Affirmations June 29 2019

There Is No Such Thing as an Unchangeable Condition
The Law of Attraction is simply responding to your thought – real or imagined, current or remembered. Whatever evidence you see is nothing more than the manifestational indicator of someone’s thought. And there is no reason for what others are creating with their thoughts to cause you to feel frightened or vulnerable, for there is no such thing as an unchangeable condition. Your body is responding to what you are thinking, and if you could hold your thoughts where you want them to be – all of you would be well.

When I’m feeling good, I’m allowing in good.
The way you feel in your indication of your vibrational connection to that which is your Source. The better you feel, the better your connection; the worse you feel, the more disallowance to that connection.
Nothing is more important than that you feel good – because nothing is more important than your connection to that which is your Source.

As you are participating in the physical life experience, seeing through your physical perception, it is sometimes difficult for you to understand that your creating is not occurring out in the physical world. You believe that you do your creating by banging around in the physical world, but your creating occurs, without exception, within your Creative Workshop, and you are the only one in your Creative Workshop unless you allow another in, or invite another in through your thought.
You are creating through your though, and it is of extreme importance that you control your thoughts so that you may deliberately set into motion the creation of that which you choose.


Appreciations in This Moment June 28 2019

  1. J coming yesterday and helping me with the papers!
  2. My decision that I WILL do some traveling whee
  3. Birds right now. One just landed on the stone wall (I am outside) and lots are singing up a storm
  4. “My” hibiscus
  5. “My” hydrangea
  6. “My” bamboo garden
  7. “My” trees!
  8. “My” little house ❤ and I shall probably enjoy it for all of life, and then someone else will love it too!
  9. My eating now. Wow!
  10. My no-chest-pain!
  11. My breath!
  12. I. Am. Retired. Wow.
  13. Enough. Enough money to live and do some nice things
  14. sitting OUTSIDE this morning!!
  15. getting that stuff ready for J – because really, anyone can die at any time
  16. him being so thankful

Appreciations June 27 2019

I am so thankful.
I am so thankful for, among many (countless really) other things:
  1. my niece
  2. my niece being in my life
  3. her darlings. ahhhh
  4. my breath. omg my breath is back good!
  5. NO chest pain! oh thank you thank you Thank YOU
  6. and thank dr
  7. and thank inhaler
  8. and thank pills
  9. and that I don’t need any more of the pills
  10. for being “forced” to de-stress
  11. met all my work deadlines
  12. N helping me. so much.
  13. I am free. I have so much freedom. I am a free person (circumstances all – much bigger than retirement)
  14. I am also free INSIDE. To choose how to feel.
  15. I am so grateful to have my eyesight
  16. my new Erin Condren life planner
  17. my friendship with A
  18. that I’m talking with him right now (typing) about diagnosis
  19. that I’m not in terror at all!
  20. my life
    this day
  21. water
  22. health food store
  23. safe places to walk

Affirmations June 27 2019

I Can Be More Particular about the Thoughts I Think
You are very particular about what you eat, and yet you are not particular about what you think. We would encourage you to be particular about what you think. Think about wellness – not about lack of it. Think about being as you want to be rather than the lack of it, for the potential for illness or wellness lies within all of you at all times. And whatever you give your attention to begins to foster within you the manifestation of the essence of that thought. Thought is very powerful.

I’m not here to fix anything; I’m here for fun.
You are not here to fix anything, because nothing is broken, but everything is continually changing and expanding.
Release your struggle, and seek joy and fun, and in doing so, you will align with the fantastic expanding rhythm of this Universe.

Journal June 17 2019 (first day of retirement!)

I am SO grateful that I feel good.
Emotionally, I mean.
AND – physically? The chest pain is GONE! So maybe it WAS the undiagnosed (dr’s faults) bronchitis that’s finally been treated and the major stress, not the heart! Yes, heart has something and I’m to follow up on that and have my appointments scheduled but if pain not from it, than not as bad as I’d thought!
And – breaths are deep and full.
Yesterday not so stressed, today either
Work gone should help
And – sister out of my life. 13 months of omg ick! Gone! I sincerely do wish here well, the best! But can’t have that abuse. And mixed with  the negativity and true craziness. So

Just wrote to niece. Love her SO MUCH.

Today is meeting with J about some papers (retirement related) and to tell about health, and to discuss car:) Soon we’ll go out he’s taking me out yay
Then visit friend after family death
Tomorrow visit friend again
Get bird!
Happy happy – find the joy, stay in the joy

Journal / Things to Help Me Feel Better June 26 2019

I cried that day in 2015. I told them the truth – that they were the class a teacher always dreamed of having.
(I only fully had them from March 19, when a HORRENDOUS situation ended, which left me with this greatest class ever)

Here’s what I’d written in 2015:

You can see how wiped I am. (And how no-make-uped, pale, and cried lol) I have always collapsed for a day or two after the school year ends. Today I had invitation with loved ones, and – another invitation with another loved one! had to say no to both. Wiped.
Lots of tearful hugs and goodbyes with the best class ever.
One mother told me that of all the teachers her family has known, I am the one who inspires *her and her husband!*
And one spoke of the impact I had on her child.
One wrote me a long letter about her son bringing the gift of meditation home and leading the family.

~Another held me and said, “I love you. You are such a gentle woman.”~ Oh, this meant the world to me!

Teacher friends will know I’m not bragging, as they have heard things today too!

I just needed to remember, so I put it here:)

So I’ll nap and read and watch tv and have supper and sleep. And be happy that I’ve had this experience – and that summer is here too, to refuel:)

Affirmations June 26 2019

My Attention to “Lack of” Attracts More “Lack of” to Me
From your place of lack, you attract more lack, and that is why most diets do not work: you are aware of your fat, and so then you say, “I’m going to get rid of all of this stuff that I do not want.” And yet, your attention is given to the stuff that you do not wan, and so you hold on to it. The way to get to where you want to be is to give your full attention to what you do want, not to give your attention to what you do not want.

[Self – I want vibrant health and a healthy heart with wonderfully open flowing arteries ❤
And a beautiful body and lots of energy and – fun!]

First, I seek joy, and all else follows.
Since your feeling of joy is your indication of your connection with your Source, once you have achieved joy, you have achieved connection with your Source. And under these circumstances, all that is good follows.
[Yesterday’s but awesome}

To allow Well-being, I must be in joy.
In the same way you cannot set your radio tuner to 98.6 and receive the songs playing on 101 FM, you must set your own vibrational tuner to one of Well-being.
Feelings of love, joy, passion, exhilaration, fun, interest… are indications of your vibrational match to Well-being.

What is, “creating by default”? It is setting into motion the creation of something that you really do not want, by giving your attention, or focus of thought, to it until it is created, and much of what you are experiencing would fall into that category. The usual response when one hears for the first time that they are the creator of their life experience – and that all that they are experiencing, without exception, is by their own doing – is, “How can that be? I would not have created this thing that I do not want.”
We agree that in most cases you would not deliberately create that which you do not want, but we will not agree that you have not created it – FOR THERE IS NOT ANOTHER WHO CREATES IN YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCE.