Affirmations Aug 31 2019

The Law of Attraction Responds to teh Vibrations of My Stories
You can accomplish change in every experience, but you have to begin to see your world differently. You have to tell the story the way you want it to be rather than like it is. When you choose the direction of your thoughts and conversations by the way they feel as you think them or speak them, then you begin to deliberately offer vibrations. you are Vibrational Beings, whether you know it or not, and the Law of Attraction is eternally responding to the vibrations you are offering.

By visualizing my desired outcome, the perfect action is always inspired.
As your desire to feel good leads you to thoughts that feel good, the perfect action will be inspired from that alignment.
And that inspired action is always joyful.

Listing Some Gratitudes Aug 30 2019

  1. I have freedom
  2. I have a car. Paid for
  3. Soon to get another
  4. and give this one to J ❤
  5. I have a house
  6. Paid for
  7. I have a nice date next week
  8. i have this day
  9. i am alive. i have life
  10. i can see
  11. i can hear
  12. i can walk
  13. i can drive
  14. i can speak
  15. i can smell
  16. i can taste
  17. my digestive system is healthy and runs great
  18. i can ~enjoy~
  19. like columbo reruns am
  20. and fiction books now
  21. and phone calls
  22. my friend St
  23. my friend Tr
  24. my friend MT
  25. my friend D
  26. oa
  27. ww
  28. my sculptures (one expensive and one “dirt-cheap”)
  29. i have this laptop
  30. my 21 Day Fix dvd works in other one yay
  31. I did TBCF (Total Body Cardeo Fix) yesterday
  32. will do today – I forget if leg day or upper – but whatever it is, will do in about an hour yay
  33. might ALSO take a walk
  34. a la Abraham hicks, through Esther, I am validated – vindicated even – that we ARE meant for joy!
  35. that I can read
  36. my walls – the colors
  37. my paintings and all other things hanging on my walls
  38. my hobby cabinet
  39. my health! omg i am new again!!
  40. my brain
  41. my heart
  42. my liver
  43. my lungs
  44. my blood
  45. my feet
  46. Dean ornish
  47. his research
  48. the book “Undo It”
  49. my little staples arc notebook about 4 by 6 I am loving it
  50. that I didn’t toss it and start a new one because not perfect every day and nith
  51. my new pocetbook. like a sage int green. i love it.
  52. my bookstore with teh comfy chairs ahhhh
  53. my throat
  54. my mouth
  55. my teeth
  56. my dentist
  57. my tongue
  58. my amazing cardiologist
  59. my amazing opthamologistS
  60. meds i need. available, affordable, here.
  61. even delivered often
  62. my iphone
  63. my landline
  64. my a’c
  65. my piano!
  66. that i can play
  67. and just did
  68. that my birdies love it!
  69. that they get along so well!
  70. and are healthy!
  71. that i moved their habitat into the l.r!
  72. t
  73. music
  74. CDs – Hicks
  75. composers
  76. my wood floors
  77. my hair!
  78. my skin!
  79. my eyes!
  80. my hands
  81. my feet
  82. my legs
  83. the Ornish stress management practices
  84. that i am doing them virtually every single day
  85. including gentle stretching
  86. abdominal breathing
  87. meditation 30 minutes
  88. inner wisdom
  89. guided imagery
  90. deep relaxation
  91. exercise 30 minutes
  92. that my Echo and stress test turned out so well!
  93. that my cardiologist said don’t think about now – visualize next year!
  94. Thich Nhat Hanh
  95. authors
  96. every play i’ve seen
  97. especially evita with J
  98. all my birthday presents
  99. my jewelry
  100. including the new one coming – i think lol – i’ll know when it gets here

Affirmations Aug 30 2019

I Can Be a Healthy and Joyful Person
If you could make a decision to never allow negative emotion to linger within you – and at the same time acknowledge that it is your work alone to refocus your attention in order to feel better, rather than asking someone else to do something different or for some circumstance to change to make you feel better – you will not only be a very healthy person, but you will be a joyful person. Joy, appreciation, love, and health are all synonymous. Resentment, jealousy, depression, anger, and sickness are all synonymous.

It is Contrast that puts the Eternalness in Eternity.
Your own valuable, personal new desire is always born from contrast.
That new desire is then heard and answered by Source Energy.
Thus, the glorious expansion of the Universe.

Babies come forth to remind adults of that which they have forgotten.
They are the well-springs of the eternal life that is promised to all physical beings.
They come forth in absolute perfect balance. Perfect in numbers, in physical appearance, but most importantly – perfect in balance of desires and intentions.
If the natural desire within each precious babe is allowed to develop without destructive human criticism and control, the child’s ability to fulfill his Non-physical purpose unfolds early in his physical life – bringing joy to the child and to those who surround him.
Look into the eyes of a little one and see the wisdom of his true knowing. He knows that All-Is-Well. He has come to remind you.

Things That Feel Great Right Now

  1. I just heard a lot of the wind chimes sound. Back door open (screen locked) and me at d.r. table
  2. Jo fixed the d.r. chandelier issuer for me today.
  3. here go the wind chimes again ahhhh 🙂 smile time yes
  4. I can read
  5. I sleep at night
  6. I’m clean, clothes are clean, hair is clean, bird cage is clean…. (as always lol)
  7. New car soon wow!
  8. And – I get to give to J!
  9. hope
  10. me now.
  11. taking care of my body
  12. my heart is good. They said: healthy/ strong/ beats well. EKG perfect/ stress test perfect/ Echo test perfect/ no blockage. Just that calciication – on wall I guess – but I will change that
  13. Crestor
  14. and the way I’m eating now
  15. the little tine – too tiny to even study it – nodule on my lung that was the reason I went to the dro for follow-up and found all this IN TIME to take care!
  16. THIS my new start
  17. that Dr. L was away, so I went straight to the pulmonologist!
  18. my digestive system works so well
  19. these Ornish stress management practices
  20. and that I am doing them
  21. and that they feel so good
  22. Abraham Hicks
  23. Esther Hicks
  24. my jewelry. yes really
  25. i have never known blue bird to play like is now. i am SO happy they are close and t
  26. that i bought that basketball toy which he loves so much! i am hearing it a lot right now!
  27. reading fiction i like again. don’t have to be learning something, or accomplishing something, just enjoying! yay!

# 154 Aug 29 2019

What is good bout J having to switch dinner out together fom tonight to next week:

  1. It was about work, which is fine but not only fine but also good (that he’s working – good for me and good for him)
  2. It givews me a week to look forward to it.
  3. It gives me a week to feel better about myself!!!!!
  4. *It changes nothing. The weekend thing changes nothing.
  5. That he still wants – and has – me in his life.
  6. and i am fine. as i am.


Law of Attraction Aug 29 2019


doubt discouragement ear anger hatred = not alignment
gotta be pretty happy

meditate yes
it is the easiest way bec when you quiet your mind you stop thought = stop all resistant thought = vibration rises to equivalency of IB
IB in Vortex emitting conversation infor love vibration knowing at all times to me this strong signal
when i am v equiv of that, am in receiving mode

Tricky part is
Since you’re used to thining thoughts, are accustomed to being in recvg mode of SOME transition
But – from where
there are lots of streams of consciousness
dep where you are in terms of IB, receiving

paranoia is recvg from worrisome
when man thinks a thought, it exists forever so if find v alignment, receive it

how tell when thought from IB rather than from all other places?
1. if the thought feels good
2. once you’ve quieted your mind, so you’re not thinking anything except maybe about the sound that yo can hear and that laugh… a/c… focus upon something… ilke a/c sound to focus on with not much to think about – for a little while – 2 3 4 minutes, the activity of your mind quiets
the momentum of your thoughts subside
v rises to equiv of IB

is translated through your brain so feels like your thought – so as flows to you, is way feels = strongest indicator
and thought that comes to you that has been very imp to you but that you have not just been thinking about – self – like when I would sit in den with silly tv and notebook and easy book or mags and things would come to me yes – is like that! i have thought of this before, but didn’t write it, i think

thought come near end like maybe like o move some furn arnd in y house (Esther) and hadn’t been thinking about that it occurred to her – and followed that and next and next led to seq of wonderful things that were in her Vortex that she’d been asking for.

*Don’t try to make anything happen, or you’re in the way.
Let it happen. Be quiet. Don’t listen too hard. Just enjoy the sound of the a/c if you can

here’s these manifestations out here a lot of them that you want
Some things are going to happen in preparation for that
REady to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready
Rushing to be over here messes everything up bec introduces lack and doubt and impatience which is not v equiv to IB

soft steady happy eager not urgent approach.
My IB knows what I want. The Universe is lining it up for me. I will be led to it in the most convenient and probably way that my existence resistance will allow. (natural – so say lovingly to self -are releasing a little more of natural resistance every day)

Esther lkg lkg lkg for impr lost pen – no no no
gave up
then one day when lkg for perfume, came out of that bag with the pen
Omg like those million times J had to look for things FOR me!
***Because you can’t find what is lost. Your belief that it’s losts, sets up a wall of resistance around you, that makes things that are easy to see, impossible to see. Because nothing’s really all that real anyway.
It’s all your ability to translate it
What see, smell… is translation of vibration.
~~~Your IB knows where everything that you want is. And knows where you are in relationship to it. and is offering constant dialogue and direction and impulse. Is in your body helping you move in a direction Like when rolling down the highway and just look over there and it was good that you did.

My IB knows  wht I want and says look over there – not SAY but just impulse to look over there/ change lanes/ etc. You are extension of this powerful consciousness.

When in flow with no urgency with IB and all of these non-physical minds pointing things out to me (LIKE NOW -! I’m retired!)

Just let those impulses flow. More think about it, more slow it down.
What humans want to do so often – see tangible magic that they can show off for others. And that messes you up. Get ready to be ready…
andthen all kinds of things will happen.
E, frequently says: “The odds of that were slim to none and yet look what just happened.” Because in this vibrational world where you are asking and in alignment, there are no odds. Everything is a sure thing for you.

If standing in our phys shoes, for just a little while, would be focused on energy flow and how it feels, rather than tangible things and how that feels. Because one leads to another.

Our planet spinning perfectly – cannot explain other than there is consciousness focused.

The magic is always happening for me anyway. NO need to show off for my friends or my own proof. Because when need proof, are full of doubt.


Affirmations Aug 29 2019

I Can Choose, in Every Moment, a Better-Feeling Story
Under all conditions, you have the power to find thoughts that feel slightly better or slightly worse – and when you consistently choose slightly better, the Law of Attraction will bring steady improvement to your experience. The key to achieving and maintaining a physical state of well-being is to notice the indicators of discord in the early stages. It is much easier to refocus your thoughts in the early, subtle stages than after the Law of Attraction has responded to chronic negative thoughts, bringing bigger negative results.

I am selfish enough to want to feel good.
Feeling good indicates your connection to clarity, wellness, and an abundance in all good things.
Feeling good is your most natural core belief.

Intuition is perceiving a physical situation through broader, Non-Physical eyes.
When I remember that my Inner Being exists as the culmination of all that I have lived, and when I recall that my Inner Being absolutely understands the Laws of the Universe, then I must conclude that my Inner Being has a very clear knowledge of past, present and future experiences.
Therefore, there is nothing that is not known, or unknown, to my Inner Being.
As I deliberately choose thoughts that are in vibrational harmony with my Inner Being, and as I re-train my mind to subjects that are a vibrational match to that broader inner part of me, I then have constant access to that broader perspective.
I will become so proficient at recognizing when I am fully connected, and at recognizing when I have chosen a thought that does not allow my full connection, that connection will become second nature to me in a short time.
Connection to the broader me will serve me extremely well. For in that connection i am wiser, more alert, more capable, more loving. Always in the right place a the right time.