Gratitudes Apr 30 2019

  1. I am grateful for this Hicks youtube this morning. I think recognize from before. SO good for me.
  2. IMG_1496.JPG
  3. my health
  4. that i can walk
  5. my rental car
  6. things are always working out for me
  7. chatting and crocheting at lunch yesterday
  8. retirement soon
  9. and other things then too!
  10. my house
  11. that it is in order
  12. my hair
  13. my hands
  14. shower and wash hair in minutes
  15. safety
  16. dishes
  17. breakfast
  18. the things in my Journal entry today!
  19. the “plays” we’re working on now
  20. flowers on y d,r, table. i like what i picked and what i’ve done with them
  21. thank you for this day ❤


Law of Attraction Apr 30 2019

How to put self first, Hicks

When think about reltnshp w p who mean most to you, tendency is to try to sync up with them. Big mistake. They’re sometimes not in the spot you wanna sync with. And your attention, takes you there too. Whatever you’re looking at, for more than 17 secs attention, you’re part of that! And you an no longer blame them because YOU’VE given your attention to that long enough that you have become like-minded with them.

I can feel that my thoughts are not like those of my Source. I can feel that these thoughts are not like those of my Source. They’re like the petty teenagers I grew up with. Or they’re like the fear-mongers on CNN. They are not like the Source within me and how do I know? Because they feel like this (ick). Instead of like this! (yay).

I’m reaching for like-mindedness. Apart from you. (Not to them). I love you so much but you are second on my list. Because my Inner Self is first. And I will not sacrifice that relationship for this one. I will no longer sacrifice my likemindedness with Source in order to validate you in a conversation.

[ Self – Esther and the next best-feeling thought. The day 3 hours on computer looking at something she found interesting on Pinterest ]

Negative emotion is because Inner Being won’t go there – negative place – with me.

Cannot soothe someone who in that moment is not soothable.

Alignment beforehand regarding sex. Then the intimacy feels wonderful. Not the reverse.

Could be in bad mood, start walking and breathing outside and taking mind off it and feel better because distracted from attention to subj that had vibratn full of resistance
But NOT teaching action to change vibrat. Teaching deliberate attention about the way  you feel, which then inspires the action.
The action reinforces. The alignment was already present.

Ex is when: As manifestation is unfolding, you recognize the work you’d done in advance – that’s what pre-paving is – that sets you up for this now manifestation.
And so
If you understand vibr, and if you understand emotion, and you do something about contouring your thoughts for the purpose of the good-feeling emotion, and then the action and other ideas are inspired from that basic place of alignment, everything will go better for you and in the long-run, you’ll have much more consistent alignment with who you really are.

Ex sex when in bad mood but partner good and talks into = distraction from out of vortex things plus good memories
so feel betrer
If you’ve been tending to your alignment and partner has, then the inspiration for the dilic intimiacies, conversations, walks in park, everything sweeter and better when in alignment.

YOU get in sync with who you are
and the likelihood of helping someone else do so is really really really high
Your attention upon anyone – even if not there with you is powerful powerful attentiong.
    SELF – FIRST must be in alignment with SELF and INNER BEING. Don’t even think    about other(s) til!xo
    ALSO SELF- I really BELIEVE now I WILL get there
when in vibration with who really are
And they will feel the love that you are projecting if they are anywhere in the vicinity of it. So you have the benefit of having two people who understand that who are simultaneously caring about how they feel and are working to feel good more of the time, then there’ll be much more of that intimacy, intertwine alignment. Much more alignment on all subjects of your life experience.

Everyone was not in total alignment when met – yes had some similar wavelength but not aware – one becomes aware of this alignment imp – then sometimes other bounces out of exp sometimes comes along in stronger way. But can’t take resp. for what anybody else is feeling.

“I’m often in much more alignment than partner I do the work” and yet – *in this moment with these words you are not! *
NOT feel this way because of what partner is doing. Alignment is alignment and mis-alignment is mis-alignment that’s why it becomes really a wonderful thing when take everybody else out of the equation and just form a partnership with your Inner Being. The likemindedness is what you’re reaching for. And what anybody else is doing is irrelevant to your equation. Really. Irrelevant to your equation.
Because when you’re in sync with your Inner Being, you love them all anyway. You don’t need them to do this or this or this to please you. You are already pleased. You are pleased by the resources of the Universe, you see.


For When Retire – Apr 30 2019

Seems VERY appealing to:

Get up between 4:30 and 6:30
Happily spend the time on the Hicks listening, and these morning things
So like,
listening, affirmations, exercise, shower, coffee of course, bird, plants if that day of week or laundry whatever but ALWAYS
listening, affirmations, gratitudes, exercise, reading some
out – something know going to – part-time work afternoon, meetings, volunteer, shopping and errand things, different days. Good for me!

May 1
Write – the n-f, a fiction (and can base on the n-f), cookbook. You can do WHATEVER you want!

May 3
The book! Make it a fiction but ABOUT my real experiences?
I LOVE typing and could do every morning for 2 hours while birds singing outside/ birds flying around my head inside…
PLAN something each day for 3 or after (even evening). Do my morning spiritual things and writing and piano and exercise and shower and go OUT and do later ( can reorganize in dark cold months but at least through November or so)
Those things can be (different days):
tea with Steph
walk with friend
the gym
visit with Tr
visit with MT
volunteer or part-time job somewhere – my mind KEEPS going to hospitals but to put in my head maybe not about sickness…
something with A and the the girls
even sister
go to library and write
book group
crochet group or embroidery group?
D and her fam dinner
French lesson
piano lesson
dance lesson
+travel to national parks (J)
walks in park with someone(s)
bookstore for browsing and reading mags (can even have cup of tea)

+ late afternoon and evenings in the dark cold:
have people over HERE – even for dinner:
hobbies like embroidery, diamond art, painting
that meditation group in hartsdale (every other week?)
grocery shop
laundry / cooking
jigsaw puzzles
friend come over to watch movie

CAN sub or tutor

Friends to do things with:
D, St, Tr, O, cousin P, cousins L & L, sister, niece, nurse A-M O’H, libr. C.S., Kr B out out or even lunches, M, MT, J, BV, MI, L, N, K.D., cousins J & K, Jo
princ. out for lunch, CG up the street
and will meet more


May 5
**Can look at it monthly – here’s an idea plan!:

* The gym 2-3x a week
* See St 2x a month
* See Da. 2x a month
* See fam 1x a month
* See M 1x a month
*See Tr (could be with MT sometimes) once every month, even for tea
*O every other month?
*K every other month?
Plus of course food shopping and
can do things at Starbucks type place or bookstore or library – like writing – or duolingo with earbuds – or read

(Dance lessons maybe (have extra hundred a month).
French lessons maybe (can also find it – like undo the pers. coach ww and stop
the Julie box subscription and give up the rags would = done). And that would
mean time to  do)

* Piano! Practice practice practice – maybe even 3, 4 hours a day!

Affirmations Apr 30 2019

I am worth loving. There is love all around me.

I look within to find my treasures.

I am an open channel for creative ideas.

You are a unique beautiful soul.

Wellness is the natural state of my body.

Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.


Journal Apr 30 2019

So today:
Give to the children and HAVE FUN.
Be good with aide and people at lunch.
Crochet a bit for SELF.
Come home and *sit in l.r. and read. – Stop at book store first for that book if want.* Otherwise, read the fiction – or Hicks!
Stay in good-feeling place.

The MOST important thing, is to stay in good-feeling place.

Eat veggies and proteins 3 meals nothing in between. ONE DAY.

I love you.

Remember – connection with self and Source is #1.

Yesterday, was in very good-feeling place and WANTED to read in l.r. but lay in den with tv, silly choice. And ate too much, and sugar. it’s ok, Honey (self), today is today. now is now.

~Am even putting self first by continuing the Hicks youtube rather than jumping to the fb stuff helping in groups…


Put out cup for tea and book for when get home xo

And this one day – I’m going to eat in a way to really lose weight. A one-day lose-a-pound kind of thing. Sort of like they eat on the show My 600-lb Life (but no meat lol)


Affirmations Apr 29, 2019

I feel glorious, dynamic energy. I am active and alive.

I am worth loving. There is love all around me.

Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.