Gratitudes for Nov 30 2018

  1. I’m glad I’m not feeling sicker over the parents of those 2 kids (see journal). I could have been
  2. I am free. So many ways. To go where I want
  3. To work where I want
  4. Or to not
  5. To own my own home
  6. To vote
  7. I can retire in June! I’m 99.9 % sure!
  8. To say what I want
  9. “Come on Blanche. You had a bad day at work. It happens to all of us. But we’re not retiring.” Dorothy to Blanche just this second on rerun 🙂
  10. All my needs are provided for
  11. Just saw this: “A wasted day is one where we thought only about how someone else should change.”
  12. IMG_7767.JPG
  13. IMG_7743.JPG
  14. I’m remembering again when my mother had her big medical event and how I prayed and hoped and wished and prayed and prayed some more. I didn’t care WHAT “these people” parents at work etc did or thought!
  15. Ah. I feel okay. Wow yay!
  16. I am grateful for physical therapy
  17. I can see!
  18. hear
  19. play piano!
  20. speak!
  21. breathe!
  22. walk!
  23. drive!
  24. I can embroider!
  25. and crochet!
  26. may finish blanket this very weekend!
  27. tax returns!
  28. I woke up today
  29. I have a home
  30. and heat
  31. and a bed
  32. and sheets
  33. I spoke up when cleaning lady didn’t finish – it won’t happen again – and
  34. i was very polite
  35. my yummy healthy soup is delicious this morning
  36. i have pillows
  37. i can move
  38. i am healing from the injury!
  39. “show and tell” type thing
  40. report cards are done
  41. I have *opportunities!*
  42. fruits. including “winter” available fruits. Like pears
  43. red pears!
  44. apples
  45. bananas
  46. oranges
  47. tomatoes
  48. vegetables. including salad greens
  49. broccoli
  50. peppers
  51. celery
  52. carrots
  53. eggplants
  54. zucchini
  55. showers
  56. indoor plumbing
  57. baths
  58. kitchen
  59. refrigeration
  60. my hair
  61. good waterproof boots
  62. sneakers
  63. mascara
  64. lipstick
  65. relaxation
  66. will do more social stuff
  67. have started
  68. my hands
  69. my health
  70. my compassion and giving
  71. A
  72. D
  73. St
  74. L
  75. MT
  76. Tr
  77. fam
  78. taking care of myself
  79. jigsaw puzzle(s)
  80. manifestation board
  81. will do set-up WITH D and/or St – POSSIBLY M
  82. not caring as much as used to about what others think
  83. house in order
  84. healthy lunch is ready
  85. pretty little house
  86. my spirituality
  87. thing comforting things around me from my mother
  88. garbage pick-up
  89. mail delivery. we have so many conveniences!
  90. KB
  91. CP
  92. KC
  93. it’s friday 🙂
  94. nice ride to work
  95. my safety
  96. have PT today yay
  97. spinach helps my emotions – all leafy greens do and broccoli
  98. that i haven’t had regular or diet soda of any kind in YEARS – ’cause it was bad for my emotions
  99. laughter
  100. making others laugh
  101. can look at work differently with this new news…
  102. TNH
  103. Hicks!


Retirement Ideas – today – will also look back at earlier lists… Nov 30 2018

piano – lots
work at bookstore? (part-time like 20 or fewer hours a week)
something in the area of exercise – physical help for others – training –
embroider, crochet, etc, and paint and jigsaw puzzles
French lessons

still start every day with the spiritual

1 day a week shop groceries
1 day a week cook and laundry
2 oa meetings a week? 1? (3?)
1 – 2 ww meetings a week
2 social things a week – at LEAST one!
shower, dress, look nice, and get outside every day

think of it this way – remember – you will be getting paid to play!

CAN always sub – tutor – volunteer somewhere…

1 movie a month?

Social things:
bookstore coffees
fellowship after Sat oa
dinner out with whomever
meal and movie here with whomever
lunch with M and Tr every 2 months or so
family every other month or so
meal with O after lesson every 2 months or so
“even one of these a month would be something each week”

Can join a book club or movie club

Write my book…

spiritual stuff and take a walk and a little bird time
Sat ww / pm oa and fellowship afterward or out-out evening     20
Sun cook and laundry and ww —  and tea with whomever           20
Mon go to the gymand maybe lunch with whomever                 20
Tues French lesson every 2 weeks (what do on other weeks?), so per week                                                                                                           25
Wed go to the gym (what else)
Thur piano lesson and meal (once every two months) – or movie or dinner with whomever (so every week)                                                                   25
Fri go to the gym grocery shop and oa and/or dinner with whomever   20
Evenings read/ needle things/ paint
PLUS can work at bookstore one day a week and sub one day a week also so say Tues and Wed = 20 $ plus 62 dollars a week – can put toward travel or new car in 4 years from now (that’s 4264 a year) – or – 6760 a year on social counting gym so this could go toward that — but is ok cause bills not equaling quite what i get anyway so about 500 a month more than need so that’s 6000 a year – i’m more than FINE!

Money – at 66 will have 2 thousand a month more so back to like where I am now (and now, I’ve been affording all this house stuff…) 🙂
Piano is already in budget I think
Gym 350 a month? + 130 a week social (stop buying books and buy half as many magazines? also keep these down a little more)

Dec 1:
need working printer for then, hooked up
theater – community theater (or genuine commercials like Mrs B’s friends did)
senior center?

Omg I’ll be getting paid for doing nothing! ❤ ahhh

Dec 2:
What about one “lazy day”
one – “do things that better my life” day? (4 hours spiritual – or clean closet – etc etc

KC says I can stay there few weeks in winter (I could pay JO to watch house… – and pipes…)

from KC: gym, teach meditation class… take yoga.. crafts and rest

Dec 10 – can take the long walks! Remember when GMG talked about her 6 mile walks every day during her year off. Well, you can even drive to where work now and take them!

and now is Dec 12

book store work
reading group
the gym
help others with nutrition
help others with exercise
embroidery group
tea tasting group
write the book
tutor? sub?
5 days a week must get showered and dressed and out – even if cold

Places to go:
part-time job
movie with friend
meal with friend
book store
woods (with)
swimming (summer)
the gym

Another example:
M, W, F, gym
T, Th, S, volunteer or part-time job
T, S, oa
Sat, Sun ww
daily: piano, walk, exercise

Knit for charities – like maybe find place that takes those little squares – or make them and sew together yourself

I am REALLY enjoying jigsaw puzzle!

*See Bucket List here in blog
and big one in microsoft doc!

Maybe yes sub – if and when FEEL like!
-few extra dollars and up showered dressed out
-and with children
-and adults



Abraham Hicks Says Try This When….

Is there anything about this that is satisfying

Like when says divide paper into Satisfactory and Unsatisfactory – thought vibration feeling satisfactory put a check. Next next next. When come to one unsatisfactory, put check there. But then think of what IS satisfactory about it or them  is there anything? make THAT list.

Here goes:
That boy
His mother not believing me and teaching him he can go against me
That girl
Her mother not believing me and teaching her she can go against me

What is satisfying about any of it – the situation – the people – my job – here goes – will try fast (like good “rampage”)
It doesn’t really matter what these people think of me. They are not my life
They are crazy and others know it and this happens to all of us it is jst part of teaching it’s not really about me
I know I am right in this situation
Parents and teachers should work *together* in the beset interest of the kids
The girl is very young, and is just trying to navigate her way in the world
The boy  – hm tough  – cause he comes across to me like he has no conscience – try – try – he’s young enough to change. He does have some friends I think. His father has a sense of humor.
Both sets of parents CARE about their kids. This is great! They may be misguided, even stupid, but at least they CARE!
And – they MIGHT be educable…
Remember what I did for JT – his mother and father were seemingly impenetrable – but I didn’t give up and I changed him. And them. And years later, they are still grateful and I am still his favorite teacher.
I am smart and not lazy and can do this. Then let it go.
I have had other situations like this and maybe worse and handled them and kind of can’t even REMEMBER them no! It’s just not that important.
My job has afforded my house.
And car
And health insurance
For me AND J
And 403b
and pension
and some dental and visual
and good doctors
and nice offers from parents like doctors and lawyers…
Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of children have loved me. And still do.
Teachers like and get along with me.
Hundreds of parents have loved me. Most most most by FAR!
I enjoy doing the scripts.
I will never have to work not doing them yay (like won’t have to move grades next year)
I also won’t have those horrible classes next year!

Wow I’m starting to feel better 🙂 Keep going!

No little child is going to ruin MY day! or year:)

I can still *help * them.

I can still have *fun. *

I have a good and nice aide in my room who loves me

This is just a great opportunity to behave only “professionally. ”

I can keep my head up. And even *feel like it * now!

I just reread both emails and the parents are trying to be respectful, whatever their reasons…

If I can’t get through to them, it’s okay! It is not my job – or within my power either – to change people. I am not and don’t have to be in charge of their families.

It is actually a GOOD thing that parents put their kids first.

It is ok that I didn’t always know how to put my husband first. He had his part in it too. AND – I did what I could with what I knew then. The insecurity might come up here but less than it used to and I must forgive myself – we live and grow ❤

I am a very experienced, smart, thoughtful, dedicated teacher. I have done almost impossible things. I’ve got this!

FullSizeRender 3.jpg





Journal Nov 30 2018

What a day!
I found out at my lunch meeting with financial person, that I can most likely retire this year in June! I felt excited rather than scared. Yay!

But – then some kids did something really egregious and I called them on it and spoke to their parents and 2 of the 3 parents want to speak with me today because I “handled it badly” and their kids are innocent. No. This is double egregious and is why the kids are that way.
Very discouraging.
Gets to my stomach – like when I saw those 2 emails just now. – So I will do a lot of gratitudes; I don’t care how repetitive, big or small. *I* want to feel better and not let this get to me!


Affirmations Nov 30 2018

I love every cell of my body.

I am a good person and I do the right thing.

Not everybody will understand and agree with me and that’s ok!

I forgive myself and set myself free.

My heart is open. I speak with loving words.

I open my heart and sing the joys of love.

My income is constantly increasing.

Love is powerful your love and my love.

Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.

Gratitudes Nov 29 2018

  1. tax return
  2. PT yesterday – I think (don’t like the new person’s ways, but grateful for the exercies and nice environment)
  3. there for M. THAT I am
  4. quick chat this am with her
  5. gas station right near school! ’cause headlights out last night – and SO convenient
  6. plus he’s trustworthy
  7. paid Jo to check and he is
  8. hot pumpkin “tea” with cinnamon right now
  9. yesterday’s conferences were like I was being bathed in love and thanks. wow!
  10. my eyesight!
  11. the convenience of tv for “company”
  12. real people too lol!
  13. how good I am for my students – yay!
  14. my aide
  15. meeting today with B – these things make me nervous (finances) but I’m SO glad to have her!
  16. swallowing
  17. sleep and
  18. dreams
  19. my job
  20. my days off
  21. feeling abs – SO cool!
  22. will get pedi today after work – a treat!
  23. museli
  24. Shakeo
  25. nuts
  26. seeds
  27. fruit
  28. green veggies
  29. all veggies
  30. taking better care of myself
  31. hot hot liquids
  32. my piano
  33. my calmer being after such anxiousness the other night phew!
  34. this. here.
  35. Hicks!
  36. books!
  37. time off coming this weekend!
  38. will join gym when PT ends. looking forward to it
  39. met someone (stranger) the other day, who shared what she’s doing post-retirement, and it gave me ideas and hope for when I finally do…
  40. that I LIKE being there. (I WANT to stay home, in the morning lol, but I go, and I’m so glad)
  41. I am LOVING my students now phew!
  42. that little girl who was unhappy – and the changes it prompted ME to make!
  43. books
  44. authors
  45. inventors
  46. scientists
  47. me helping AM the other day
  48. laughter
  49. smiles
  50. innocence
  51. the innocence of children
  52. meditating together
  53. omg that little girl who helped her mother the night before last, with my words! and leading her in meditation!
  54. I woke up
  55. I have heat in my home
  56. I have running water.
  57. I have food to eat
  58. I have water to drink
  59. I have clothes to wear
  60. I have a car
  61. I HAVE a home!
  62. I have friends
  63. Tr
  64. MT
  65. A
  66. L
  67. M
  68. D
  69. St
  70. O
  71. KB
  72. MG
  73. KC
  74. CP
  75. my principal
  76. my assistant principal
  77. my birdies
  78. my freezer
  79. and fridge
  80. new socks came
  81. boots found!
  82. breathing. i remember when I used to struggle for breath
  83. i enjoy my routines.
  84. like folding towels. i remember when K told me to try to enjoy those simple things and stop thinking so much. And I DO now! 🙂
  85. TNH
  86. meditation
  87. exercise
  88. crocheting
  89. relaxation
  90. my attitude! so good these years!
  91. all the work I’ve done around here
  92. and had done on my home!
  93. enough.
  94. cleaning lady!
  95. and she comes today!
  96. and she’s wash sheets and towels yay
  97. my washing machine, dryer, and laundry
  98. my spirituality
  99. my body. yes MY very body.
  100. showers and baths
  101. pillows, pillow cases, sheets xo

Affirmations Nov 29 2018

Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.

I am a joyful breeze entering a room.

Everything in my life works now and forevermore.