Positive Aspects # 151 May 31 2019

This Day

What do I like about you?
That you exist.
That I am alive and here
That I am free tonight
That I only have to work a few more weeks
this very day, I can see
And use my hands
and walk
and drive
My car is registered and inspected and has gas in it
My classroom
quick meeting at lunch
then eat with peeps, as I have been lately
can show video and have them do mandalas

Why do I love you so much?
the kids have been better
i am not sick
i am not even coughing
my eyes are fine!
i can walk and almost totally normally – i think sometimes normally even!
I can laugh
I can read
i can crochet
After work I can do diamond art or cooring or embroider or piano – or anything I want
First I will buy food

What are your positive aspects?
You are just a regular day of life. And that is quite wonderful.
This morning at home is great
I get along so well with people at work
My hair looks great
I can even practice piano at breas at work if I want to

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