Law of Attraction May 31 2019

No accident is accidental.


I’ve wondered for so long about how I et sick and injured and then care about nothing else but being well, so J not so imp etc etc money bills mail garbage… **how to STOP having to do that!***
maybe this has answer – I did hear one “accidentally” days or week or 2 ago – can’t remember though – was at end of something – probably can find (here in blog)…

My point of attraction
Deliberate creator but why these things

Everything that happens to you is part of your attraction
Just before the thing –
Do you think that way “hope I don’t get sick” or whatever
Say to self: your car is a tank and you are a tank too and your home and time…
You are strong, able…
You can take every situation in the world and can look with phys eyes, which are often leaning more in direction of your vulnerability – or thr your non-phys eyes, which are always looking for your strength
The Source within you knows who you are/ knows the stability of your being – never sees anything that you’re living in the attitude of vulnerability to you bec knows the backup systems you’ve got going on
As you are determined to feel your power rather than your weaknesses
your  strengths rather than your weaknesses
your clarity rather than your confusion
your sureness rather than your unsteadiness
As you begin to get glimpses and to deliberately want to practice the vibration ofthat well-being
what begins to happen to you
of course you’re going to rendevous with all kinds of things
all comes on the powerful well-defined alw accurate alw fair basis of Law of Attraction
Nothing ever comes to you that isn’t about that
You have the choice in every moment to define how you want to feel
If your desire to feel good is strong enough, you will alw find a way to come back into your power

EVERYTHING that happens is a co-creation
And when you decide that you’re gonna blame the one who seems at most fault, inst of take resp for the part you play,
you feel so awful
u are all upside dn abt how thngs are created in your reality

You put things in your V to which your IB is already aligned, to exp the joy of alignment
There is still more to come. More lovely people interacting on different levels

There are plenty of things you don’t want that are bumping into you
normal to have knee-jerk reaction if don’t really understand who youare
but in time
Someone else living exact thing but feeling differently… like people in 3 car accident with Es

Source within you – your IB – who you really are – convergg with you out here on leading edge – has different opinion than you do if you are feeling anything different than wonderful
sees alw the value of the rendevous. alw looking for the positive aspects and the benefit of

When make the small decision to look for things that feel good  – today – no matter where going what doing or who doing it with = begin to tune yourself to the vibration of the Source within you. And then that becomes your dominant point of attraction. Instead of some conversation…
wasn’t accidental that that occured rt af Esther thought vulnerable target – and picked that place to park…
Nothing is accidental.
Everything is vibrationally aligned
Composite of vibrations you hold are all part of it
There are not really awful things that happen
From your broader point of view, everything fits into vibrational alignment with the well-being that you want and deserve. And as you begin looking for evidence of that, you
begin living more of those moments. So it’s peak peak peak peak peak peak peak peak peak.

When you come back into alignment, it’s because you have aligned with your IB
When you feel good it is bec you have aligned with who you are
when you feel bad it is bec. you are not aligning with who you are
And whoever is running into the front of your car is irrelevant to the equation really really really really really

To change vibr
you have to do it a lit at a time
vibr offering comes back to you, confirming feeling you had, and causing more
feel it – evidence – comment on it – feel it more… happens…
eventually – though – could lead to something good – like Esther no longer standing in place of blame – but didn’t want – and made decision that no longer happy feeling bad – and A helped her to see “this is evience of not your vulnerability, but your invincibility”



Positive Aspects # 151 May 31 2019

This Day

What do I like about you?
That you exist.
That I am alive and here
That I am free tonight
That I only have to work a few more weeks
this very day, I can see
And use my hands
and walk
and drive
My car is registered and inspected and has gas in it
My classroom
quick meeting at lunch
then eat with peeps, as I have been lately
can show video and have them do mandalas

Why do I love you so much?
the kids have been better
i am not sick
i am not even coughing
my eyes are fine!
i can walk and almost totally normally – i think sometimes normally even!
I can laugh
I can read
i can crochet
After work I can do diamond art or cooring or embroider or piano – or anything I want
First I will buy food

What are your positive aspects?
You are just a regular day of life. And that is quite wonderful.
This morning at home is great
I get along so well with people at work
My hair looks great
I can even practice piano at breas at work if I want to

Affirmations May 31 2019

Babies Are Thinking When They Are Born
People often incorrectly assume that since the baby cannot speak, it could not be creating its own reality, but that is not the case. Even those who do not have language are not creating through words, but through thoughts. Your babies are thinking when they are born, and before they are born they are vibrationally aware. Their vibrational frequencies are immediately affected by the vibrations that surround them in their birth environment, but there is no need to worry abot them, for they, like you, were born with an Emotional Guidance System.

I look for positive aspects in every experience.
Within every particle of the Universe is that which is wanted, and lack of it. By looking for the positive aspects of whatever you are giving your attention to, you maintain your connection to Well-being.

Journal May 30 2019

My eyes are fine. After the possible scratch-incident Fri night. Yay!
My health is good. I got all better. Yay!
My body is working beautifully – no pain most all of the time! Wonderful, I’m so grateful!
Lovely things were said about me, and then R said privately, You have a lot of people there who really love you. It was so nice.
My car is fixed perfectly.
J is coming to party.
I might play the Ch at the party
I will try all day to think thoughts that make me *feel good.*
My new practice of the 17 -> 68 seconds in the morning. ❤

Affirmations May 30 2019

My Natural State Is One of Well-Being
Your natural state is one of wellness, one of absolute health, one of perfect bodily conditions – and if you are experiencing anything other than that, it is only because the balance of thought within you is toward the lack of what you ant instead of what you do want.
Sometimes you think you are thinking about being well when you are really worried about being sick, and so feeling your way to the thoughts that promote wellness is much easier than trying to think yourself there.

I want to feel good.
“Today, no matter where I am going, no matter what I am doing, no matter who I am doing it with – it is my dominant intention to see that which I am wanting to see.”

Law of Attraction May 30 2019

Not first time.
But get even more out of it today.


Do you believe that  you a vibrational match to your desires?
When you are, you are living them.
The dollars, the relationship that your lifetime has caused you to hone…

Most people think “do you know what you want” means the things that are not yet on the manifested side of the scale “i still want it”
Not “I don’t want those I’ve already got those.”
If you’re thinking about things you want from standpoint that they are missing in your experience

Any negative – frustration, disappointment that has alluded you while someone else is living it…
then chronic vibrational offering, whih is what a belief is,
then holding it in a suspended position where distance betw where you are and where it is is not closing
People who complain about bad rel. ev. time you see them, it ends. Then they have a new one. Then complaining about that one too.
Different faces different places moving through but not much changing – marrying / dating same person over and over – same neighborhood houses problems over and over again
You have these patterns of thought. And Law of Attraction is helping you to sustain the pattern of thought that you have. A belief is just a thought you keep thinking.
Early on by expos to life, began dev. some patterns of thought – carefully taught by others, or observed talked about remembered attracted again observed talked about remembered attracted again…
Life is very interesting. You can’t talk about anything for very long before it begins to replicate itself in your experience.
It’s what makes you develop your patterns of what you call truths. “At first I wasn’t sure, and then I pondered it for a while. And once I gave it my attention, I began seeing evidence of it everywhere. And now I believe it. And now that I believe it, it’s manifesting in my experience.” That’s really wonderful isn’t it! If it’s stuff you want! But if you are repeating patterns of thought about things you do not want,
the more you beat the drum of anything, the more you activate it in your vibration. And the more Law of Attraction is matching you  up with things like it. And the more it does, the more you observe it. And the more you observe it, the more you talk about it. And the more you talk about it or observe it, the more you beat the drum of it or offer the vibration of it. And the more you offer the vibration of it, the more Law of Attraction matches you up with it. The more Law of Attraction matches you up with it, the more you’re living it, the more you’re talking about it, the more you’re beating the drum of it, the more you’re offering the vibration of it. The more you’re offering the vibration of it, the more the Law of Attraction lines you up with it. The more Law of Attraction lines you up with it, the more you notice it. The more you notice it the more you talk about it. The more you talk about it the more you offer it vibrationally. The more you offer it vibrationally, the more Law of Attraction lines you up with it. The more Law of Attraction lines… “we could go on” lol
Your life experience is showing you that you just cannot keep telling the same story without continuing to live the same circumstances. And so, this gathering, we’re calling it the art of allowing but what it really means is the art of telling a different story. The art of telling the story the way life has helped you carve it out incrementally. But telling the story with your words, with your observations, with your expectations, with your vibration. Then when Law of Attraction is responding to your deliberate offering of thought, now you’re getting what you want, not just what you’re observing.