Law of Attraction May 31 2019

No accident is accidental.


I’ve wondered for so long about how I et sick and injured and then care about nothing else but being well, so J not so imp etc etc money bills mail garbage… **how to STOP having to do that!***
maybe this has answer – I did hear one “accidentally” days or week or 2 ago – can’t remember though – was at end of something – probably can find (here in blog)…

My point of attraction
Deliberate creator but why these things

Everything that happens to you is part of your attraction
Just before the thing –
Do you think that way “hope I don’t get sick” or whatever
Say to self: your car is a tank and you are a tank too and your home and time…
You are strong, able…
You can take every situation in the world and can look with phys eyes, which are often leaning more in direction of your vulnerability – or thr your non-phys eyes, which are always looking for your strength
The Source within you knows who you are/ knows the stability of your being – never sees anything that you’re living in the attitude of vulnerability to you bec knows the backup systems you’ve got going on
As you are determined to feel your power rather than your weaknesses
your  strengths rather than your weaknesses
your clarity rather than your confusion
your sureness rather than your unsteadiness
As you begin to get glimpses and to deliberately want to practice the vibration ofthat well-being
what begins to happen to you
of course you’re going to rendevous with all kinds of things
all comes on the powerful well-defined alw accurate alw fair basis of Law of Attraction
Nothing ever comes to you that isn’t about that
You have the choice in every moment to define how you want to feel
If your desire to feel good is strong enough, you will alw find a way to come back into your power

EVERYTHING that happens is a co-creation
And when you decide that you’re gonna blame the one who seems at most fault, inst of take resp for the part you play,
you feel so awful
u are all upside dn abt how thngs are created in your reality

You put things in your V to which your IB is already aligned, to exp the joy of alignment
There is still more to come. More lovely people interacting on different levels

There are plenty of things you don’t want that are bumping into you
normal to have knee-jerk reaction if don’t really understand who youare
but in time
Someone else living exact thing but feeling differently… like people in 3 car accident with Es

Source within you – your IB – who you really are – convergg with you out here on leading edge – has different opinion than you do if you are feeling anything different than wonderful
sees alw the value of the rendevous. alw looking for the positive aspects and the benefit of

When make the small decision to look for things that feel good  – today – no matter where going what doing or who doing it with = begin to tune yourself to the vibration of the Source within you. And then that becomes your dominant point of attraction. Instead of some conversation…
wasn’t accidental that that occured rt af Esther thought vulnerable target – and picked that place to park…
Nothing is accidental.
Everything is vibrationally aligned
Composite of vibrations you hold are all part of it
There are not really awful things that happen
From your broader point of view, everything fits into vibrational alignment with the well-being that you want and deserve. And as you begin looking for evidence of that, you
begin living more of those moments. So it’s peak peak peak peak peak peak peak peak peak.

When you come back into alignment, it’s because you have aligned with your IB
When you feel good it is bec you have aligned with who you are
when you feel bad it is bec. you are not aligning with who you are
And whoever is running into the front of your car is irrelevant to the equation really really really really really

To change vibr
you have to do it a lit at a time
vibr offering comes back to you, confirming feeling you had, and causing more
feel it – evidence – comment on it – feel it more… happens…
eventually – though – could lead to something good – like Esther no longer standing in place of blame – but didn’t want – and made decision that no longer happy feeling bad – and A helped her to see “this is evience of not your vulnerability, but your invincibility”



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