Let’s Do the Gratitudes – 100 – Aug 31 2018

  1. I am grateful that my classroom is ready. I made the deadline. It was hard to this year, and I do have things shoved in closets and drawers – but it is ready.
  2. The room is ready, AND I am heart and soul ready,
  3. AND my plans for the week…
  4. that nurse (who is my friend and I are together on the behalf of the new kid with the needs.
  5. and that she is inspiring me in that way
  6. I will be fine. I am fine.
  7. Tomorrow is my very special event!
  8. Have the directions written out (plus will use the app)
  9. getting pocket book ready
  10. have the signed ticket ready
  11. will be on time or early for getting seat!
  12. I have no fear about exposing myself, my question, my issue there in front of so many and even on tape even video!
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTtnrHee3HA
  14. “You train your perception to translate the world” Hicks
  15. I can see!
  16. I can hear!
  17. I have the book, Ask and You Shall Receive
  18. I can sleep
  19. I have the book, The Vortex
  20. I am off from work today.
  21. I hae a sweet house
  22. I keep int in good enough order.
  23. I have money enough for food
  24. and clothes
  25. I have my clothes lined up for tomorrow
  26. I have a good car
  27. with gas in it
  28. and it’s maintained
  29. and registered
  30. and inspected
  31. I have a good mechanic
  32. I have changed my life for the much much much better in the last 3 years!
  33. i have a good dentist
  34. and gynocologist
  35. and eye doctor
  36. and therapist
  37. i have jammies (i didn’t always)
  38. and sheets (ditto)
  39. i am nice
  40. i am professional
  41. i am approachable
  42. i am emotionally available
  43. i am helpful
  44. i am generous
  45. i. am. ready.
  46. i am making that nice blanket for J
  47. i have good digestive system
  48. i will lose all my excess weight this year. i know i will
  49. i have ww nearby
  50. and oa too
  51. and clothing stores
  52. and malls
  53. and food stores
  54. and health food stores
  55. my dear birdy boys
  56. my friendship with L
  57. A
  58. D
  59. St
  60. M
  61. Tr
  62. MT
  63. I found out who my aide will be this year
  64. i am happy about it
  65. she will be too ( I would love to tell her but we are sworn to secrecy)
  66. my patio with the pavers now
  67. my tv in den
  68. i did my laundry this morning:)
  69. i have been invited somewhere possibly tomorrow afternoon
  70. i am nervous – it. is. not. deadly. to be nervous! it’s okay!
  71. i watered last night and this morning! yay me
  72. i maybe won’t have to pay for those expensive sprinklers – maybe can attach what have to timer and 2 more (MUCH cheaper than sprinklers)
  73. my new necklace. Oh my, do I love it!
  74. our gym teacher
  75. our art teacher
  76. our librarian
  77. the list of positive aspects
  78. i WILL sleep tonight!
  79. my alarm clock
  80. and i will set a back-up tonight!
  81. that the crap-eating leaves me feeling emotionally bad – cause THAT stops me
  82. that I don’t eat animals!
  83. the positive aspects practice
  84. keeping my mind busy
  85. piano!
  86. feeling more positive having done and doing this!
  87. might meet people tomorrow even! – for ongoing study group … friendship..
  88. I am a free person
  89. i am employed
  90. my new front steps
  91. Jo will be back I’ll prob see him Tues eve
  92. hair cut/color coming tues! 🙂
  93. i can speak ( i couldn’t always)
  94. i can breathe – usually easily ( i couldn’t always)
  95. my mother is no longer suffering
  96. maybe she is even with my father…
  97. my feet. the one healed!
  98. O
  99. J
  100. my school
  101. my neighborhood
  102. i can walk
  103. my neighbors

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