Positive Aspects #35 Aug 31

Write the name or a brief description of someone or something that you always feel good about.
Then: What do I like about you?
Why do I love you so much?
What are your positive aspects?

(Some of the) People I Work with

What do I like about you?
Our P.E. teacher is nice to the children
and creative
and hard-working
and energetic
with a sense of humor
and engagement
and is kind and fair
and very caring of dear MT
and – bonus – is now and almost-total vegan:)
Our librarian is organized
and very bright
and strong
and capable
and a fine example
and fair
and likes me
and goes out of her way – like if I mention something, I’ll find book in my mailbox:)
she is kind to children
and steady- even with them
and totally age appropriate
she is musical
she behaves cheerfully
Our art teacher is amazing!
she is lovely inside and out
and works hard
and is endlessly energetic
ALWAYS cheerful
and welcoming
and very warm
and of course talented
Our principal “gets” me
she s even warm with me
I hae done things for her.
oooh – me! *I* am kind to children
and really care about them
and nothing stops me from doing the job well!
they learn and they LOVE me
they feel and know they are safe – emotionally as well as physically – with me
I am really THERE for them
AND for their parents
Most of the parents really care for their children and are just trying to do all they need
And do really appreciate me (at LEAST *come to* really appreciate me!)
Our secretary is so competent
and good to me
Our nurse does not make mistakes! She is SO good at her job!
and kids FEEL good with her
and she is my friend!
Our assistant principal “gets” me
and is good to me
and trusts me
I get great reviews
My grade-level teaching mate N, has become a friend
and we help each other as need be
she is a VERY good teacher
K teacher with whom I’ve been buddy-classed, loves me
and is a great teacher
and we will do some shared activities together again!
one of the 4th gr teaches is SO nice
and another appreciates ME
our head custodian is so good at doing his work
and fair
our area custodian is a lovely human being
who also does the job
our speech teacher is LOVELY, and a kind-of friend
our learning resource teachers are BOTH *GREAT*!
I respect them both – totally
One is almost intimidating to me, but through no fault of her own – she is just that good
And the other – is a love
and SO safe and good for the children
they keep their records
and know their jobs!
and are such supports!
TR is the most *amazing* aide – and my good friend!
BV is a good aide for me
And both LOVE being in my room!
All of our aides are nice, and lovely. And they work. We are very fortunate!
Even our piano technician is wonderful – and
had an entire new action put in for me!
M is even there

Why do I love you so much?
I lvoe you so much because I work there
and have devoted SO MUCH of my adult life to it
and you being decent and good – and
us all being helpful to each other – almost ALL – makes it so much easier
it is decent
and good for the kids too
Oh! and there’s SB, from other school!
and – I even met MA that way ❤ ❤
and ML ❤ ❤
I can love going in – not like that bad year long ago…

What are you positive aspects?
We are all, as NR from other school used to say, in this together.
and we really are
I laugh
throughout the days
EVERYBODY *wants* to be happy…
And this year, because of N’s courage and M’s fairness, I finally do NOT have the worst class over L  Thank You!
People try.
I am inspired by them
I even used to say to J< “I am so honored to get to work with these people” and he would say – “you ARE one of these people!”
I have socialized outside of school with wome
Even our sub nurse is awesome and we have become friends and once socialized and will again
Some even plan social events for us…

We are all decent.
We all mean well.

Thank You.

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