – a out to start You Can Heal Your Life (which I read many years ago)
And got this amazing feeling – wow – like – this idea came to me – and felt – relaxed and happy to be sitting outside  with this work to do.
Reminded me of those healing times – after injury – after pneumonia…- J and me counting – you have 83 days off! and me on lounge chair back here with iced tea and phone and book
and ALL the many MANY times in den like a Sat afternoon – with notebook at my side because magazines/tv/whatev relaxing (because “HAD to”_ – ideas and thouhts an d- helpful?- feelings would come to me.
Have I believed I NEDED to be sick and healing in order to relax and enjoy?????La

oh, and when I had those mutilation fantasies breashts and eys omg

Healing and Staying Healthy. Today, July 30 2018

I will do a good deal of the Louise Hay workbook reading today. (She says read it through first before doing any of the exercises).

And maybe go to a ww.
Maybe piano
Maybe paint
Maybe something social.
Maybe “just” laundry and cooking lol

I will definitely stay positive.
And definitely eat well (day 3)

I will use the Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale to help me if/as needed. (Basically, you identify your feeling, and think thoughts that will create feeling in the next higher category, and that’s how you crawl up).


Reading July 30 2018

It’s amazing how the insights provided by meditating can transport even difficult personal relationships into a broader perspective. It’s as if a light within us turns on, helping us to understand the other person more fully. Or perhaps it helps us prioritize what’s important in the relationship and what isn’t. Whatever the reason, empathy and compassion are great healers. For someone with limited understanding, even small things can seem like the end of the world. But for a soul aware of its vastness, solutions are easier. The soul is never trapped or hopeless, for life is too important to submit to unhappiness and despair.
Brian L. Weiss M.D.

Affirmations July 30 2018

Everything in my life works now and forevermore.

I forgive everyone in my past for all perceived wrongs. I release them with love.

By changing my thoughts, I now create peace in my world.

Filling my mind with pleasant thoughts is the quickest road to health.

Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.

I control my own thoughts. I choose happiness and health. All is well.

Reading July 29 2018

Honor all of who you are. Live with what you love, and let everything else continue its journey. Celebrate your passions and pleasures and give them places to thrive in the paradise of your own making. Cherish the sacred essence in everyone and everything. You’re here to experience a continuum of love as vast as you can imagine. It is the Way.
Terah Kathryn Collins

Gratitudes – Later Now – July 29 2018

  1. That with the front steps in the process of being redone, I have to walk around back and down little driveway/side street. Surprising how much extra walking throughout a day:)
  2. I went to ww today
  3. First I spoke with M, who called.
  4. And I decided I WOULD tell her, and I did. I’m not sorry (I think)
  5. Anyway, then I took my shower and put on a new cute little dress:)
  6. and went to ww
  7. It was good. And good for me to be there
  8. Even THOUGH I’d forgotten my glasses… lol
  9. then I went from there to bookstore
  10. *I had found a bookstore gift card!
  11. AND had a Visa gift card too! So I spent over 60 but it didn’t cost me anything:)
  12. I also used my educator’s card – which took off 20 % or 20% of some of it. She did it that way because it was the way to save the most.
  13. From there – with my new things ❤ – I went to my health food store
  14. I got beautiful things.
  15. Including bacon tempeh (vegan of course). Which I like very much
  16. red cherries
  17. white cherries
  18. black plums
  19. yellow peaches
  20. Honeydew!
  21. whole grain bread
  22. vegan chicken salad
  23. 2 no-chicken vegan broths
  24. can of Amy’s no chicken noodle soup
  25. 2 vegan cold curs
  26. 1 vegan “chicken” patties
  27. 2 Halo Top non-dairy
  28. 2 spinach
  29. beautiful tomatoes
  30. toilet tissue – recycled and my favorote – good price, goes a long way, matches bathroom
  31. paper towels – also recycled – also my favorite
  32. vegan yogurts with good protein not high sugar – 6 of them
  33. peanut butter
  34. everything or virtually everything organic ❤
  35. then 5 flavored waters (at other store)
  36. Seems to be my set point for food spending. Easiest to do well with all I need when spend just about this amount. Is a little high but I CAN do it and am SO grateful for that!
  37. charged up phone in car a little
  38. on way back, did call sister. because frankly, so disappointed that it’s like she basically didn’t even say thank you – and I’d gone SO FAR out of my way to make her birthday(S) great! And spent a LOT. And did surprises and all sorts of things. But I decided just call and ask has she liked the weekend. She answered friendly, stayed friendly, and thanked me twice. I’m glad I called
  39. *****That I am not IN A PANIC about the diagnosis possibility coming tues – wed
  40. driving
  41. Hicks in car
  42. gonna practice piano now
  43. then hopefully some hays and/or hicks and tv and /or painting or coloring
  44. *It is later now. I did it! I painted!
  45. I put down tarp on rug and floor, cloth on table, paper towels on desktop easel, and took small canvas and acrylic paints and PAINTED! I LOVED doing it! All is cleaned up now and I have my pretty little painting. I am so grateful! Gonna make Journal now too!


Book of Positive Aspects #20 July 29

Write the name or a brief description of someone or something that you always feel good about.
Then: What do I like about you?
Why do I love you so much?
What are your positive aspects?

Fresh Summer Fruit

What do I like about you?
You are so tasty
You are juicy
You are sweet
You are colorful
You are healthy
You are beautiful even to look at
Cherries! Very close to stuffed artichokes as my favorite food
And that means dark sweet cherries and white cherries too!
Yellow peaches! So sweet and delicious and the texture… And such a memory. Of the time I came back to summer. As I have again now!
White peaches! What a treat!
Black plums. Always a favorite of mine. Juicy, sweet, delectable. Oh what a beautiful food.
Honeydew. Omg!
Cantelope.  Not even cold, but room temp… Yummmm. And healthy color (as all)
In fact, all kinds of melons.
Tomatoes. Omg a GOOD tomato. Is there anything like it? I took the one that was red – off the tomato plant of Jo’s in the yard the other day (he said to) and omg – rinsed and ate it right there. The fresh scent. The warmth. The flavor…
Peppers. Ummmm. I am about to air fry some yellow and orange ones right now!
Blueberries which I didn’t even use to like! I still probably don’t appreciate them fully – but at least I like them now:)
Strawberries. Little miraculous foods that they are
Lemons and limes

Why do I love you so much?
My daddy used to share you with me ❤
You are good for me.
I CAN do this for myself now.
It does not hurt the animals for you to grow.
You are delicious
You are filings
You are satisfying
You are a sweet treat or dessert
You have fiber.
You can even be frozen and had in winter
One can even make cold soup from you
I never met anybody who doesn’t like a big platter of fruit
Or a fruit salad
Kiwis too lol I didn’t list above
I don’t believe I have ever tasted a fruit I didn’t love
J’s father used to give me the little oval plums near summer’s end). One of the few nice things he would do for me.
J saying “I feel like just buying tons of fruit and binging out on it. Nothing else. (Like once, not forever lol)
I always have some in the fridte
Can offer
Have given/ shared
You are zero points

What are your positive aspects?
You are abundant all around for me. In my area
Even organically
I can afford you.
I do eat you
You got me through, last night.
Sweet pale green
Deeper reds
Love them – you – all.
Something to look forward to every year.

I’m so grateful to you.
Thank You
Thank You
Thank You

Gratitudes July 29 2018

  1. I saw family yesterday.
  2. Loved seeing A
  3. and the girls
  4. and D
  5. I did a good thing, flying him in
  6. and paying for our day out
  7. My health
  8. my eyesight
  9. ww meeting this morning
  10. gift ccertifs for book store
  11. day off
  12. piano
  13. the things I learned at this lesson Wed
  14. A
  15. deep breaths
  16. that i CAN breathe
  17. i MAY be ok
  18. my digestive system
  19. foods
  20. i can go to hfs today
  21. and/or regular supermarket
  22. cook IF want
  23. will do my laundry
  24. D loved my stove
  25. O did too
  26. I do too
  27. i am free
  28. i have a home
  29. it is nice
  30. i have a car
  31. it is good
  32. i have friends and family loved onees
  33. my mother is out of sufferent
  34. i can write
  35. i ate so well yesterday
  36. will today too
  37. have new journals for tracking it
  38. determined to live my best life
  39. good doctors
  40. and pharmacy
  41. and meds as needed
  42. humor
  43. tv for distraction too
  44. 7ard
  45. won’t rain today i think…
  46. i live in America
  47. i sleep well at night
  48. i have interesting dreams
  49. my indoor flowers
  50. dmy outdoor flowers too – such wealth!
  51. Tr
  52. MT
  53. KB
  54. CP
  55. St
  56. O
  57. M
  58. L
  59. my hands
  60. all my abilities
  61. my brain
  62. my 3 degrees
  63. my spirituality
  64. Thich Nhat Hanh
  65. people who have been patient with me
  66. coffee
  67. water. water comes straght from my tap. think about the wealth that THAT is!
  68. my bathroom
  69. my kitchen
  70. my piano
  71. my bed
  72. my bedroom
  73. electrical work done yesterday
  74. a/c when “needed”
  75. my birdies
  76. and that they are singing now
  77. my breakfront and everything in it
  78. my aunts and uncles
  79. my parents
  80. my ancestors
  81. my principal
  82. my classroom
  83. my students
  84. that i am still able to work
  85. I am willing and ready to not stress over the crap – small stuff…
  86. belief
  87. powers of our minds
  88. and hearts
  89. J in my life
  90. Jo
  91. my new grass front and back ❤
  92. my pretty newest lamp
  93. my sculpture
  94. D
  95. Louise Hay
  96. Esther Hicks
  97. every bit of lightheartedness
  98. nature. in my yard. at the beach. at the parks. “my” trees. everywhere
  99. prayer
  100. my compassion, may it only continue to grow

Affirmations July 29 2018

We are all family, and the planet is our home.

Today I listen to my feelings, and I am gentle with myself. I know that all of my feelings are my friends.

I rejoice in the love I encounter every day.

I forgive myself and set myself free.

I handle my own life with joy and ease.

I act as if I already have what I want – it’s an excellent way to attract happiness.
I am healthy
I am well.
I am free.
I am happy.
I am joyous.
My life is flowing beautifully.
My eyesight gets stronger and stronger all the time (and this is true).

Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.