Positive Aspects # 59 Oct 29

Write the name or a brief description of someone or something that you always feel good about.
Then: What do I like about you?
Why do I love you so much?
What are your positive aspects?

What do I like about you?

Sleep restores me.
Every cell of my body gets rest AND rejuvenation.
Sleep brings dreams.
Sleep brings a fresh new start in the morning.
Sleep has me lie on soft sheets.
With pillow.
And comfort.
In a comfortable-temperature room.
A break from all thoughts.
Good for health.
And weight-loss.
And energy.
My body always tells me when I need sleep.

Why do I love you so much?
You FEEL good.
You revitalize me.
I have the most interesting dreams!
I have now found out that you stop momentum and reset. Wonderful!
I fall asleep easily.
I sleep well. Deeply. Thoroughly.
I awaken fine! And better than fine!
I get to listen to Hicks as I fall asleep. This is so good for me.
I am smiling right now.
I awaken refreshed.
I love the feel of soft nightclothes against my skin.
My skin loves sleep.
My eyes love sleep.
Even my birdies love sleep.
My father used to love naps.
Mary Allen used to love naps.
I have been given good sleep routines, sleep hygiene, in childhood.

What are your positive aspects?
You add to vibrant health.
I wake up looking forward to coffee.
Sleep is a time for me to rest in the arms of my Higher Power
And not worry about a thing.
My mind loves the creativity. (So do my emotions:)
I have had that lovely recurring dream about the yard – omg – FILLED with animals and plants – exotic – goats – flowers… – people enjoying… I love that dream.
And the dress-designing ones! Including last night:)
And the music composing ones!
And the house ones – omg!
I LOVE when the amazingly beautiful ones recur.
And the one where I met my father in the meadow. Lovely. Healing. Restorative.
The fish-bird one.
So many xo
Sleep just FEELS good.
I am so grateful for my sleep!

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