Daily Healing and Staying Healthy Practices July 31 2019

I meditated. It felt lovely.
What I “learned” in it was, “I don’t have to rush ANYTHING anymore!

Now, BIG thunder. I LOVE it!
Ran down to car, got books and crocheting.
Pl;us have piano and coloring.
Really looking forward to NOT going out, but to staying in cozy like this.
Which tells me,
a lot of it ISN’T about needing more, it’s about thinking I’m a loser if I don’t want more!
Big epiphany.

Affirmations July 31 2019

Ooh I love this:

Creating a Different Body Story Can Create a Different Body
You are the only one who creates in your experience – no one else. Everything that comes to you comes by the power of your thought. If there are changes you would like to make, it will be of great value to begin telling a different story – not only about your body, but about all subjects that have been troubling to you. As you begin to positively focus, getting to feel so good about so many subjects, you will begin to feel the power that creates worlds flowing through you.

My purpose in life is joy.
The basis of your life is freedom; the purpose of your life is joy.
You are free to choose new avenues for joy . . . and in your joyous growth, you will add to the experience of All-That-Is.

Something that is important for you to know is that everyone on the planet wants joy.

The best question for you to put forth to the Universe with an expectation of receiving an answer is: “Where is my greatest joy?” That is the most powerful question. “What makes me happy? What could I do today that would bring me the greatest amount of joy? What places in this city would be of most uplifting nature to me? What programs that are listed in the guide for television would be for my best interest? What books in the great bookstore should I gravitate towards? … What is of most uplifting nature to me? I want to find it!” And you will find floodgates opening and all kinds of new experiences pouring in.

Ok. So.

I will try.
I am upset about J and about M but I will look at the good things
and visualize a year from now
as this top cardiologist said to

Ok. So.
I just got back from having the blood work taken.
I am so grateful to feel better today.
In that, I feel like – my body was trying to tell me something. and
i didn’t see/hear i. and
more. and
i didn’t hear it. and
much more
and now – I hear. I will respond well to her. ❤

Also, again, Tr and MT there for me BIG-TIME
as I am have been and always will be for them.

New about Healing July 30 2019

Need to Regroup.
It is okay.
I will be okay.

People who were there for me today:
A, ***Tr big-time, ***MT big-time, KC, St. Thank you!

Dr said don’t focus on the now. Focus on next year.
Will be weight down, fit (or more fit…), things better.
Tr said focus on your music. Or the birds…
That too, sounds like Hicks ❤

Maybe niece hating me now if sister talked against me. But I must stop caring. Because is bullshit bullshit bullshit. Sister is mentally ill. And if daughter, who was raised with no self-esteem and is dependent financially and in so many ways on sister… if that is what has happened then oh well.
*I* do not want ANY more bullshit!

And THAT is some GOOD that may come out of all this.
I MUST stop caring about what ANYone else thinks!
If M winds up hating me, and talks against me at school, who gives a flying fuck?
People who know me and like and love me – goody
People who don’t, either don’t really know, or are ill, or just don’t care for me, fine.

I must find a way to get to that!

Maybe the Ornish group there are many all over the country.
Or maybe just the books and me here
Maybe some kind of therapy

If J doesn’t want me, someone will. And maybe that someone will even have family.

Maybe this will be just the impetus I need.

I can have my little cottage-house natural life AND excitement and social life. And even family.

The directions:
2 pills every night
do not go into 7-11
follow the weight loss and exercise plans (can i start right away? or wait til after testing? i’m sure i can WALK and/or some yoga poses?)

And added by self:
Maybe ONLY eat at the table
Do WHATEVER can for relaxation and stress relief!
Finish the book asap

Good news – niece wrote – loving – Thank you, God.
It should NOT be conditional upon anything, of course, but I will take every bit of relief i can get

Hm. Maybe was so scared because my IB knew it was something.
I can trust my IB xo


Having memories –
all those MANY times sitting with J watching tv and like clutching at my chest! and how he would notice and comment
HIGH SCHOOL chest pains for goodness sake
palps in evenings and I would (worst thing omg) overeat to calm down and go lie down and sleep
it was THIS
but we WILL take care of it!

July 30 2019


not matter how came to vibrtnl basis but manifestation came from it
and this vibratnal pattern will keep yielding things that match it

cannot continue to beat drum of unwanted things and expect to feel better
in the moment of the neg emotion fear whatever – your opinion is so far off from the opinion of your IB that you have almost lost contact with

don’t block the signal even though cells are asking and IB sending something that will bring replenishing exp
and you say blocking cause don’t feel good
and IB says we know that’s why you’re sending
unless can find feeling apart fr the phys evidence, then the phys evidence will never change
that’s the way it works

facing, recapping,  repeating, discussing, of reality
and telling of thgs currently exprncg that not way want, will keep you from ever exprcg what want
what think, feel, speak matters a lot!

and from:

easier to create wellness from place of feeling good than fatal illness
but even that can be done
Self – so doing it akes you feel better all along the way anyway, so do
“Move up emotional scale now

move in that direction and keep doing
not another test/ read about someone who died…

is about vibrational proximity to who really are


purpose – and understanding that are valuable being
and are creator of own exp
and have come to ride fabulous wave f this time space reality
little ones come forth knowint
little by little are taught their own diminished values….

if want i want AND want i believe are two vibrations
L of A attracts for BOTH

so emotion
then sensation
then what you would call pain
ten manifestation like lump growing or car running over you…
keep coming to indicate to you where your vibration is

someone who really really wants something imp to them like life self
and not believe
= incred. despair
what diseases are a vibrational match to that
so besides treating disease, if need to,
must treat the vibrational discord
until then, won’t hve a healing experience


Medical – Hicks (sounds old) July 30 2019



like me – so stressed out from sibling – and then they found something else –

Trusting the way i feel vs trusting what somebody else is thinking about something
[Self – this makes me feel better like can just do on own (with book)]

does it match Inner Being
Get in concert and trust way feel
Then what other people say becomes meaningless

There are all kinds of people with all kinds of diseases and get well on own
or with physician
or croak on own
or croak under care of phys.