Law of Attraction Mar 31 2019

How happy am I?
I’m fine.

How happy can I be?

What’s the best feeling thought that I can find right now?
I can relax a lot today. And exercise or walk. Take care of ME. I don’t have *that much* else I have to do!

What’s working in my life?
Tr, St, niece, J, house, breath, health,. abilities!

What’s working out?
I’m retiring soon!

What do I remember that felt good?
Walking in nature.
Walking in nature with J.
Walking in nature with J, and doggie off-leash.
Days off!
That month when my high school was closed
Embroidering happily with no pressure.

What’s happening right now that feels good?
Crocheting for ME.

How general do I need to be?
Life is always working out for me.
All is right in my world.
Joy joy joy is mine.

You can always find something to feel good about.
Making lists of positive aspects.

I counted my blessings. One. By one.

So – when I get up in the morning I decide: How is this day gonna feel? I’m gonna feel intuitive. I’m gonna feel inspired. And I’m gonna feel vital. And alive. And I’m gonna feel happy. And I’m gonna feel confident. And I’m gonna feel kind. And I’m gonna feel loving. And I’m gonna be at the top of my game. I’m gonna feel innovative. I’m gonna feel energized. I’m gonna feel invigorated. I’m gonna feel inspired but I’m going to feel inspired moment by moment. I’m gonna feel guided. I’m gonna feel worthy. I’m gonna feel deserving. I’m gonna feel deserving of all of the goodness that has been taught to me all of my life. I’m gonna feel deserving of that. And I’m gonna demonstrate my deservedness through my happiness. Yeah.

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