Gratitudes Aug 30 2018

  1. my necklace did come
  2. and I LOVE it!
  3. lovely chat with DS this morning
  4. awakened HORRIBLE welts and itches on arm oh no! but the gratitude is after trying different things, the itch is gone now.
  5. got a lot done yesterday
  6. principal loved the way I looked
  7. didn’t go to 7-11. was very tempted but didn’t do it!
  8. MT told me she had what I had and it was fine. yay!
  9. my sponsor is back! I was worried about her, and worried for my sake. it was phone trouble…
  10. I am grateful that yesterday morning I felt some nervousness about the paper work etc not done – because I WILL get it done this 4 day weekend so it is off my head when kids come in Tuesday
  11. meeting was 1/2 hour short
  12. time with MT
  13. I didn’t get the 4 I really shouldn’t have gotten. For once!
  14. good enough. the CONCEPT of good enough AND
  15. the fact that my room / readiness are/ will be GOOD ENOUGH.
  16. air conditioned place for meetings now.
  17. i meditated 15 minutes yesterday morning. guided. hicks.
  18. claritin. oh am i grateful fro claritin
  19. my food list and plan for coming week. should be able to save another 55 or 60 (toward necklace payoff)
  20. my house
  21. all will be straightened before I leave
  22. as was yesterday
  23. cute outfit for today too
  24. tues will be haircut after school
  25. i can do this. remembering that i’ve done it so many times before. and i CAN do this
  26. my hands
  27. my skin
  28. medicines when needed
  29. comedies
  30. tonight can shop for food IF want
  31. can go to oa IF want
  32. can just come home and chill if want

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