Gratitudes Oct 29 2018

  1. I sleep.
  2. I dream.
  3. I listen to Hicks while falling asleep.
  4. I don’t watch or listen to or read news anymore.
  5. Did my laundry yesterday.
  6. New(ish) washer and dryer and hanging rods make it so much easier! And pleasant
  7. Did my shopping too!
  8. Have TONS of food
  9. Will be able to spend much less next 3 weeks I’m sure!
  10. I have enough money.
  11. Golden Girls is on right now 🙂
  12. I am accepting myself
  13. I am here for my sister.
  14. She probably knows it now.
  15. We have Thanksgiving plans.
  16. My niece is back in my life.
  17. My nephew never left.
  18. I have my great-nieces
  19. Prayer
  20. My spirituality.
  21. Humor.
  22. Laughter.
  23. Smiles.
  24. I got a pedicure yesterday. No polish. Great massage. Nice experience. Ahhh.
  25. I have so much luxury
  26. and free time
  27. I crocheted some yesterday
  28. I am eating better
  29. I did my whole PT plus upper yesterday
  30. E, the PT guy
  31. My friendship with Tr
  32. and MT
  33. And O
  34. And St
  35. And M
  36. And A
  37. And L
  38. My school
  39. My job
  40. My changing with this class…
  41. My Halloween costume came
  42. Our fairy tales
  43. I am such a better writing teacher than I used to be
  44. I am smart enough!
  45. Dignity
  46. Grace
  47. Acceptance.
  48. Wearing at least a tiny bit of makeup daily now
  49. Nice hair
  50. Clothes
  51. Shoes
  52. Hours and hours without pain now!
  53. I can walk
  54. And drive!
  55. And play a little piano
  56. I will be 100% better
  57. Within under 5 weeks 🙂
  58. Full week this week helps to keep me from overeating
  59. My supermarket. So nearby.
  60. My doctor not prescribing me more pills after accident. Thankful.
  61. Meditated during omst of massage in pedi chair yesterday:)
  62. And read some of Intent book – Hicks 🙂
  63. I have so much. Piano,
  64. money,
  65. health,
  66. ability to sleep easily and well,
  67. house,
  68. car,
  69. tvs,
  70. time
  71. freedom
  72. choices
  73. I have shoes that don’t hurt
  74. I have given to Big Brothers/Sisters
  75. and will more
  76. Because I spent over 100 dollars yesterday, I got a free turkey. Frozen. I picked a big one, knowing I would give it away.
  77. Found just the right person! It turned out she was a social worker and was giving it to a family in need! Yay!
  78. Mozart
  79. song
  80. music
  81. all my piano lessons
  82. my forgiveness. I never ever hold a grudge. Am SO happy about that!
  83. Smiling right now
  84. My eyesight!
  85. my cell phone
  86. The miracles of technology
  87. The miracles of modern medicine
  88. Gratitudes
  89. Affirmations
  90. The book of positive aspects
  91. Smiles
  92. Patience
  93. Going in and meditating with CD for 15 minutes before they come in every day now. So I’m aligned when they get there.
  94. Beautiful weather. So grateful for it.
  95. Having found – and acknowledging – my Higher Power.
  96. These happy morning spiritual practices. Not desperate like years ago. And SO helpful. And positive and nice-feeling during! ❤
  97. Embroidery
  98. Crochet
  99. yarn
  100. People who don’t eat animals. Including me.
  101. The rain helped my plants

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