Law of Attraction Aug 29 2018

As you quiet your mind, the law of atraaction is responding to what your Inner Being knows,; then you’re in the receptive mode.

meditate 15 minutes a day

1. contrast causes you to ask

2. Source lines it all up

3. You find way to be vibrationally in sync with what your Inner Being knows
being vibrational match to the desire you put there – to the desire that your Inner Being is caring about – to the desire that your IB is knowing about – to the cooperative components that have been gathered to give you what you want –

Meditation is the key to getting into that receptive mode so that you can begin then translating out into real life those things that you really want

on things you’ve been caring about for a long time, that you’ve got practiced beliefs that aren’t serving you, it’s really the only productive way to vibrationally get there

and when v get there, then the idea , impulse, rendevous, meaningful experience, come

focus upon the reality of wonderful wanted things
when something happens not wonderful or wanted and you focus upon it, feel not good so not helpful so don’t do
some subjects – unwanted – that you don’t want to focus upon, that you can’t help but focus upon – that’s the point of meditation – because some of them just have enough momentum going, that you can’t get there from there – and when you focus it takes you to where it’s been going
and no one is powerful enough to conquer the law of attraction
so must find way to deactivate the subject – or like standing in front of train going 100 miles an hour – it’s going to run over you

don’t beat up on self because having emotional response to what’s happening – you clarify what do want and there is momentum but you’ve gotta tap into
list of positive aspects will sometimes work
but sometimes need another way

through life you’ve asked – and Source has lined it up
so step 1 and 2 are taken care of
meditation is purest practice for getting in the receptive mode
every day you meditate, you’ll be more and more and more ready for more – it is a progressive thing – get tuned more and more and more to what’s in your Vibratkon and getting what you want.
Every day! Yes!
Better than state of meditation = state of appreciation – so when come out of meditation, start following that –
When awaken, it’s so nice to get your sea legs again a- tap into the clarity of who your are –
as you get more sensitive, you’ll be able to hear and translate the vibration of your Inner Being:


You. Are loved.
You Are worthy.
Life is supposed to be good for you.
Life is BEING good for you.
All things wanted are lined up for you.
You’re in a position to receive many of them in this moment and the next.
This day has the potential of being joyful for you. All day long.
Everything that comes comes with powerful reason and advantage to you.
Things are always working out for you.
You’re getting it. Little by little.
All is well with you.
These are the reassuring, understanding, knowing vibrations that are being offered to you.
As you tap into it, then more and more you will receive stronger and stronger and clearer and clearer impulses.
You’ve gotta be the receiver of it (get into receptive mode)
Until in the receptive mode.



Journal – Healing and Staying Healthy Aug 28 2018

So I must go back next Wed and get this whole thing taken out and biopsied.
But we think it’ll be fiune.

Still – either I manifested it for this purpose, and /or at the very least – I can use it this way. Because
It is making me think -again – like last time, weeks ago): what is more important – this person who doesn’t want me? or my very HEALTH!

And – it’s like I need the reminder tha I am a powerful manifestor.
And this is giving it to me.

— a little bit later – uh oh – and I’m watching Mom and Christy had an accidnt and is in bed eathing a grilled cheese sandwich Jill made and brought up and Jill is sitting hter and I am feeling I WANT to be cared for. So I must find a way to manifest that WITHOUT getting sick!

Gratitudes Aug 28 2018

  1. I am so grateful that i don’t have the cancer!
  2. I will have my follow-up today and it will go well!
  3. I am so grateful that i reached UPS about the package:)
  4. and that I DID that for myself.
  5. I am so grateful that my sister called me this morning.
  6. i am so grateful that M called me this morning.
  7. i am so grateful for Jo.
  8. And that he brought me that green drink this am (although it MIGHT be making me nauseous and I won’t keep having? We’ll see – it definitely has nutrients:) ).
  9. I am grateful that he took me on that ride to find the banisters I like. Cheap, and nice enough, and strong enough.
  10. I am so grateful that he’ll do the sidewalk next week!
  11. My special gift-to-self will come today!
  12. my budget changes
  13. and they are not hurtiIng:)
  14. and they enabled me to do this for myself (present that’s coming today)
  15. I am so grateful for my freedom
  16. I am grateful for my med. fb group
  17. and my happy healthy group
  18. I am grateful for this day off (especially to feel better!)
  19. and that I said no to that movie tonight. ‘Cause I don’t want to see that one. AND would get home too late to get up on time tomorrow and have a good first day back
  20. I am grateful for my idea about the big file cabinet. Enough is enough. Good enough is good enough. I am more than good enough! I’ve been teaching children for a long time, and know what I’m doing and will be so good for them:)
  21. I am so very grateful for my eyesight
  22. my car
  23. registered
  24. insured
  25. maintained
  26. inspected
  27. gas in it
  28. comfortable
  29. new enough
  30. low mileage
  31. my freedom
  32. my hosue!
  33. the ginger tea and toast and sandwich helped.
  34. and i counted them all
  35. am working on gluttony, impatience, and gossip. to relieve me of these defects of character.
  36. I am so grateful for all the years of closeness with my mother
  37. and my father
  38. I am grateful for this day
  39. that I a alive
  40. that i want to be!
  41. that I didn’t go in (was choice – didn’t have to – and would be VERY hot there – and wanted to be here more in case/when package comes)
  42. the emotional guidance scale
  43. GREAT time with D last night
  44. listeing to Hicks after talking, in car
  45. nice dinner
  46. 2 other people joined us
  47. great meeting
  48. great ride home and talk. love
  49. my job
  50. my time off
  51. i. am. ok.
  52. not overdoing the “spiritual stuff” today:)
  53. showers. yes really
  54. making hair appointment now
  55. Reba
  56. Two and a Half Men
  57. my sponsor
  58. Mom
  59. I will sleep tonight.
  60. I sleep every night
  61. Thich Nhat Hanh
  62. D’s help last nght with gossip and what is and isn’t. “character assassination is.” I knew that. I knew what isn’t, like, “I’m so happy for —- she got her law degree!” In between was trickier “I was walking down hall and — said —- but i hadn’t done that!…” She suggested in cases like that, see how you feel! (It didn’t feel right) So now I know!:)
  63. that I can eat
  64. and swallow
  65. and digest
  66. and absorb
  67. and elminate
  68. my healthy lungs
  69. my healthy heart
  70. my hearing
  71. my piano
  72. my Mozart today
  73. I will *relax* tonight
  74. that I can read
  75. that i help others to do so
  76. my house is clean
  77. and neat
  78. my laundry is done
  79. my breath! all those years of struggle with it. now is great! Thank You!
  80. my spirituality
  81. song
  82. my strong legs
  83. earrings
  84. bracelets
  85. rings
  86. necklaces
  87. excited about new one coming
  88. and not buying so much anymore
  89. my back door:)
  90. my pavers-patio:)
  91. friendships
  92. people I care about who care about me
  93. have choices of what to wear tomorrow
  94. that I am still working
  95. and doing so well
  96. and making money
  97. and paying all my bills on time
  98. and not panicking over anywhere NEAR as much!
  99. parks
  100. beaches
  101. movies
  102. restaurants
  103. trails
  104. dog parks
  105. my birds
  106. chirping now:)

Affirmations Aug 28 2018

I deserve the best, and I accept it now. All my needs and desires are met before I even ask.

I rejoice in the love I encounter every day.

Nourishing myself is a joyful experience. I love taking care of myself.

All is well.

Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal adn filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.

Aug 27 2018 Thgs. to Mk. Me Feel Better AND Law of Attraction AND Changes AND Grats <3

Another one, after listening in car,
about things I’ve manifested – just off the top of my head:)

4 accidents, double pneumonia, lyme disease unable to diagnose for 6 – 7 weeks – and no money car bathroom electricity, going through divorce. didn’t sleep as much as 1 hour 40 minutes in a night ever
got better – got sleeping – got Master’s degree got job got 2nd job got better job
and bought house – by self – after 92 banks turned me down

healed this past school year from bronchitis, another sickness, flu, and my mother’s death. and then pneumonia.

This job. That I manifested – at the top of my profession. And got tenure. And built great reputation.
Through violence and losses and fears and depression and that 1 year long accident, and the horrible bleeding to death (for real) and 4 surgeries and 1 10-day hospitalization and bad house things and J’s addiction and my overeating and all that mess. Still good at my job. And now, none of that other stuff.

In the last 3 years I have changed from depression and even suicidal, and hoping every night to not wake up the next morning, to all of this:

  1. roof repairs
  2. chimney repointing
  3. stucco repairs
  4. front rebuild
  5. exterior paint including trim with new color (that gets a LOT of positive comments!:) )
  6. wood fence
  7. wire fence
  8. little brick “wall”
  9. white stones (like river stones)- back
  10. two levels of yard separated by lovely wood now, with 2 steps in middle
  11. flowers at top of that
  12. hostas at bottom
  13. flower garden put in outside kitchen
  14. surrounded with the white stones
  15. mulch around
  16. mums – such a display! people literally ringing my doorbell over it! (the one year – ’cause then the wall etc work…)
  17. 2 trees down on side – was necessity 😦 but done. and paid for.
  18. white stone two gardens worth, one on each side of front door.
  19. little new evergreen trees, one in each
  20. flowers too
  21. flowers up and down stair front walkway
  22. and below, by street
  23. attic cleaned out
  24. basement cleaned out
  25. garage cleaned out
  26. l.r. ceiling repaired and painted (lots)
  27. kitchen bottom new
  28. kitchen painted
  29. sunroom heat
  30. including new thermostat
  31. new line – electrical (after repair)
  32. new smoke alarms
  33. new washer and dryer
  34. new 2 tvs
  35. new sofa .r.
  36. new loveseat l.r.
  37. new lamp l.r.
  38. new sofa den.
  39. new Sleep Number bed
  40. new sheets
  41. new bath mats
  42. new towels
  43. new dishtowels
  44. new dishes
  45. new flatwear
  46. new glasses
  47. new retaining wall
  48. peninsula redo cut back and new wall
  49. back door screen getting fixed
  50. basement waterproofed
  51. ne walkway side of house
  52. new walkway back
  53. pavers on terrace back
  54. grass front
  55. grass both levels back
  56. getting sprinklers
  57. pachasandra on side
  58. lots hostas front
  59. little white river stones front too
  60. and mulch front and side too
  61. stones around one front tree
  62. with flowers
  63. new front steps!
  64. with wall work on each side
  65. now sidewalk
  66. and driveway. WOW!
  67. added next day – and new car – the perfect car for me! wow!

And I now:

  1. food shop every week
  2. cook every week
  3. eat better
  4. losing weight
  5. eat veggiews
  6. stay positive
  7. fall asleep feeling good
  8. wake up fine or better than fine! (like: fall asleep happy/ wake up happy)
  9. have lots of gratitude in between!
  10. play and practice piano and LOVE it
  11. have had 2 lessons!
  12. like clothes shopping (omg!)
  13. keep things in order in house – not quite perfectly but almost
  14. bed made
  15. teeth care including dentist and flossing and brushing
  16. wear makeup
  17. dress nicely every day
  18. keep up with my hair cuts and color
  19. (will again with car soon)
  20. sit outside in  my backyard some mornings with coffee and “morning work”
  21. enjoy my job! – despite that many are stressed and having low morale around me, and despite that the CONDITIONS are harder. Wow!
  22. love my house, which is now a home. *I * have make it a home!
  23. and my classroom!
  24. and my car!
  25. I – got through my mother’s passing
  26. I still do those bills and things about her
  27. I have appreciative re: J
  28. I have new good friend in Jo and
  29. I have new good friend in D and
  30. I have new good friend in Tr and
  31. I have new good friend in MT and
  32. I have new friend in AM and
  33. I have new friend in N
  34. and I have new since maybe 2 – 3 years before that – in A
  35. and L
  36. and I am back with O
  37. I have seen Wayne Dyer in person
  38. I have been to London (and beyond, in England)
  39. by myself!
  40. I have been on a Thich Nhat Hanh retreat (there)
  41. by myself!
  42. i have gone to the beach a number of times
  43. by myself
  44. i have a new therapist
  45. i have joined ww and am not criticizing and judging – am DOING
  46. and enjoying!
  47. and making sort of “friends” there
  48. I have shared – and been ASKED to – mindfulness at schol with kids, staff, and parents
  49. I have joined oa and am DOING
  50. with a sponsor that feels RIGHT!
  51. I have found the Law of Attraction hicks
  52. and am loving it
  53. I have colored
  54. I paint!
  55. I am coming  back to walking and loving git
  56. as I came back to reading and loving it
  57. I got my family back!
  58. I have done beachbody
  59. and worked for them
  60. and GIVEN (paid money to give) to others
  61. and inspired people with that
  62. and with attitude and positivity. ME!
  63. I take my self to TC
  64. and like to!
  65. I took a week-long course at Lincoln Center!
  66. drove down
  67. parked at the public place
  68. in fact later, *I * was the level of comfort for my principal parking there – had to talk her through it on phone:) – or was that before – i don’t even know – i do know that MA and J helped me with directions to TC and then J to Lincoln Center, and that that’s ok – that’s good – it helped me do it – I still DID it
  69. I have bought a new car
  70. I flew my nephew in to surprise my sister for her birthday!
  71. Got iPhones (on 3rd one)
  72. bought laptop and another!
  73. learned lots of computer stuff at school
  74. am no longer phobic at bank
  75. have gotten through 2 cancer scares
  76. and lots eye stuff and am doing well with eyes!
  77. have been doing affirmations
  78. and other daily spiritual practices – SO DIFFERENT from the desperate way used to
  79. have gotten onto fb
  80. and made friends there
  81. have made friends with my cousins
  82. have gotten 4 birds (2 passed and now I have 2 others)
  83. I take perfect good care of them
  84. have been on big rides to vet. I mean like 20 hours driving PLUS work and work driving, in 2 two days!
  85. paid all those medical bills
  86. I pay all my bills on time!
  87. paid off credit card after London
  88. and again when ran it up once since
  89. got through the bed bugs! with
  90. Orkin
  91. and fumigations and birds boarding for it
  92. boarded birds also for pellet training
  93. I have gotten through the passing of my best friend, Ma ❤
  94. I do my classroom by myself now!
  95. and it is nice!
  96. I have bought myself a morganite ring
  97. and – a diamond necklace!
  98. I have slept at M’s
  99. and at sister’s
  100. drive there (sister’s)
  101. brought birds once too
  102. have had D here
  103. and K
  104. and L
  105. and Jo
  106. and O
  107. and D
  108. have enjoyed some movies alone
  109. i get regualr pedicures
  110. and my feet ALWAYS look nice
  111. i take good enough care of my skin
  112. i do all my own errands
  113. I have a cleaning lady!
  114. I get monthly massages!
  115. I have monthly outdoor maintenance
  116. and snow removal in winter
  117. I get my piano tuned (once a year and it is a little late right now)
  118. I do read the 5 Mindfulness Trainings aloud with another person at least once every 3 months
  119. I went to abject misery to all THIS!Thank You Thank You Thank You


Starting with THREE Gratitudes (Time) Aug 27 2018

  1. Just to get from bed to coffee means all these. I HAVE a bed and
  2. i have slept (virtually always well) and
  3. I have a home
  4. with more than one room
  5. and I can walk
  6. and I have the energy to GET to the coffee (when I was bleeding to death, I didn’t) and
  7. I have a day of life here. THIS moment. And
  8. I have coffee and
  9. a coffee maker right in the house – and
  10. I can SEE and
  11. I CAN make coffee
  12. and I have a microwave to heat it and
  13. sometimes it’s from Jo anyway and that’s care. I am NOT alone. And
  14. I can drink
  15. taste
  16. distinguish hot fro mcold
  17. swallow
  18. digest
  19. absorb
  20. eliminate
  21. and it helps my mood
  22. and I have a table
  23. and chair
  24. cup/saucer/mug/spoon
  25. cinnamon if/when want to use
  26. Wow – not 3 – – 25 just from morning coffee!
  27. Plus – I have tv
  28. electricity and lights
  29. heat and a/c
  30. laptop – so plenty during coffee that is so pleasant
  31. and friends call, pm, text. Thank You.

Positive Aspects Aug 27 #35

Write the name or a brief description of someone or something that you always feel good about.
Then: What do I like about you?
Why do I love you so much?
What are your positive aspects?

Hair cuts and color

What do I like about you?
That I go regularly now!
That I can (and do) afford it
I never look old and gray
People compliment me on my hair
I FEEL good
It’s not always perfect, but I like the woman who does my hair
I wake up and like my hair even first thing in the morning
I went after like 12 years not in a hair salon!
She mixed 3 things to match it exactly to my color. I love that! I love having my natural color.
My hair feels soft
My hair is full enough
I hair waves a little, naturally, with these cuts:)
It makes all my clothes look better on me
Even a person from a VERY wealthy neighborhood wanted to know how to get her hair like mine:)

Why do I love you so much?
You are part of *self-care* for me!
I even enjoy the time there. It is – relaxing. A HEALTHY “escape,” as opposed to food binges:)
You are near my house!
Price doesn’t change much over years.
People are friendly.
***That I am not – veiled/ fogged about it anymore!
I am part of the human race.

What are your positive aspects?
You are nearby.
I AM good enough.
I have been doing for years now.
it is noticeable.
I love this!
I love going!
I love the result!
They know me there!
I am treated so well there!
I feel better for the doing!

Thank You!

Law of Attraction Aug 27 HUGE!!!!! :)

Continuing from:

(Beg is repeat from yesterday)

To start on a subject that has a lot of momentum going, when you’ve got beliefs that are blocking it, doesn’t work very well.

How does bg in rel feel?
nurtured – but good yet feels a little needy which needy is not in vortex – so keep offering words – and the girl does –
words that describe the FEELING that you are reaching for.
sharing joy

A is saying must come from same place as this alignment…

When you’re connected with you, then you can find someone who is connected with you.
When you’re not, and you’re looking for someone to MAKE the connection, then it keeps not happening.
Must hook up with someone to match what’s in your Vortex. But must BE a vibrational match to what have put into my Vortex.

Must understand what’s IN there!
want indep and freedom and play yet want this thing that is dep and less free?

my answers to her questions:
believe I have a Vortex
it has a lot of components on this subject
have been putting them there incrementally and they have gestated and are ready for me to be ready for them?
if so, the only question is how can I be ready for what is ready for me
And how do you know if you’re not ready? feels like neg emotion. ARE ready = positive emotion.
So this conversation is not about making something happen so can be happy – is about being happy in this conversation.
Not about accomplishing something so I can get to the manifestation. Is about being happy. Making the connection with my Inner Being so I don’t even need the connection with another human. When have made that, so that don’t even need or want, someone also in that place of connection will flow into your experience and you say, “I’ve been looking for you.”

I Have the ABSENCE of that feeling. SADNESS that it’s not there. Other people have true love and I can’t get it right.
So that’s a step 1 moment.
Would like it to be a step 5 where feeling but not mad at self for feeling it.
KNOW what don’t and do want
And not very far from being in that place I want.

Get happy and then that happiness will be reflected in all these different ways.

Exhilerated might be too far from where this vibration is in me.

In my experience – rel. most feels like what
She said fun and am best are.
I would say security and belonging.

If something I want hasn’t manifested yet, I am offering a vibration in opposition to it.

Absence of rel. feels like:
hurts inside my stomach
not connected
no one to back me up
no one specificially assigned to be on my side
sort of emptiness
(Some of these are help by A)

You create your own reality. So as far as that goes with me, it is:
Why am I not doing a better job of creating something I want! (rather than, “who’s preventing me from it)

The creation of my Vortex MEANS that what I want is vibrationally already there.
So how to turn those vibrations to the things that I want.

Do NOT drum up old stories or beliefs that support the other.

I HAVE created a Vortex and my Vortex CAN COME TO ME!

It is in the Vortex. I just need to get it out.
Must figure out how to get it out.
Must line up with it. Am doing bad job of lining up with it because “all day every day” focused on –
it is not unfolding to me easily –
Must give self relief from thoughts keep thinking, in direct opposition to what I want.
MUST put thoughts on another subject that’s working, all the time.
could be prosperity or whatever – Self – try for 5 days!

DE-ACTIVATE the issue by ACTIVATING something ELSE
When you de-activate the issue, which is just the contradictory thoughts, then the Vortex on the issue becomes dominant and things start unfolding for you.
If have 5 subjects, and 4 are not working and 1 is, focus on the one that is working! CREATE a vibration of receptive mode that lets the other 4 work.
And if 4 work well and 1 doesn’t, focus on any one of the 4 that is, and the other one will too.
THAT is their encouragement

But if an extreme exception, because CANNOT get off the subject, (as this girl), then
MUST focus self upon the desire – clarify it – accept it like it really is.
It’s about something really simple.
I’ve got a desire that I spend entire air times focused on its opposite.
(Everyone does that)

So – some strong statements A wants to make:
If your desire is strong enough, it doesn’t matter what you believe – your desire will triumph.
Break down and explain why:
If your desire is strong enough, that means it is gestated in the Vortex. You’re feeling it enough that the essence of who I am is about it more than about the beliefs that would be contradicting it. Because, beliefs, unless they’re activated, are dormant.
You keep focusing on beliefs and activating them so must make those activations about somebody else. – Is easier to help others find true love because don’t have beliefs about them so don’t have resistance about them so desire is pure about them.
So be like own client (she does this for a living).
Present self to perspective match – to know about the true you. Me: Giving, loving, joyous, kind, generous, independent now!, passionate, not scared now…
Independent but want somebody to stick up for me – so A wants to know – feel the clash? Yes I do! Resistance in I’m independent but want someone to lean on. Pick one.
So I’ll pick lean on.
But is sticking point, A says because were born ind and coming into alignment with the energies of the universe, with the Source within me, and my desires – I”m not independent from powers, from all that, from THAT partnership – so want THAT partnership to be THE GREATEST PARTNERSHIP. Or every other rel will come down in the process, because that is so dominant. That is who I really am.
[Self – can’t it be ind in some ways AND want someone to lean on?!]
So wanting to lean on someone = the biggest falsehood ever tried to offer to universe at large cause everything about me is knowing something that is different from that. So feel what’s going on:

Actually saying, from the matching world: I want to love you and you to love me (as everyone wants); our rel. to be dominant above all things, and want to be able to lean on you when I need you.
Where what saying from harmonics with Inner Being is: I am already engaged with the Power of the Universe. THIS is my first and foremost and most important relationship. And in my alignment, and in my strength, I will have plenty to give, and there can be a recipricol flow back and forth. But there’s no need in me.
THAT is the big contradiction in my vibration right there.

Need to be understood – and yet, not always show it like at work. But alignment is “boring” to others so i don’t need the world, a person, or anyone to understand me. Only have to know how UNDERSTOOD I really am.
A really wants me to hear this:
I am SO understood by my Source energy, my Inner Being, and what’s in my Vortex is SO understood. Not gonna get some relationship that is less than what is understood. MUST come into vibrational alignment with what is understood about me.

Choices here (easy to get idea what they’re going for) from A (no right or wrong but some not of benefit:
* R u looking for rel with anot to demonstrate autonomy OR to compensate for not having it? (Wow)
Looking for someone to shore me up when everything about who I really am does not want  me to look for something that isn’t needed, and even more, does not want me to need it. (My Inner Being won’t let it work out if not right!)
* Looking for someone to focus upon so that best of each other can come out and play with each other. OR someone who will see in you something that I can’t find in myself. Want not need flattery and he doesn’t either – just both so in alignment that can’t help but gush over each other!
Whoa – Self – maybe can’t work also because HE not there????

Believe it: This relationship has been gestating.
Once something’s manifested in dream state and feels lovely like in the dream state, it means that I’m on the vibrational beat of it. Once m in dr st, means those ARE thoughts turning to things. In dream state, but still part of the evidence of thoughts turning to things.

Feel better – girl does and I do too. . .
(Play meditation or youtube Hicks right before bed, self!)

Just listening to it isn’t enough! Just listening to someone else who’s in alignment is better than listening to someone who’s not, but isn’t enough. What IS enough is this process of recognizing that my Inner Being knows it and that I must find thoughts that give me the resident feeling of alignment. So just watch the stories that I tell. Can’t ignore this. Must hit it head on. Bec desire is strong and have been holding self in vibration that is not really serving me. So, when have opportunity is imp. to focus upon this in a way that I really feel energy move.

Felt A help me to identify who my Inner Being is and how I really feel.
And wouldn’t allow saying things, or add momentum to things that didn’t give me resonance about that. That’s the words. Do NOT allow the momentum to get going.
First thing in morning best (any time can but first thing in morning) bec while sleep momentum subsides so when first wake up, turn attention to what want. It’s just getting out there a little bit ahead of it.
Will start noticing that as you feel satisfaction in your singularity, then everything in the world begins to yield to you. But when feel lack – on any one subject, especially a subject that matters so much, then you just block it as fast as you call it.
That girl, like me = with money, ah, another “deal” (her word cause different job) will come. Who cares… –

Focus now upon the manifested, and keep it going.
Focus on conditions that please me, and keep those positive things going.
But if it makes me therefore someone who focuses upon conditions wanted AND unwanted, then it bites me. Can’t be someone who’s focused upon these positive conditions, and therefore it is enhancing my point of attraction, and also someone who’s focusing upon these negative conditions. Have to be able to pick and choose. Have to be able to say, “I can’t go there about that.” DO NOT make those statements that don’t resonate with what’s in my Vortex. Stop telling those stories that don’t have anything to do with what’s going on.

There is a beautiful marriage in my Vortex. And hearing that, creates a condition, that I can focus upon, to feel better! ENJOY my BECOMING to meet it. Don’t feel the absence of it. Enjoy my becoming – to meet it.

❤ ❤ ❤




Affirmations Aug 27 2018

I feel safe in the rhythm and flow of ever-changing life.

I experience love everywhere I go. Loving people fill my life, and I find myself easily expressing love to others.

Abundance flows freely through me.

Wellness is the natural state of my body.

I love every cell of my body.

I now free myself from destructive fears and doubts.

Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to eery moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forwrd to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.

I affirm only the good in life.

My day begins and ends with self-love and appreciation.